Starting 2018 off with an Engagement!

Well what a way to kick off the New Year by Andrew Proposing to Me!! To say I was completely shocked is an understatement. To me, although it came out of the blue after all these years of being together I began to think I’m going to be the only Mum in the playground to have a different name to their child, so in my head he still had a few more years before Polly reaches school age to hopefully ask.

We had our friends over New Years eve for just a really chilled little gathering with lots of girls talk and the lads drinking beer kinda thing. One of our friends are engaged to be married this summer so there was lots of wedding talk and I was thinking, lovely get to buy a new dress to a lovely summer wedding. Little did I know the next day Andrew would propose to me! New Years day itself was very chilled and although I never drink now I felt almost hungover just because I’m not used to late nights now so I was feeling a huge greasy fry up to sort me out. Andrew had drunk a little too much himself so was feeling a little worse for where too, so our plans of going to Horsey Beach to see the seals never happened. So we had a chilled day at home watching films with Polly. We watched her favourite film “Sing” again as she loves dancing when music comes on. And that night for tea we had lots of left over party food which just went down a treat. We then came back into the lounge after tea and I snuggled up on the sofa. Andrew then left the room with Polly. I didn’t think anything of it. He then returned with her saying give this to Mummy… It was a box but to be completely honest, one of our lovely friends had brought Polly a silver bracelet for her 1st birthday so my reaction was, where did you get that from? Put it back! Thinking it was that. She still continued to give it to me and as she got closer I could see it was too smaller box to fit her bracelet in. It was a ring box! THE BOX infact! The one every girl dreams of receiving right in-front of me on my lap! Those famous word “Will you Marry Me?” got asked and I leaped for joy! I don’t think I actually said Yes for 5mins as I was in such a state of shock. I cried, Andrew welled up and Polly was climbing on both of us laughing, like whats going on? Bless her heart and for me it was the most perfect magical moment in the comfort of our own home. We just enjoyed this little moment to ourselves for a little while before telling our nearest and dearest and I think by the next day Andrew was insisting to put it on Facebook, which I have to say is easier than telling every single person we both know individually etc.

The announcement picture.

My main priority the next day was to get my ring resized as it was far too big and I knew I would fear loosing it. I managed to go to a little jewellers in Diss where they could resize it in a couple of hours rather than Goldsmiths (where it came from) send it off etc. So after a wonder about and a quick bite to eat in Morrison’s it was ready. Yay! I had my ring back and it fits yahoo!! I guess we or mainly me stayed in a little engagement bubble. Seeing people for the first time saying congratulations and of course asking to see the ring etc. Its just all so exciting and considering I was beginning to think it was never going to happen I’m clearly enjoying it all very much.

My Mum had seen a few wedding fairs advertised as I spose a lot of people get engaged over the festive period so there was plenty to choose over the next couple weeks. We decided to go to The Wedding Fair at Dunston Hall in Norwich on Sun 7th. I have to say it seemed a bit surreal going to a wedding fair so soon as we hadn’t even been engaged a week! But it gave me some good ideas as to what I would like and as there were several venues there it made me realise maybe we do need to start to think when and where we would like to get married as couples book years in advance etc.

I got soooo many ideas. I can see how easy it is to come away thinking well we need this and we must have that etc as you almost feel like a child in a sweetie shop wanting all these goodies!

I would say my ideal “Dream” wedding has changed over the years. I would have loved the huge white wedding as such, my closest family members and fav girls as bridesmaids. Andrew with his best men and ushers and our 2 beloved pooches there with flowers around there collars. Clearly these images would have been saved on my old Pinterest board from 5 years ago, but now having Polly has changed all of that. I want that wonderful wedding day don’t get me wrong but for me now, its about us all becoming a family and for me to have the same name as my daughter. Plus we have decided to keep our wedding very intimate so half of our guests would have been stood up there with us if they were part of the bridal party so least they can just enjoy it without worrying about what jobs they have to do etc. The following weekend we had dinner with our friends Clare and Russell. Little did Russ know Andrew was going to ask him to be his Best Man, with a little help from Polly too of course and its safe to say he was chuffed and of course has taken on the role of Best Man.

Andrew was pleased with his little box he put together for him with his fav drink, few choc’s and a new wallet. I did help out with the sign though 🙂 The next day we went to see a Venue near Sudbury way. It wasn’t the one for us but lovely to have a look around and see what we actually wanted from a Venue etc. After Andrew then deciding on another Venue, which we actually attended as wedding guests. We set up an appointment to go see them and just like that pulling up we kind of knew it was the one. I guess when you look for a wedding venue you look for lots of different elements etc. It has helped we’ve been before to get a feel of it and little things I can stay the night before with Mum and Polly to get ready there etc so that’s all good. We had spoke about getting married next year, maybe June time but they had several date available for this year. We ended up going for April this year. Which isn’t long at all but we will have been together 11 years this April so its a special month for us and because were not having a huge wedding its very doable.

So in less than a month we have booked the Venue, got Suits, ordered my Dress and Polly’s dress and even booked Photographer. I think we have done so much in the first month actually and its not even been stressful. Now its more the little details to work on the invites and favours, décor at the venue etc. So yes all very fun and the fact its not forever to wait is even better.


We even had a lovely engagement meal with my girls and their partners. The first time we’ve done an meal with the boys so that was nice. I can also honestly say I’ve never had so many lovely flowers in the house from our lovely friends and as for cards, I’ve still got them up in our lounge.

Much Love


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