The Third Trimester

28 weeks Pregnant! I can’t believe were here coming towards the end of this pregnancy. The day before turning 28 weeks (which is always a Tuesday) I had a scan and consultation appointment, this time at a smaller community hospital which doesn’t have any wards so technically less risk of getting Covid19 etc. I’ve definitely developed anxiety during this pregnancy, (what with all the extra hormones and now I don’t even go to the supermarket etc) I had built myself into abit of a panic that day, so Andrew and Polly came with me for the ride but of course sat in the car. It was set up very well, I had to give them a call when I arrived at the carpark, they then called me back when it was time to go in. Chairs in the waiting area were 2 meters apart an there was only one other pregnant woman in there waiting. There was plenty of sanitiser on the wall etc and I had some in my bag too. I gave my notes to a nurse on arrival who was in protective equipment and I must have only waited for 5mins before being called into the scan room. The sonogrammer was lovely and again all in PPE. She quickly found babies heartbeat showed me and then took all the measurements. It was so lovely to see baby growing and getting all its little features. At one point it turned and faced us and you could see its little button nose which looks very similar to Polly’s as a newborn. The sonogrammer said it was still classed on the “smaller” side but was growing nicely in the same centile at least. She also said that the centile lines/graphs are all individual to the mother to be etc so based on my height an weight they would expect me to have a bigger almost 8 lb baby, that’s why its smaller than “normal” for me if makes sense. I still remember being told Polly was only going to be 5 lbs and she was born at 6 lbs 10.5 oz so I’m not taking it as gospel as alot can change and baby can have a growth spurt.

She was kind enough to print me off a good picture of babies face profile and they had their little hand under their chin too which you could just about make out on the scan picture. Seeing baby on the monitor is so wonderful as you can really make everything out more than a picture so next time I’m going to see if I’m aloud to record it to show Andrew as his missing all these scans. I doubt I’ll be aloud be worth a shot. I then had to take a seat back in the waiting area while she filled in the measurements before seeing the consultant. Again I just had time to go to the toilet and then 2 mins later I was called to see the consultant. I followed a midwife into the room, again all in PPE who tested my urine sample and did my blood pressure which was all fine. The consultant then came in after she was finished. Again covered head to to in protective equipment.

She was really lovely, very through as she had been through all of my notes. I guess because it wasn’t busy they didn’t seem in a hurry and we had a rather long chat. She asked how I had been feeling etc. She then asked had I had anymore bleeding during this pregnancy to which I said no. She mentioned because it happened so early on it more than likely could have been another baby as there was an area/sac where the bleeding came from. To be honest I had never even thought this, at the time I thought I was losing this baby not another! I still haven’t processed this really, because I guess it’s one of those things we will never really be sure if it was as she didn’t scan me at the time etc and I’m just so grateful that this little one has hung on it there. This particular consultant was the first to ever mention it and maybe if she had seen me and the scans early on it might have been mentioned sooner but it wasn’t. She just said due to me losing alot of blood an especially clots around 7 and 9 weeks it might well have been but I feel that obviously wasn’t meant to be. Again I’m just so grateful to be pregnant and be getting towards the end especially in this pandemic were living in right now.



28 Weeks Pregnant and officially into the third trimester! I feel like I keep saying this but the days and weeks actually seem to be flying by to me. Maybe it’s because we don’t have a huge routine etc. When Andrew was working, weekends felt like weekends etc but now the days merge a little. We enjoyed some sunshine this week and headed to the forest to see the bluebells which Polly loved exploring. She really is such an outdoors child and I find if we have bad weather and cant get out even in the garden for a few days she even goes a little stir crazy being housebound so to wander round the forest was lovely for her.




This week my leg aches have taken it up an notch. I’m fine in the day, sickness has completely gone etc but at night time oh my, do my legs ache! It feels like growing pains I guess or muscle aches in my hips so I barely sleep at the moment as always tossing and turning because that leg aches so I turn over to the other then that aches after a little while, it’s a never ending circle! I just find myself going to bed late as I can so I’m not laying down too long and then since lock down Polly comes into our bed every morning but I’m always awake just before then and I’m ready to get up as just too uncomfortable and in pain.

