One Month until we say I do…

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Well here we are with only One Month to the date until we say I do! I can not actually believe how quickly our Wedding is coming round! We will have only been engaged almost 4 months by the time we get married and its been a whirl wind. I’m so pleased we managed to find the perfect venue and that they had availability for this year. I always thought that I’d be engaged for a year or so, no longer but having the wedding so close now just feels so exciting. I had some friends say to me once they had booked their venues etc they still had a whole year to wait until their big day so at least although I’m waiting for it to come around, its coming around rather fast now!!

Because our Wedding is not in “peak” wedding season everything has been such smooth sailing and the main things I wanted I have been able to book. Andrew and his Best man had their suits, shirts and shoes before I had even got my dress! I think because that’s something he was worried about not getting in time and possibly if it needed altering etc he knew he wanted to know they were both sorted and because there is only the two of them that saves on the time too. I knew what colour and style I wanted them to be in an luckily our Best Man is used to wearing suits more so than Andrew, so he was good to guide Andrew in the right direction as he is only used to wearing his work overalls bless him. So cant wait to see him all suited and booted. They have their matching ties and although my Dad hasn’t got the same suit, he too has a matching tie.


They say when you know you know when it comes to the dress and I have to say that is very true! Mum cried and then I welled up and just knew it was the one. I had in my head what I wanted and what I didn’t want but I was still open to ideas as I thought somethings look better on than on the hanger etc and my Mum is always best at picking things out which always look better on than off and then I think oh yeah, Mum knows best! I have to say after trying on lots of different styles and textures of dresses I went with my heart and had the original dress which I thought I wanted and I thought, I’m going to marry Andrew in that dress! So that was all super exciting! Due to the timescale, I had to order my dress as a rush order but it came super quick. I also managed to get Polly her flower girl dress from the same shop to and although hers is also a rush order it isn’t due in until the end of March!! So we will be slightly pushed for time to try and alter it if its too long for her. Her dress is my only worry. The only thing I cant control and keep ringing the dress shop like… Is it in yet?! And although her style dress isn’t like my style dress she will be a mini me on the day as her dress has elements similar to mine so she will look so cute! We both have our shoes and pieces for our hair so apart from her dress she is good to go and I will blow dry her hair all pretty the morning of the wedding.


My Mum and myself have absolutely loved shopping for wedding bits and getting her an outfit was easy as she too knew what she wanted and it happened to be only the 2nd outfit she tried in the 1st shop! She also had the task of helping me with the Invites. The cutting, sticking, writing some envelops and wrapping them up in string. We had a good little system all over the kitchen table one afternoon while Polly napped. I’m so lucky to be so close to my Mum and we have a really good relationship, she really knows me very well!


Last month I went to a Wedding Show, one of the largest ones in our area which I think they run a couple times a year. It was fab and such a good experience! I went with Mum and these two beauts pictured above. My close friends Sarah and Devon. Polly had a Daddy’s day and we had an amazing girls day. My friend Sarah is already married and mentioned to me that the show is a must! And although you think you have got everything there is always extra things you end up coming away wanting. If I hadn’t of already got my dress for example, it would be lovely to look there as they had so many different shops that turned up and had a stall and they even had a catwalk fashion show, as you cant beat seeing them on an actual person!

Everything is now all finalized and paid for so at least we can relax about that and I can just worry about the little things bits and pieces that I cant do until nearer the time. I’ve booked a fab makeup artist who I used to work with who is just amazing and I am very happy with how my trials went with her. I’ve also had my first hair trial this week which was pretty exciting with again someone who is fab and I used to work with at her salon. Joys of being a Hairdresser was knowing everyone in that field. I’ve got one more trial next week and then I think we will have nailed it.

All of our invites are back and we have had a lot who replied with their songs choices as I always think its nice to have a good variation of songs so that everyone gets up and has a boogie. That list has gone off to our DJ. The cake was sorted a while back now so thats something else not to worry about. I’d have given it ago making my own but its a lot of pressure I didn’t want to be honest, plus the getting it there ekes!! Andrew’s got his ring now, were just waiting for mine to come in and then send my engagement ring off to be cleaned so its already for the day, which I will hate to be without it! I’m off to my seamstress Monday for final dress alterations and then back to her again soon as Polly’s dress is in if its too long etc which poss will be. But she has booked her in just in case.

And lastly I have my Hen day this weekend so I’m super excited for that! I’m usually the one who organise’s things for others so its been nice to not have to worry and plus because its all happening so fast I’m sure my friends Sarah and Devon have done me proud as it isn’t easy trying to get a group of girls all free and wanting to do the same thing so I am sure my next post will be all about my Hen ekes!!

Much Love


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