Half Term & The Platinum Jubilee

And just like that we have another half term. I guess I say it like that because I feel this school term went fairly fast. Polly had lots of dressing up days at school and her first school trip to the beach which even I was able to go along on. Trust me she didn’t come back that clean as she looks on the far right. She was covered in sand but signs of a fab day! I actually can’t believe that when she goes back it will be her last term in Year One! Seriously where does the time fly!? Luckily though he current teacher will still be her Year Two teacher as the teachers have had alittle rejig around so I have no worries there as she already adores her teacher.

This half term I’ve tried to slow things down and not take on or do too much. I’m naturally a busy person and love to be busy and do fun things with the girls but we’ve had a lot going on lately with one thing and another so I feel it’s nice to slow down and enjoy the little things. It’s hard for me to say no to things but I was starting to feel like I can’t burn the candle at both ends all the time.

Polly and her little besties on the last day of school where they dressed in Jubilee colours.

The first weekend of half term was all about food. We took the girls out for dinner on the Friday as an after school/end of half term treat which they loved and didn’t matter if bedtime was later. Then on the Saturday I went on a lovely surprise mini hen for a lovely friend so that was nice to go out and have a yummy afternoon tea and be with my friends and be Sophie and have alittle me time. The girls actually had a blast with Nanny so I couldn’t feel too bad. Then on the Sunday evening I was able to meet with 3 of my other friends and go for dinner child free again!? I know right, I hardly ever go out then twice in one weekend but the food was delish both times and I had a lovely catch up.

Then on Tuesday morning we had a lovely time with our friends at our local garden centre where the girls made bug hotels, bird feeders, painted rocks, planted sunflowers and had lush time whilst I caught up with my friend and we had a yummy scone and cuppa all included.

That afternoon we popped upto our local Toy shop to get some ideas for the girl’s birthdays. Mainly Lola’s because what do you buy for a (who will be) two year old who loves playing with her big sisters toys!? We actually managed to get out without buying a single toy which can be hard these days as Lola sees a toy and just shouts “Toysssss” and wants to play/take them all home. Polly used my phone to take pictures of things she would like but in all honesty she has more than enough so we will probably just get her a few things to open and treat her to a day out or something.

The next day we went on a little wander around our local forest as I wanted to take some Jubilee style snaps of the girls for their memory books. They were more than happy wandering around amongst the wildflowers and spotting all the wildlife. They even saw a helicopter take off so they loved that. I had seen alot of Mum’s on socials saying do what you can with your children, don’t think you have to spend lots of money on days out every single day of the holiday’s etc. My girls loved this little adventure and it was free. Daddy did treat us to our local for tea that evening so that was lovely not having to cook.

Talking of food we have enjoyed doing some Jubilee themed baking. The girls loveeee fruit so this traybake was a huge hit and who doesn’t love a little cupcake with sprinkles on.

It felt abit odd that the bank holiday weekend started on the Thursday but it meant everyone had a lovely long weekend. On the Friday we went to Hoveton Hall gardens with my Mum as they had a little fete on. I’d been the year before with one of my best friend’s and her little girl and it was super pretty. I took the pram to hold our drinks and lunches etc but Lola walked the whole way round which I thought she would be able to do fine and she did. The girl’s enjoyed finding all the royal teddy’s hidden in the forest, they had Punch and Judy show, a dog show and crown making which even Lola got involved in. The are mainly known for their stunning displays of Rhododendrons although we went the same time this year to last alot of them had flowered earlier, I guess due to the nice warm weather. We finished off the day there with yummy ice-creams and both girl’s fell asleep on route home.

On the Saturday we had an mini Afternoon Tea party at home and the girl’s got all dressed up and my Mum came over. Polly also stayed at my Mum’s that night which she will tell you was the best thing about her half term bless her! Can you tell I love any excuse for a little party, I’d even brought some balloons which the girls ended up just playing with. Their dresses were just cheap from Sainsburys but as I’m sad when they no longer fit they will go in their memory boxes as its such a big part of history that I’ll never see again in my lifetime a Queen reigning for 70 years it’s just wonderful and makes me proud to be British. Polly’s also enjoyed learning all about it in her books which again some of those will go in their boxes too as keepsakes.

We then ended a lovely weekend by having a delish family Roast at our fav local pub. Their carvery’s are lush although we hadn’t had one since Lockdown although their weekday menu is delish it was so nice to end the week with some yummy food and no washing up already for back to routine tomorrow. On the way home we called round our village to see some of their scarecrow displays of the Queen and all things British, there was even a James Bond.

Much love


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