One of my favourite pictures of Polly and Bump so far

During this Lock down I am making most of taking bump pictures because I know it will all be over soon and then I’ll have a newborn to take pictures of which I can’t wait for but I’m sure I’ll miss my bump loads at the same time. This self isolating/lockdown time were in definitely makes me get my camera out more often and taking snaps of bump and then Polly doing puzzles, painting etc because although it’s a very hard time not seeing family and friends or even popping to the shops, all the little things we take for granted, were trying to make the best of this time and keep Polly busy as possible because these are the last few months just the 3 of us because our lives will change again for the better but I want to soak up these moments just me and Polly before I’m going have to spilt my attention etc.

20200424_182317 (1).jpg

The Mose’s basket has made an appearance into the lounge after my mum washed it all for us etc. We kept everything big like this after having Polly in the hope that we would be able to have another child and when we moved house we took all baby things like this to my parents to store it all there etc. So was lovely to collect it (whilst social distancing of course) I feel we kept everything well so still feels like brand new. Very weird feeling looking in there with a little outfit laid in there thinking a baby will be in there soon. Some may think I’ve started to do bits early and put pieces about but I wanted to make sure everything we kept was still OK as delivery’s on items are alot longer than normal on things which is obviously to be expected but the main reason is for Polly to get used to things being about and she likes to put her baby in there and understands it’s for her little brother or sister.

We got on this week and did some arts and crafts. Amazing what you can do with some old toilet roll tubes, paint and pipe cleaners. Polly loves doing creative things so rather than set her lots of things daily tasks I just try to do a fun little activity every day with her, whether it be something like this or playdoh or painting she is then happy.

29 weeks pregnant and entering the week of my birthday. Considering this time last year we were in Disneyland Paris I knew this birthday would be very different and I’m so thankful and glad we went when we did. To make the day a little different I glammed myself up (in an outfit I’d originally brought to wear at my baby shower) did my hair and makeup and took hubby and Polly to the forest for a nice wander about whilst the bluebells were still out and for a few pictures as bluebells don’t last very long.

Polly loves family time and little adventures so this was right up her street. We then came home and had a little DIY afternoon tea in the lounge which was a treat in itself as she never eats in there. She loved it! And of course we had made a cake the day before so Polly loved blowing out the candles. Again considering it was far from what we had originally planned and I couldn’t see family it was still a good day to remember and kind of a special one as last birthday as a Mummy of one. Hubby might not be a huge fan of afternoon tea but his good at taking pictures πŸ™‚

30 weeks pregnant and I can’t believe were almost in single figures! I think because we haven’t had a nursery to decorate I’ve been faffing and nesting with all the baby bits we do have. Although we have the room for another child we have agreed Boy or Girl we will let them share for a little while as it would mean us moving down stairs and Polly having our room and baby having hers. Although this will happen eventually Polly is still too young to be upstairs on her own and I’d worry I wouldn’t hear her in the night etc. So for now we will keep baby in with us for at least 6 months like I did with Polly, as she sleeps so well through the night I wouldn’t want a little baby disturbing her especially as hopefully she should be at school by then etc. Anyway we have made a little area on the landing just outside our bedroom door for the changing unit etc and it fits in there a treat. It’s the same as Polly’s chest of drawers so they will have matching etc.


These draws are currently full of nappies, my reusable wipes, the odd pack of wipes for hospital, muslin’s, creams and lotions for baby aswell as so many white baby vests and babygrow’s. I really did keep alot from Polly, which I’m glad I did as we can’t just pop to the shops and grab supplies etc. I have a selection of tiny baby, newborn, up to 1 month and 0-3. I was told Polly would be small hense the tiny baby etc so if this baby does come smaller like I keep getting told they will come in handy. Between my Mum and online I’ve been able to get supplies for my hospital bag so that mine and babies bag are ready to be packed. It’s silly things that have been hard to get hold off such a mini travel supplies as I guess people aren’t going away etc but I wanted mini toothpaste and brush for hospital etc.

