About Me…

I’m Sophie, I’m 29 and a Mummy to our gorgeous IVF miracle Polly. I’m also super new to this blogging so your have to bare with me while I get used to it all. Hopefully you will enjoy reading some of my posts about my life an being a Mummy. I just like the idea that this is my space where I can blog away about things and hopefully not bore you. Mainly some of Polly’s first and our little adventures together. Because lets face it, life’s for making memories.

Polly’s First New Years Eve 2016, when I decided to start this blog for her.

Some of my favourite pictures from Polly’s early newborn days.

Just a little insight into the fun we’ve been having already. I will try to blog about once a month. If there is anything you want to know in particular please feel free to leave it in the comments.

Much Love