Our Wedding 14.04.18

I can not believe we have been married a whole month (yesterday) already?! I mean seriously that has just flown by and apart from a few more things to do, I have basically changed my last name now which still feels a little weird I must say. I couldn’t have been happier with how our Wedding day was. It actually makes me well up it was just so perfect and now that we have all our beautiful photos back (from Gina Manning) I thought I would share some of them for you to see. So where best to start but the day before…

And so just like that it was the day before our Wedding. I even woke up that morning feeling like Christmas had come early as I knew today would be the day we would travel to the Venue and get it all set up ready for the big day. Polly traveled in my Mum’s car so no car seat meant both my back seats could collapse for all the room needed for all the decor and of course my dress. Once both the cars were full to the brim we made our way just after lunch. I had a vision of how I wanted everything including the tables laid out and where things would be displayed etc and I must say the amazing team at Southwood Hall and KWF Floristry managed to create my theme just perfectly!

We only had six tables to decorate and only four of which were used for the wedding breakfast, the other two for extra seating for evening guests. I placed a vintage embroidered floral table cloth over the table covers, followed by a mirrored plated, a vintage floral teapot and 3 cups and saucers to go around it. The lovely florists then decorated them with beautiful flowers and pearls and some tealights to go around it on the table for a little bit of and light texture.

I personally didn’t want huge centre pieces as I wanted people to be able to see over them and be able to talk. I then had gold wooden wording that went in the centre of the teapots to say which table it was. The favors were just little glass jars with love heart sweets in and I cut different floral fabrics to go over the lids.


For my table plan I decided I wanted to use a vintage ladder and display each table in photo frames with some doilies and China jugs which had flowers in. I already had all of these too apart from the ladder so that was handy.

The rest of the Coronation Barn was decorated with floral bunting (of course) and pretty fairy lights. Each chair had a pink, cream or floral sash tied round into a bow so there were pops of pinks dotted around to add some colour. This especially looked good as people came in to take their seat for the ceremony.

It was only Polly, my Mum and myself who stayed at the Cartshed Lodge the night before so it was just so lovely and chilled. We cooked a light meal, bathed and put Polly to bed before enjoying some Prosecco in the hot tub whilst watching the TV. To me that was lush, just relaxing and unwinding before the big day ahead. I would blink an it was the day I was getting married. The day I had always dreamed off was finally here.

Sophie & Andrew-98
My Beautiful Floral Wedding Dress

We woke up early (think it’s the nerves) as Polly woke early being somewhere new also. We had a super light breakfast and showered and chilled out until my wonderful team arrived. They consisted of Jessica Wyatt who is such a bad ass Makeup artist, definitely one of the best around to make me look all glamorous and Sabrina Matthews of Sabrina’s Hair Studio to sort my mop. She has done my hair for years now and I don’t trust many people with it but both these lovely ladies I was lucky enough to work with so although they were “working” on getting me ready they are my friends too so I didn’t feel nervous at all an trusted their skills!

A little while into the swing of getting ready the lovely Gina Manning arrived who in my eyes is one of the best photographers around! As soon as we met her on our engagement shoot I felt at ease with her an just knew that she knew what she was talking about and I already loved her work so just knew she would capture our day perfectly. And because you only get married once you need it filmed right? So then the gorgeous Kelly Southby arrived, camcorders in hand. Again I felt so at ease when I first met her on our wedding consultation. I guess you put a lot of trust in your wedding photographer/videographer and neither of these ladies disappointed. Kelly captured all those little moments I have already forgot happened, her work is just beautiful and she never once shoved a camera in our face to be honest I forgot her and Gina we’re around as that’s when the most nicest and natural moments are captured.

As I was almost ready (apart from getting into my dress) my lovely girls Devon and Sarah arrived to help get Polly ready while Mum could help me into my dress. I suppose your could say the nerves were starting to kick in a little at this point as I knew it would be less than an hour until not only I would be seeing Andrew, Id be marrying him! Ekes!!

Polly was good as gold letting the girls get her dressed so Mum could help me get into my dress before it was almost time to head across the car park and meet my future Husband!

Of course I wondered whether or not Polly would even want to go into a big room all on her own, but of course in true Polly style she managed to dance her way in before realizing Daddy and Nanny were at the other end. The film clip of this just melts my heart!

Our ceremony was lovely, sweet meaningful but not stupidly long either and just like that we were Husband and Wife and I got to kiss my Husband for the very first time.