Bump & Birthday Blooms

I re washed babies vests, babygrow’s and blankets this week so was good to go through them and get them smelling all fresh again. Makes me think it’s really real and happening soon.

Love seeing little areas with baby pieces about

Hitting 31 weeks pregnant and I received a phone call from the health visitor yesterday. it was supposed to be a zoom call but you can’t always rely on technology can you. Anyway she was really lovely, asked how I was copying with all this going on. Who would have ever thought I’d be pregnant during a pandemic! She just went over a few things, safe sleeping etc and that their only a phone call away which is reassuring during all this. They then contact me again once baby is here possibly when baby is about 2 weeks old. I also had a midwife appointment this week. All went well but not much to report, she doesn’t measure my bump due to me having monthly scans but she did do babies heartbeat which I hadn’t heard lately so that was lovely.

We have been fairly lucky with the weather, it’s not been super warm like few weeks back but is due to heat up next week but we have still managed to get out and about with Polly and have some walks etc.

My happy little girlie


My belly button has completely popped out this time, which never happened with Polly. I’m already feeling like I cant grow anymore in these next 9 weeks. Baby moves so much and pushes into me alot more than Polly did but I guess that is due to my placenta being at the back this time, I can literally feel and see my whole stomach move, so weird but yet so wonderful and reassuring all at the same time. I also made a start on packing hospital bags for me and baby now I seem to have most bits. I’ve not gone mad with babies bag as I hope to be in an out and I think you learn from 1st time not to over pack etc where I feel I have packed more for myself this time etc.


32 weeks pregnant…

How is there only 8 weeks left. I say this weekly but it’s flying by now. Although we always seem to be busy in this crazy lock down time etc. I had another scan and consultant appointment this week and was lovely to see little bubs again. It’s growing nicely and seemed to be head down with the back and bum to either the left or right of my belly button. I then feel a foot further down to the side. It’s such a wriggle bum. It’s put on more weight, alot in 4 weeks actually. Roughly weighs about 3 lb 14 oz! So huge growth spurt from the 2 lb 10 oz last time. I think this one will overtake Polly weight wise now as they put on most of their weight over these last few weeks.

20200522_120252 (1).jpg

It’s probably hard to see from these pictures but it’s face profile is very similar to Polly’s scan pictures so I think boy or girl they will probably look similar, but you can just about see the hand in the pictures and then really close on the bottom picture it’s other hand is under it’s chin πŸ™‚ Super cute. The sonogrammer also mentioned it’s got some hair on it’s head too which always makes the heartburn worth it which I literally get all times of the day. I’ve kept busy this week doing different things with Polly and one thing we did make together were sausage rolls. We’ve always made cakes and cupcakes together but this was the first time we have made something savoury and she loved it!


I have to say they were delish although a little rustic looking but definitely not bad for a 3 year old. We have still continued our walks down the end of the round and either gone on Polly’s bike or taken her pram and taken bubbles for her to pop on the walk etc. She is most happy when she is outside that’s for sure.

Mummy’s little poser.

I had almost forgotten it was bank holiday Monday at the end of May because what with Andrew being off with us the days kind of merge and its hard to tell the difference from a week day to a weekend, although he has now gone back to work, the Tuesday after bank holiday. But we spent the Monday enjoying the sunshine and letting Polly ride her bike in the forest.

She adores her bike.

A little goal I’ve set us is to take Polly’s stabilisers off her bike and teach her to ride it before baby comes but whether that happens of course is another thing as I think although she has had her bike a whole year now she is only 3 still.

Another fun day spent in the garden.

33 weeks pregnant and after having a terrible night with my legs aching it was a very chilled day on the cards. When I look back and think how well Polly has coped with me being pregnant and having really sick days at the beginning she has done so well it makes me very proud of her.

Love our bedtime stories together, she always asks when baby comes can they lay next to me for story time…. which melts my heart.

