Its the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Winter 2017 has been magical! Although we all got a sickness bug just in time for Christmas day itself typically, so we celebrated on boxing day but other than that it was wonderful. Polly turned 16 months at the beginning of December and I’m just loving this age. She might not say lots but she is sooo aware of what were saying to her and she understands so much and dos babble away in her own language.


Of course we met Santa last month which is safe to say she didn’t like him this year. But I’m sure she will understand him more next year. We have had a rather busy December. We had a play date with Polly’s 9 Month old little friend Lucy and her Mummy, who is into Photography at the moment so we had a little photo shoot which was fun.


It took her a while to sit there and stay still but love the images! Thanks to Louise. We then decorated the house and got it all festive ready for Christmas. I’m one of these who has the tree up usually by the first of December but come day after Boxing day its usually all packed away again. I decorated it one night when she was in bed and filmed her reaction when she saw it for the first time the next morning. Her reaction was priceless!! I then got a little “Decorate your own Gingerbread House” for us to do, needless to say Polly liked eating the sweeties more than decorating it. But she was pleased to show it off to Daddy when he got home from work.


One weekend we woke up to a light dusting of snow and because this was the first real time Polly had seen snow we got suited and booted ready to go out in it. Good job we did as by the time she went down for her only nap of the day mid morning, it had basically all melted away.

Two days later the snow came again and our friends who live within 5 mins of us asked us out for a snow play date. Anabelle is only 6 weeks older than Polly so its so nice to watch them grow up together and become the bestest of friends.

We then had a yummy lunch date with Polly’s little friend Lucy and her mummy and turns out we had both unknowing dressed the girls in the same matching jumpers. So of course this was a fab photo of them both.

The weekend before Christmas my lovely friend Devon came round for the morning to see us and exchange presents. We had a lovely catch up and its so nice Polly recognizes her as she doesn’t get chance to see her all the time not living that local to us etc. We had all had some yummy soup for lunch before we had to head off for Polly’s last swimming lesson of the year. She is only 4 sessions in to Chapter 4 but is really loving it and seems to have her confidence back with water now and I really think Centre Parcs helped gain that back for her.

The difference a year makes… Dec 2016 vs Dec 2017

Of course we went to Swimming in our festive Christmas Jumper 🙂 She is getting so good and confident now and is kicking her legs loads! My Mum came with us that day and she could she how much she had progressed.

Keeping with the fun festivities that weekend, the next day on the Sunday we went to Elveden Estate with another dear friend of ours Sarah. Its a place not far from us that sells local farm produce and goods etc as well as nik naks and this time of year they sell Christmas Trees and have big New Found land Dogs that take the trees back to your car once you’ve brought one. So we went to go for a look about and hopefully get a nice hot chocolate. Safe to say it did not lets us down…

Little did we realise they had a mini fun fair there with various rides and games. Polly was a bit too young really to go on some of the rides on her own and I wouldn’t have been able to go on with her but we did go on a merry go round. I’m not sure she was too impressed but she didn’t cry, I think she might just not like rides that go round and round etc.

Not sure she was too impressed.

Now last Christmas we took Polly to the most decorated house in our town. They do it every year for donations which go to charity. Last year she was so fascinated by the lights but even more so this year. She was pointing away at the different animals and just loved it and I love that its already become a tradition.

The week of Christmas we went to a Christmas party at our local soft play with Anabelle and her Mummy. They put on a little spread for the children, a disco, pass the parcel, decorate your own Santa’s key as well as having Santa himself there. I think the girls definitely enjoyed themselves and we stopped for a bite of lunch on the way home where they then held hands walking back to the car… Soooo cute!

Finally Christmas was then upon us and as I mentioned before we all managed to get ill Christmas Eve. It was horrible being that ill and not being able to enjoy it, especially as we were hosting this year there was just no way I could host. I wasn’t even that ill even when I was pregnant with Polly. I remember being sick and then feeling ok for a while. But anywoo… we all stayed in our matching pjs and Polly opened a couple presents to keep her busy and that was enough to keep her busy all day actually.

Boxing day we all woke up feeling alot better, so cue Christmas day madness. We cooked a huge Lambs leg, with all the veg and trimmings and it turned out lovely. We always opened presents after dinner which we have about 1pm. It just always makes the day longer and by the time we went through all Polly’s presents it was like 5pm. She got so much, especially toys! Thank goodness she has a playroom for all of them to go in. She got 2 prams, 3 dolly’s, books, 2 princess castles, lots learning and educational toys, some pretty clothes including a lush handmade romper from our friends and lastly just some lovely little nik naks. Lots of thank you cards for me to write in the new year.

Hope you all had a fabulous Christmas and Happy New Year all the best for 2018 can’t wait to see what it brings for us.

Much love





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