Spring is in the Air… March

Hello Spring… I can almost feel the warm sun on my skin, see the snowdrops and daffodils dancing in the wind and that always seems a sign to me that good things are on there way. This month is turning into quite a busy month which is nice especially with nice weather, it makes you want to go out and do more etc. It’s Pancake day and Mother’s day this month too. Here are some yummy pancakes I did for the girls.

First off it was World Book Day and Polly loved dressing up. This year she wanted to be Hermione from Harry Potter as she has been keen on the films from quite a young age and now we have recently started reading together the first book. Lola also happen to start a new class on this day and their theme was The Tiger who came to tea. She loves this book anyway so it worked well. She was shy at first but soon warmed up and explored the hall and made friends. Needless to say they both had a fab day.

This time last year I remember heading to Nowton Park in Suffolk to see their glorious Daffodils. There are hundreds and I mean hundreds they go on for miles so it was nice to pop back and see if they had started to bloom and they had. I took my camera to get a few snaps as Lola loved wandering around although it was freezing she had fun and I got some good pictures. I’m excited to go back one weekend with a picnic maybe with Polly and hopefully a warmer day, because just as we left just the heavens started to open and the rain poured!

It’s been a rather wet cold month so far, but when we did get a fairly dry day one weekend so we got our bikes out and headed to our local forest for a bike ride. Still wrapped up, Polly even wanted her gloves and any excuse for Lola to wear her Bunny ears hat from Rosebuds and Ribbons. I also can’t believe as of next month I will of had my bike a whole year but it was honestly such a fab birthday present from hubby as we do go on alot of bike rides altogether.

The weekend before Mother’s day weekend I’d booked Mum and myself a delish Afternoon Tea at a fancy restaurant local to us in Suffolk. Hubby dropped us off and had some quality Daddy time with the girls whilst I was able to have some quality time with my Mum, who although I’m lucky to see alot of, my girls love her so much they want Nanny to themselves so it was really lovely. Plus a lovely excuse to get glammed up.

On Saturday 26th we headed to Roar Dinosaur Park. I had actually taken Polly here with a friend just after her second birthday and remembered it was a fair bit of walking so we took Lola’s pram but she actually enjoyed wandering round lots as nothing she could hurt herself in or on etc. Again I mainly take little video clips these days but I took my camera and captured these snaps as alot of dinosaurs are in the woodland walk and there are so many daffodils so I couldn’t resist taking some snaps and twinning the girls when I can. I also especially love how Lola is looking at my Mum in that first picture, heart melting!

There was lots on that I hadn’t even realised was there, like dinosaur shows full of dancing which the girls loved but Lola wasn’t as keen on the giant dressed up dinosaurs. They also had a soft play where you could have an hours slot included with your ticket price so the girls loved playing in that and we grabbed lunch from there too. Another fab thing about the day was Mums went free for Mother’s day weekend and as it was up to x2 Mums both Mum and myself got free tickets and I only had to pay for Polly as Lola was under 2. Something I always try to look out for these days as now Lola is getting older I have to pay for her although some places allow upto the age of 3’s in for free. But lets face it the price of everything is going up so grab these bargains when you can is what I say!

On Mother’s Day itself Polly had a big dance rehearsal for her show which was only for 10mins and just after 10am so once that was done, a quick change for Polly and we headed to our favourite Beach… Southwold. It holds so many lovely memories here for me with my Dad and grandparents and now Mum gets to bring her grandchildren here. Just so lovely. Hubby has been in chronic back pain lately so was unable to endue the travelling that far, not my driving he promised me. But it was a lovely girls day. Super chilly after a lovely sunny warm day yesterday where I even wore sandals and now the hats and gloves were back out. We parked along the seafront, one thing I love about Southwold is parking is always so easy if you arrive early enough, then walked into the town to grab some fish and chips. We ate them on a bench near the seafront and watched the waves come crashing in. We then had some hot chocolates to warm up and Polly had an ice-cream before heading onto the beach. Lola loved playing in the sand and had no fear of the sea. Infact I got one boot rather wet grabbing her out.

After a lovely busy hectic weekend I thought I had better test Polly for Covid as her “Winter” cough had made a come back yet we had been outside all weekend, anyway low and behold Positive! I almost knew it because she had been in contact with someone last week, another boy in her class had it and I guess my Mother’s sense was tingling and I was right! She only has one week left of school so will be off most of the week as although the law states you do not have to isolate, the school’s policy is as it used to be, if negative on day 5 and again on day 6 she may return which makes that this Friday so even if it’s just for one day I know she will love to return. Plus she is off for most of April for Easter half term so the one day break will do us both good bless her hehe!

Just as Polly is showing as negative and ready to go back to school, Lola then shows as positive bless her heart. Honestly if its not one it’s the other. She wasn’t quite herself at the beach when it came to eating she didn’t want much which is very unlike her so again wasn’t really too surprised when it pinged up as positive. I was just alittle shocked Polly had got it again after only having it 8 weeks ago, so much for 3 months immunity once you’ve had it. Anyway by Friday 1st of April (last day of term) Polly had her second negative and could go back to school which was a relief as she has her big dance show tomorrow which she is buzzing about so least she can go to that all clear. It also marks the first day of Easter holiday’s so I will start a new blog post of hopefully all the fun things we get upto. It’s nice life is returning back to normal and we are all getting used to living with Covid-19 but still be able to make lots of memories with our loved ones.

Much Love


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