By the end of the week the weather was getting hotter and after feeling desperate to take her to the beach, but not caving due to the worry of where to go to the toilet if their not open yet and just the general crowds that seem to be flocking to all the tourist attractions when the weather is best just put me off. So we ventured just up the road from us to our local lakes which have natural beaches around it so taking a bucket and spade and a blanket was perfect for Polly. We also met my Mum there which was lovely and to have sand between our toes felt amazing. We went in the morning too before it got too busy so we could keep to the social distancing. It was lush, just like we had our own private beach area.




The weekend was also really lovely and hot and with Andrew being back to work now it felt like a weekend and we ventured out together on a little adventure and found these beautiful Poppy fields, again really local to us. It’s amazing whats right on your doorstep when you actually have chance to stop and take it all in. Nature really is such a beautiful thing.

OI000194 (1).jpg




The rest of the weekend was then spent in the garden chilling out with Polly having lots of fun in her pool. Our back garden might not actually be as big as our front garden but I love that it’s secure and I can do the washing up, look our of our kitchen window and see Polly. At our old house although we had a bigger garden we couldn’t do that. This crazy Covid19 / Lock down situation has made me even more grateful for our house and the village we live in and I’m so pleased we moved when we did.

After such a lovely hot weekend spent mainly in the sunshine in the garden I ended up going to A&E on the Monday as it was the 2nd time I’d got bad heart palpitations, high blood pressure and high pulse readings. After ringing the midwife for advise she suggested go to A&E so again was the last place I wanted to be but knew I didn’t feel myself so better to get checked out.


I had ECG’s done and blood pressure and lots of other checks and all come back fine, I just have to keep an eye on things and try to stay as hydrated as I can be as the nice Doctor just put it down to being in the sun alot over the weekend and a bit too much heat etc. I think it’s all alittle to do with the fact I’m coming towards the end of the pregnancy too as it’s a big toll on your body carrying another little person that’s for sure.

34 weeks the next day and safe to say that was a very calm day at home not doing much and trying to stay hydrated and not over do things. I think its hard as I am such a busy person naturally and always like a clean house when we have days at home, there is always some where to hoover or some washing to out on etc and to keep Polly entertained. I had a Midwife appointment which went well, all was good with blood pressure then and urine etc. Talked about how was I feeling about the birth etc and what happens once baby is born. They like you to have skin to skin straight away which I loved with Polly last time. I remember due to tearing and bleeding I cuddled her for ages it seemed before they even said she was a girl whilst they stopped me bleeding and stitched me up.

After a very chilled week at home and doing some home schooling with Polly we baked a cake for my Mum on the Friday which she had asked me to make for the weekend for her so that was a fun activity for Polly. We made a lemon sponge and apart from me weighing out all the ingredients and cracking the eggs Polly does the rest. I even got her to try some lemon which you can imagine was rather funny πŸ˜‰



She had so much fun and I have to say it turned out well. We just covered it all in lemon buttercream as my cake decorations supply is getting smaller with not going out anywhere to get fancy decorations etc.

The next day I was told by Andrew and my Mum to relax and glam myself up, which was odd for a Saturday in lockdown with no plans but I was looking forward to a day off parenting and doing nothing. Turns out they had organised me a mini lockdown baby shower which was the cutest thing. I’ve blogged about it separately as between them they put in so much hard work. Andrew was keen to tell me he had blown up 80 balloons and my lovely Mum had made sausage rolls, scones and sandwiches etc. It was perfect. Obviously not what I originally thought this baby shower would be like but so nice to still celebrate bump. It turns out the cake Polly and myself had made was for the shower so I’m glad I made a lemon one.






35 weeks and bump is growing and ever so slightly dropping. I almost feel like I have alittle bit more room to breath again now as bump has felt rather tight and high for alittle while now.


We have had a rather chilled week not doing too much. Just mainly a few little bits of home schooling with Polly. She loves her writing so tend to do alot of that as never feel I’m forcing her to do it as she enjoys it etc.


I’ve just been printing lots of worksheets out and doing a few letters a day etc rather than bombarding her with lots of letters etc. She is mainly a lefty but does go between both hands but I find she is better with her left.

Hitting 36 weeks I thought right lets make sure mine and bubs hospital bags are completely packed so I made sure that was this weeks job to make sure that everything was all sorted.

