My Hen Do


This weekend just gone was my Hen Do and I woke up so excited wondering what my lovely girls had planned for me. My friend’s Sarah and Devon had offered to throw me a Hen Do and I trusted them to do me proud and they definitely didn’t let me down. It’s always hard when you are usually the one who plans things for everyone else but was actually really nice to sit back and let them do all the hard work for me bless them! I gave them a very small list of my closest family and friends. There was so many people I could have asked but I think without upsetting people it’s nice to keep things small and low key and from the other side, I know myself the larger number of women you have to try and organise to all be free etc the harder it is. I had received a card previously in the post as to what time to be ready for that morning and what to wear. I managed to get my hands on a cream lacy dress to feel all bridal in and although it was freezing an we had some light snow I didn’t let that stop me. We had a few quick pictures before we left…

My lovely Mum got me the lovely floral bridal sash and it happened to match my outfit perfectly! We then all said our goodbyes to Polly (Andrew and Russell our Best Man) and headed off to my 1st surprise… Pottery Painting…

I walked into the room full of my fav ladies all decorated with party bags and they were all wearing their own sashed too! I love little details like that. I even had my own Bride Squad bag which contained a veil, garter and bride to be badge. We all had matching bracelets too and our bags contained sweeties and popcorn. Now who doesn’t love pottery painting?! I personally love it and think its very therapeutic infact. We all picked our own things to paint and got on with it. Its was actually the 3rd time I had been to this particular place. For my niece Rosie’s hen do I stumbled across it almost 2 years ago and then again for my friend Sarah’s mini Hen as was rather heavily pregnant and couldn’t make her London hen. So I felt very comfortable there. I didn’t realise they also did lunch so after painting for 2hrs we then had some yummy lunch and then out came some delish cupcakes my Sister had made which were so delish! She really is a fab baker!

Our delish lunch followed by very yummy cupcakes made by my lovely Sister Belinda.

After a yummy lunch and a few more pictures it was time to move onto our next location, which after Pottery Painting I really had no idea as to what was happening next. Being in the Norwich area, I did wonder if we would stay local to it and then we headed straight into the city.

I think my camera on my phone must have got a bit dusty as these top pictures came out a little fuzzy. We then parked up at Chapelfield in the centre of Norwich and headed off to meet the others. Before I knew it we were heading to the Theatre…

We were here to see Fat Friends. Something I had never seen before on the tele but always heard it was good and I’m pretty sure thats what made James Corden first famous. It was so funny. A right old giggle plus it was about a wedding between the lead couple so very fitting and although I don’t usually like musicals where you don’t know any of the songs they were easy to follow and get into. Now the popcorn in the bags made sense! As we left the show we happen to come out near the stage exit so we bumped into Sam Bailey who was in the show who sung really well and she won the X Factor several years ago.


We then had a little time to kill after the show so had a quick look about the shops before heading back to the cars for our final stop of the day an Evening Dinner at my favourite place to eat…

My Mum, Devon and Clare had all gone ahead to decorate and we had our own little room so as I arrived there were so many little personal touches about including a picture of me with each and everyone of my hens even my friend Michelle who couldn’t make it. There were balloons and banners and everyone had an advice for the Bride card to fill in, which was very funny reading out after dinner and half a glass of Malibu and coke, gave me the giggles for sure! And finally a little book for me to keep as a scrapbook of the days events. My girls know me so well as I scrapbook all the important things to me like my pregnancy and giving birth to having Polly to now our Wedding.

It truly was such a fab Hen day and I couldn’t of asked for a better day. And actually as it was such a long day I was pleased to be climbing into bed before 11pm and knowing that I wont be waking up hungover the next day. Definitely glad I don’t really drink anymore. I do think you get to a point in your life when you just can not recover like you used to and I for one was always sick the next day! But being a Mummy and responsible for a little person does change you. My Hen has made me very excited for our Wedding now as it will be the next time myself and all these beautiful ladies will be together again and come 9pm I will be getting myself on that dance floor and partying the night away with them.

I made such wonderful memories on Saturday that I will remember forever and that was all because of these two beautiful ladies who made it all possible. I can’t thank you enough for wanting to throw me such a lovely day in the first place and all your help and interest you have shown in the Wedding. Not long now and I will be a MRS ekes!!!

Much Love


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