Autumnal days (2018)

I am so behind on this blog it’s unreal. Not that I blog for thousands of people to read and deadlines to meet etc, its all for one little miss as she gets older to look back on. But time seems to be flying by at the moment and unless I document things as they happen its easy to forget. We had alot on with selling our house last autumn then moving etc so I have a couple of blank months for last year (2018) and what with October now upon us I thought I never blogged about Pumpkin Picking last year so lets have a little look back.

Every year since Polly has been born I’ve taken her to a pumpkin patch. I guess it’s never too young to start little traditions.

The first year 2016 she would have only been 2/3 months and we went with my Niece in law Gemma and my two great nephews Alfie and Jack. Jack is only a year older than Polly so its nice for them to grow up so close.

The second year we went 2017, there were two new additions. My great nephews Barnaby and Teddy. As you can see here Polly enjoyed it much more and loved strutting around picking pumpkins. Then the following year my great nephews and their lovely mummas were all in Dubai so I planned to go with my lovely friend Devon who is literally like and Auntie to Polly.

With Devon not being local we meet at a yummy pancake restaurant not too far from the patch and enjoyed scrummy food and smoothies before we headed off. Devon captured these pics and their some of my favourite natural ones to date.


We were really lucky with the weather actually as I remember I kept taking layers off as the day went on so we managed to enjoy it even more and go some really good snaps too.

I’m not sure pumpkin patches were a big thing or even around to be honest when I was little but I think it’s just such a fun day out and every year we have gone to the same place it’s got bigger and bigger. Bouncy castles, food stalls, decorative stalls, face painting you name it. So I’m excited to see what this year will bring as for now I will leave you with these images from such a glorious day.

Even quickly putting this post together its lovely to see how Polly is changing over the years. Maybe this year we will be brave enough to even to the maize maze there.


Happy October everyone….

Much Love


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