18 Months of Polly

I feel I am forever saying how fast the time goes once you have a little one. I suppose because Polly is doing so much now I feel I’m not aging and just sitting back and taking it all in and watching her grow. This time last year in February she turned 6 months old, was learning to sit very well unaided and was generally growing up fast even then. We also had 2 baby showers to attend (A close friends and my niece’s) and now their little babies are turning 1 next month its crazy! So I think time goes fast when children are involved in general.

So what have we been upto this past month…

Polly might not say many specific words but boy is she chatting away in her own little language. I ask her if she would like an apple or banana after dinner and she nods and points to the fruit bowl, which we have had to hide up as its not hard for her to move a dining chair out, climb it an reach the fruit bowl on the dining table! I talk to her so much though I feel like she answers me back with what she is trying to tell me etc.

We have also introduced her to the Potty. She loves sitting on it and always looks in it after to see if she’s been but as of yet nothing… I’m not sure there are rules as such to go by, I suppose you know when your little ones are ready etc and ideally summer time would be fab for her to be nappy free in the garden with not a care in the world but as it stands I just always put her on their when I change her bum so she gets used to it. If I say Mummy change your bum? She pulls her changing mat and wipes out from under her cot so again she knows but cant tell me yet she needs a wee etc. Any tips on how you went about potty training please feel free to leave in the comments below.


She also stands or sits for a picture for me know bless her. She might not be looking always but again she knows what it all means. And when she does pose etc I just look at her an think how grown up does she look? She enjoyed some yummy pancakes on pancake day this year and loved her little single Rose from Daddy on Valentines day.

We’ve also enjoyed a few playdates this month and although we haven’t done overly much this month it has flown by! January went rather slowly but I feel like I’ve blinked and its now the last day of February.

The weather has also changed. So much or an early spring… it was rather chilly at the weekend but that didn’t stop us heading to a local farm. I love that Polly is now getting to the age where she likes to walk around rather than be in her pram, she will point to things she wants or in the direction she wants to go etc so she was a good age to take to Church Farm on Sunday.

She loved looking at all the little piglets, lambs, sheep and horses. They even had donkeys, pigs and chickens too. Polly even had the chance to feed a little lamb and absolutely loved it. I couldn’t quite believe it, my baby feeding a baby! It will be lovely yo go back in warmer weather as there was a lot to do there for the little ones, lots of outdoor play areas and a huge indoor play area if it was a rainy day etc.

We have then had a couple snow days the past couple days with today it snowing the most! So after taking Andrew to work we got our wellies out and spent some time in the Garden. Polly loves the snow and could have literally wandered round in it for ages but it was rather cold so kept our little trip short and sweet and went back out after lunch.


With it being March tomorrow I’m excited to see what It will bring. I’ve got an very exciting hen day to look forward to and of course the count down for the wedding itself. I just cant wait for Polly to be our gorgeous little Flower girl and I’m so excited and lucky for her to be there. I think this month has taught me to enjoy the now and live for the moment and however hard it is to always countdown to things I’m trying to relax and enjoy the now. The little moments like today playing in the snow with my little love because its all about making the memories and I realise how fast she is growing.

Much Love



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