It was then so lovely to greet our guests and speak to everyone outside an just for a moment take in that we had actually just got married and now the legal part was over we could relax more etc. I love these natural photos below that Gina captured as they show our guests happy, enjoying themselves and having fun.

We then had a few group shots which were made really fun and because they were done on the lawns just off the patio so we wasn’t miles away from our guests who were waiting for their picture etc.

One of my favourites has to be the ladies group shot as Polly was not going to pose for long and I love how shes captured running away from us. Little monkey.

Sophie & Andrew-541

Sophie & Andrew-542

We then had a few shots of just the two of us which are some of my favourites and absolutely LOVE!!

Spring was literally the perfect season for Blossom to be out in all its glory, so every year it will always remind me of our special day. We then headed in for our Wedding Breakfast which was a delish three course meal including a trio of yummy deserts! Then it was time for speeches and this is another reason I’m glad we had Kelly Southby to film it as they are completely uncut in our wedding video so I know it will be lovely to look back on in years to come.

We only had Andrews speech, our Best Man’s speech and the lovely “Digger” Dave’s speech. Unfortunately my Dad was too unwell to make the day but I’m sure he too would have praised Andrew. As it was all my family there (as well as both our friends) it was nice for the speeches to be about Andrew rather than me. With speeches done it was time to mingle and enjoy some of that beautiful sunshine in the grounds before the evening guests started to arrive.

Although Polly wasn’t quite feeling having her photo taken at first, after just waking up from her nap she soon got into the swing of things and these family pictures just melt my heart and remind me thats whats its all about right there.

Sophie & Andrew-782
Really another photo Daddy and Mummy?? =)

One of my favourites has to be her about to share a kiss under my veil. There isn’t many at all of just me and her because lets face it 20 month old’s have much better things to be getting on with but I love how this was captured and the video moment of it too!

Sophie & Andrew-801
Precious moments…

We then had our very last pictures of just use before it was time to greet our very first evening guests. Again I have so much love for Blossom right now in this pictures!

Love all these natural pictures of some of our evening guests.

We had about an hour to make our way around greeting our evening guests before we cut our delish Wedding Cake (from Little Millie’s) It was a traditional three tier cake which was Salted Caramel, Lemon Drizzle and Chocolate with white chocolate buttercream. I have to say the salted caramel was the first to go and being the smallest also. The second tier all the flowers were hand painted and matched our invites really well and the third chocolate tier I wanted navy for a pop of colour and to match Andrews suit.

We then got ready to hit the dance floor for that one special song (which Andrew picked) and I have to say the words sum us up completely! We got Polly to join in at the end and the the second song in was her song and our guests hit the floor to join us!

Our evening meal was a BBQ which seemed to be a huge hit and people loved it. It was just outside across the patio and we were so lucky with the weather not being too cold or getting dark until 8pm ish.

Throughout the day we had hired the most gorgeous flower wall from the lovely Amy of Finishing Touches For Your Wedding. So this was a lot of fun for everyone to strike a pose at.

Having a hashtag for our wedding too online, meant I got to see soooo many lovely pictures in front of this huge wall. I feel its something I need for every occasion hehe.

We the also hired an actual photo booth but not just your usual type of booth. A fully drive-able VW Vintage Camper van!! When I suggested this to Andrew, his words were how damn cool!! Again this provided hours of fun for everyone and was just so different!

Sophie & Andrew-932

A guy manned it all night and we got a copy of the prints for our book which he also got our guest to sign and they got a copy too. Again this is another album I like to get out an have a good look through and a giggle at all the funny pictures.

And before we knew it we had partied into the next morning as Husband and Wife. We truly had the bestest of days and its one of those days I will never ever forget and will probably always spam up my Instagram page with wedding photos because… why not?! Our day was perfect for us and although it’s like marmite, you will either be a lover or hater of my dress and all the floralness of it all we bloody loved it and I wanted it to be a little different! We truly had the most perfect day surrounded by our wonderful family and friends at the most perfect venue Southwood Hall. Just perfect!

And well done for making it to the end because as you can imagine it was super hard for me only choosing “a few” of my favourite photos when we received so many truly beautiful images from the lovely Gina Manning. If word press did videos I’d being showing you clips of our lush wedding video also from the amazing Kelly Southby. Two things I will treasure a lifetime….

Sophie & Andrew-812

Much Love

The Pleszko’s


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  1. I randomly came upon your blog this morning, which often happens to me, and it made me smile in the shared happiness of your last year. I hope your year ahead is equally as wonderful. Happy New Year!!!

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