Hospital ready.

I’ve tried not to go made with either bag in the hope that I wont have to stay in too long etc, and worse case I’d just have to get Andrew to bring me in some more supplies etc. The main things missing from the above picture which I now have are snacks like cereal bars, bottle ready to fill up with water, mini shower gel and sponge. I found a few travel bits hard to get because I suppose many people aren’t travelling abroad due to the virus etc. But finally got everything now I hope. Again there is a separate blog post on what exactly is in there if that helps any mum to be’s out.

Today I ventured off to my 36 week scan (although I’m 35+6 days). All went well with the scan Bubs is now measuring 5lb 5oz so to me a nice little weight gain since 4 weeks ago, although it is now ever so slightly under the line so after I saw the midwife who did all the normal checks which were all fine I then see the consultant who I’d seen before. She mentioned due to the growth not gaining a huge amount in those last 4 weeks they would like to induce me at 39 weeks! 38 weeks if it’s started to drop of the line. Of course I was wearing a mask but my mouth did drop. First thing I thought was that Andrew couldn’t be there until I’m in established labour at 4cm due to all this Covid19 etc. They reasurred me that they would be using a new process called “Dilapan” where non medical rods would be placed inside of me to help open me up and dilate but I can go home for 24 hours whilst this happens. This made me feel alittle better and when I come back the next day Andrew can come in with me as they will break my waters when I arrive unless they have gone already etc. After telling this to Andrew we agreed to not tell anyone, not to be funny but we would know more from the next scan in 2 weeks time etc and it’s bad enough when you’ve reached your due date and people keep asking well… is baby here etc. The pressure is alot, so if baby came sooner that’s a bonus. Plus I feel the consultant knows best as she mentioned there is then a high risk of still birth if they let me go full term etc so she said it’s better out than in.

Some of the cutest little bits from my lovely bump buddy Sarah. She is only 18 days behind me πŸ™‚

That same day my lovely bump buddy dropped off my birthday present, Polly’s birthday presents as she is due around her birthday and a hamper of goodies for little bubs πŸ™‚ So other than seeing her and my scan we didn’t really do too much. I just got my head around that fact I have less time with bump, less time with Polly, less time to nest etc so I just got on and spent alot of time with Polly and did some more nesting around the house. That weekend we had Fathers day. It was a hard one as I didn’t get to see my Dad due to all this Covid19 etc but Polly had a lovely day with Andrew and we had a yummy roast dinner with my Mum over.

Bump is the size of a watermelon

Knowing I didn’t have long left being pregnant I wanted to be brave and have a few days out with Polly before baby comes. The weather was so nice that we decided to pop to a local garden centre which has the most beautiful grounds to explore so it was lovely to get out somewhere see something different and be able to social distance too. Polly was so good aswell considering this was one of her first times out since March.






While we knew we were in for some nice weather this week the next day we headed to our favourite beach Southwold. Now turning 37 weeks and I’ve still had terrible anxiety during this pregnancy with the pandemic going on so the thought of going out busy places does worry me. But getting to the beach early was the best thing we did. We managed to park fine and then find an nice little area on the beach which wasn’t too busy.

20200623_100424(0) (2).jpg





We had a lovely day there with my Mum and Polly loved running into the sea, building sand castles, collecting shells. Just so nice to let her run free and explore something she hasn’t seen all summer. We ate lunch on the beach and had an ice-cream then walked into the town which had it’s own one way system. We didn’t go in any shops but was nice to go for a wander etc. By time we left it was then getting busy so all in all just right timings and good weather made for a perfect beach day.

