February, the Month of Love

So I can now confirm I am Covid freeee!! As I left things on my previous post I was only a few days into isolating 😦 You shouldn’t really test until day 5 but I actually tested on day 4 and was negative so low and behold day 5 and 6 were also negative and I was free again on Saturday the 12th. I believe I more than likely had it the previous weekend and my last lateral flow on the Friday was delayed, as I can’t quite see how I only had it for 3 days. Either that or the jabs and boosters really do work or I have a kick arse immune system hehe, but more than likely the first one.

Anyway lets kick this month off with talk of Valentine’s day. Hubby and me don’t really do too much for it now we are have been together forever, but he had booked us a nice meal out which we had to cancel as I had Covid so were going but just a week later. The girls however I do celebrate with especially this year. I did Polly alittle “Love Basket” last year but not for Lola as she was only 7 months old. This year however I upped my game and got organised early and this is how they turned out.

I ordered the jelly basket bags online and as they arrived flat was able to store them for a while. They then had a cuddly toy each (only £2.99 from card shop), the gingerbread cookies were from our local garden centre, the books Amazon although they had already been reading them. The large heart poppers were also Amazon. The personalised sweet bags, crochet wands, girl gang flag, heart badges were from Rosebuds & Ribbons online and then all the other sweets, mini keyring poppers, bath bombs, nail polish set and hairclips were all Home Bargains. I tend to see little bits grab them and put them away, that way it doesn’t seem like your spending a fortune all in one go either. I also got them a joint “Love Letter” from the love fairy from Sugarplum Fable who I found via Instagram. It’s personalised and mega cute something I will use each year while they still believe etc but I know when Polly doesn’t she will keep it going for Lola’s sake. Also half of this I will use again next year with just new chocs etc. I saw one lady online just fill her children’s baskets with all of their own toys which they haven’t played with in ages and I thought that was a brilliant idea, as little ones easy forget what they have an don’t have.

We had been eating lots of yummy naughty sweet treats over the past two weeks! We originally wanted to make Polly’s little school friends some chocolate lolly’s as little Valentine’s gifts, we brought the mould, chocolates, bags and everything but with myself having Covid and not out of Isolation before she broke up for half term I thought it not the best idea. But she enjoyed helping me make them. We also did a cheeky treat tray, something I have started to do every season. I think I started last Easter and it’s a big hit. Then on Sunday (13th) I did a Valentine’s breakfast for us all as Hubby would be at work the Monday etc and on the weekends you can be abit more slower to start the day etc. The crumpets and churros were both M&S and were a big hit. If you can’t go alittle extra every now and then, when can you?!

Again for me I’m a sucker for a seasonal PJ, although they are usually worn all year round in this house hehe. But these heart PJ’s were actually from Next last year. I believe Lola’s may have been slightly too big as she was in-between sizes and luckily I managed to squeeze her into 9-12 months for one last time although she is now 19months old bless her! Again Polly has surprisingly grown in a year too so no chance of fitting next year but I do love a comparison picture from the time before etc.

Every season I always paint the girl’s toes and make them into something related to that season so we went for little lovebugs which is still currently displayed on our fridge. Hubby did mention about laminating their artwork so it lasts abit longer and I would really like to get a pin board or something to display their work on so that’s my next job! Above is the Love Shelfie, as you can see Polly was keen to get reading. Again I like to change their book shelves about as if not we end up reading the same books every night. I especially love the “While we can’t Hug” book as it explains all about while we couldn’t hug at the start of the pandemic, in a way children can understand so that will be one for the memory box too once the girls are older.

It’s amazing the amount of fun a £1 “Love” balloon brings them plus it made for a great photo prop too!

And now onto Half Term…..

The first day of the holiday was actually Valentine’s day so we had a chilled day at home and I caught up with my Mum. We also did a chocolate hunt with clues for the girl’s to find dotted around the house with the last clue leading upto their Love Baskets which they both loved!

The Tuesday Hubby and Myself had a super rare child free day whilst the girls had a Nanny day. They adore my Mum so had the best time. Whilst me and Hubs had a yummy Nando’s for lunch and went bed shopping.

Half way through the week already and we headed to a local farm with some of Polly’s best friends from school. Their a lovely bunch and all play together so well, siblings and all and I get on really well with the Mum’s too so definitely a nice little group to be part. Feels like I have known them years actually! But anyway the kids all had a blast seeing all the animals and playing. We even got to see a lamb being born so after that all the little ones were on watch to see if they could see anymore. Again I seem to take more videos than photos these days but here are some of the snaps I took.

On the Thursday we headed to our local soft play with friends. We had originally planned going out but we were due a bad storm at the end of the week so we opted to be inside safe and dry. I felt like the whole of the town had this idea too as was the busiest I’d seen it in a long time. It was also the first time going there it felt hard with having two children. Not because they were naughty, just because Lola’s age. She is only 19months old but I swear sometimes she thinks she is Polly’s age bless her! She wanted to be off in the bigger area which she is too little to go round by herself and Polly too quick for her. So I technically had a quick cuppa with my two friends but I can’t exactly say we had a catch up hehe. Joys of being a mum. Again I only took video’s so these are the pics before we left. The girls had fun and that’s the main thing. I put Lola in the car before saying goodbye and getting Polly in the car and she was soundo before I pulled away bless her so the running wild and free did her good as she slept for 2hrs!

That night was mine and Hubby’s date night that he rescheduled from last Thursday so that was really nice after a hectic day to not have to worry about cooking.

On Friday we had plans to see a family friend but we had a bad storm hit, Storm Eunice and were advised to stay in and not to travel. So we cancelled plans and did just that. We had only three brief power cuts but it did effect alot of people up and down the country and after a few hectic days it was nice to have a slow on at home.

And just like that it’s the last weekend of half term. We didn’t do too much just chilled and popped to a couple shops. I’m on the hunt for new bedding for Polly and I have started to collect a few bits for Easter. Whether it be décor or goodies for the girls so that’s exciting. I’d rather get them toys than chocolates and I even managed to grab some plastic eggs rather than chocolate ones to use for their egg hunt in the garden as last year got out so warm they started to melt. Again Lola was too little for it but this year she will love it. Spring always makes me happy especially as it’s usually much nicer weather and as I sit here typing this there is only 8 more days left of February which has actually gone rather quick compared to January so here’s to back to school, clubs for the girls and roll on spring!!

Much Love


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