Goodbye 2022… Hello 2023

Well it’s been awhile since I sat down and starting typing on here. If 1 person reads it lovely, if 100 people read even better but the truth is it’s not really for anyone but the girls when they are older. And hopefully the world wide web will still be in motion for that. I used to keep a diary when I was younger and even through Polly’s first year of her life but then life gets busy and everything is online these days so seems a good place to add all the fun times and memories to.

I’m not one to be like New Year, new me but I always like to set goals and one of which is to keep this little site abit more upto date. I’ve still got drafts from last year to finish so hopefully I’ll find some time to post them. Just before Christmas my phones screen broke and I lost everything on it. Luckily hubby makes me back up pictures to the cloud at least but I’d lost numbers which hadn’t saved to my sim and saved to the phone instead, school apps I’d lost, my calendar and not too mention all my pictures! So I guess it gave me a wake up call to back everything up.

I usually suffer from January blues I guess you could call it. Like most people I suppose, the big build up, then Christmas Day and Boxing Day then the wonderful what day is it, Twixmas, then it’s all over and January seems the longest, coldest, darkest month to get through. But looking back at last year (as it never hurts to see how far we’ve come) we didn’t have much planned this time last year and it turned into a rather busy year. We took a week out at the end of Jan to go to Centre Parcs which definitely helped kill those blues, we returned for Lola’s 2nd birthday for a long weekend over the summer. Polly turned 6 over the summer too and suddenly seemed so much more grown up. Hubby was busy with his Jet Mini shows and we spent his birthday weekend away supporting him and having fun. Polly started her new school to help with her speech x4 days a week in the autumn and has adjusted so well to such a change and still gets to see her friends every Friday. We enjoyed the changing of seasons but as we were blessed with such a hot summer that one was my favourite times of the year. We had such fab days out and about especially days spent on the beach which made you feel like you had got on plane, never that we were still in the UK.

I guess what I’m getting at is that this time last year our diaries weren’t that busy but looking back we had such a jam packed year so I’m excited to see what this year brings. I was also lucky to work with some lovely brands last year via Instagram so hopefully that will continue as I really do love taking pictures, especially seasonal ones. I hope you all had a wonderful NYE, we didn’t make it to see the new year in which is no surprise for us theses days, but we had a lovely family movie night and to me that was perfect.

Leaving some of my favourite moments here from throughout 2022. Here’s to another great year.

Much Love


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