Almost 38 weeks and I’ve lost my feet

I almost always seem to have a hospital scan on a Monday so it confuses me when they say, oh your 37 weeks and 6 days as I just count weekly from every Tuesday and think well basically 38 weeks. Anyway today’s scan went well, baby is low and in the right position at least. I’ve been really lucky each scan I’ve been to I’ve seen the same sonogrammer who is also a midwife so it’s nice to know she at least measures baby the same each time and I can always talk to her about any worries I might have at least. She said baby had grown at least and is roughly 6lb 4oz so although still small it’s still followed the line at least. And considering Polly was 6lb 10.5oz not far behind at all and if left until term I guess could even overtake Polly’s birth weight. I then see a midwife who did all my checks which were all fine then a male consultant who I hadn’t seen before but he was really nice. He agreed with the previous lady consultant to induce me at 39 weeks due to baby being smaller it would be safer to have them earlier etc. I knew from the scan 2 weeks previous that this would probably be the case so at least was more prepared this time for the news. They talked over the plan of me going in next week at 39 weeks exactly and having something called Diplan plan rods inserted inside my uterus to soften the cervix and help me dilate. At least the beauty with this is that once inserted and checks all good for baby I can come home for 24hours and go back 24 hours later to have them removed in which Andrew can then come with me. For the actual induction I’ll be alone due to the Covid19 restrictions still. So I’m feeling reasurred that there is a plan in place at least and were going to have our baby next week ekes!! The consultant said that if I was seeing my midwife before then to get her to give me a stretch and sweep to help things along a bit naturally.

I saw the midwife Thursday and she did this for me. It wasn’t as bad as I had thought it might be. My cervix was soft although needs more softening to happen and wasn’t too far back either which was also a good sign. Only issue was being a second baby, babies head was quite high still as they can lock in and out of your pelvis where as first babies tend to stay more engaged once their engaged etc. Anyway I came home stayed active and sat upright like she told me too etc and made myself as happy and calm as I could be to also bring on things.

The weekend arrived and no signs which I didn’t really expect as heard not everyone starts off from a stretch and sweep anyway so again stayed active and managed to go have a maternity shoot Saturday evening with the lovely Shellie Wall who I’ve always used for newborn shoots and shoots of Polly. She had literally just reopened due to the Covid19 restrictions etc. But she was very through and I had to leave my shoes in a box outside, have my temperature taken before entering, sanitise my hands and then wear a mask. I’ve know Shellie for four years now and she is someone I trust not only to take amazing pictures but for cleanliness too so I knew I’d be in safe hands. I was almost alittle nervous having the shoot. I guess because you expose your body, mainly bump of course but I think we can all find fault in how we look, how many stretch marks we have, how low of high our bumps are, whether we have an inny or an outty etc. But I’m so pleased with how they turned out. Will be lovely to look back on in years to come.




The last weekend of just the 3 of us… So crazy to think that soon there will be another little person here and I’ll probably never remember life without them. Again the weather was lovely so we made the most of it and took Polly out on her bike.


I can’t wait for her sibling to chase her on her bike one day. I know she will love playing with them. She keeps getting so excited about baby coming and every midwife appointment I have she asks is the baby coming today? So cute. After a lovely weekend I knew I only really had Monday to crack on and repack mine and babies hospital bags, clean the house and make sure we were baby ready as the Tuesday would be my induction date at hospital. That Monday I also had another sweep with my midwife.

The next day Andrew had off work to look after Polly and my Mum took me to hospital for the induction because it was easier for her to wait in the car for me than to come back and pick me up etc. The actual process of the rods were quick, probably 5 mins to place inside and just a bit uncomfortable but prior to this I had to be monitored and then monitored again after so that’s what takes the time and therefore a couple of hours etc. Luckily my Mum brought lots of magazines to read bless her. Once it was done it just felt more uncomfortable as the evening went on where I could feel them expanding etc. That night I didn’t sleep well either as I haven’t been anyway but definitely not with those working away. And I guess the thought of possibly having a baby tomorrow or the start of it all happening tomorrow I couldn’t sleep to well. I guess it’s like the night before Christmas etc.

The next day (Wednesday 8th) I had a phone call to go in for about 2pm so my Mum drove us all to the hospital. I was a bit emotional saying goodbye to Polly knowing that I’d no doubt have a night away from her and secondly because it was the last moment it was just us, her being my only child etc. Can’t quite explain it but I guess everyone feels that kind of feeling going from one child to two. So I made Andrew take a picture of her and me and bump.

The last picture of just Polly and me at 39 weeks pregnant

To be continued……..

Much love

Sophie & Bump

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