Sandringham September 2022

I couldn’t not document this on a post on here for the girl’s to look back on when they are older because on the 8th September 2022 our nation lost our beloved Queen. Although she was 96 years old it was quite unexpected. I remember driving to pick up one last piece of Polly’s school uniform and hearing on the radio that she was very seriously unwell and her family were travelling to Balmoral in Scotland to be with her. By that evening it was all over the news that she had sadly past away. I think even if you aren’t a fan of the Royal family for what ever reasons she was still someone’s Mother, Grandmother and Great Grandmother etc which is always so sad. It always reminds me of my Grandparents as they loved the Queen, they loved watching her speech every Christmas Day etc. She was also my Mum’s Queen, mine and my Girl’s and if I include my Grandparent’s although they are sadly now longer here, she was our Queen for four generations which won’t happen again now we have a King. There won’t be a Queen for many generations to come infact.

On Monday the 12th of September Mum and myself took Lola to Sandringham estate where the Queen stayed at every Christmas (until Covid times) as I had seen on socials that people had been laying floral tributes to pay their respects. So we grabbed some flowers and headed there. It was organised really well. And not too busy, as I had seen people were queuing for almost and hour from the main road to get in etc, but we drove straight in and parked well and headed quarter mile down to the Norwich gates. We took Mum’s youngest pooch and she was really good too as dogs were aloud and Lola was really good too. She carried her flowers all the way and walked all the way there too although they had golf buggy type things on to help get people there etc. We grabbed a drink at the café and a quick snack for Lola before heading back to the car.

It was truly a stunning sight and although I have a dreadful sense of smell it smelt glorious, fit for a Queen. It was just so lovely to see how many people had already come to pay their respects and lay flowers and pay respects. So many cards, letters and poems from people it was actually quite moving and I’m just so pleased I went as it really is a big moment in history.

After Telling Polly that evening what Me and Lola had got upto that day, she was extremely gutted that she was at school. So as the week went on I planned to take her back and decided to the Friday after school. By now we had heard that the Queen’s funeral would be this coming Monday (19th) which would be a public bank holiday. So knowing it would be a longer weekend for Polly it didn’t matter if it was a later night. So I picked Polly up from school on Friday and headed straight there. I had a change of clothes for her so she changed soon as we got there and although it was a Friday the traffic wasn’t too bad and we are only about 40mins away so I’m pleased I got to take Polly back and there was even more flowers in just a few days.

Polly’s school is closed Monday and I’m sure like most of the nation we will be watching the funeral. The last time I remember something broadcast all over and so grandly was the funeral of Princess Diana which I can’t believe has been 25 years. I wasn’t much older than Polly really when she died which again was so sudden. It will be a sad day for sure and will be a while getting used to having a King again after 70 years of a Queen but I’m proud to be British and help my girl’s understand this once their older. Rest in peace your Majesty.

Much Love


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