Center Parcs 2017 (Winter Wonderland)


Just over a year ago we had an amazing day at Center Parcs with two of our best friends. Polly was literally only 14 weeks old but she had been swimming at our local pool before and liked the water so knowing we were going there for the day and swimming most of the time we bought her a rubber ring to sit comfy in and to not have to carry her all the time. My friend Kelly took her phone (being water resistant) in the pool with us so we managed to get some fab photos going round.


Polly loved floating around in the ring. She was so chilled and calm in it that at one point she even fell asleep in it. My friend Kelly is a fabulous swimmer so when the boys were being boys and going down the rapids and the slide rides, I felt very comfortable knowing she was there with Me and Polly. I can just about do a doggy paddle in water I can stand up in as I have a big fear of water, which luckily Polly has followed in Andrews footsteps as she thinks its funny to splash mummy!

We had been to a few baby splash classes so knew the basics of her going under water and Ben managed to film it and we ended up getting this picture from that video.


Andrew loves this picture and happily displays it on our fridge. They are literally two peas in a pod for sure! We then went for a late lunch/early dinner where Polly slept for most of it then enjoyed cuddles with Uncle Ben and Auntie Kelly. We then stayed to watch the fireworks which of course being Center Parcs were fantastic. Polly was asleep in her pram at this point and didn’t bat an eyelid.


Skip forward a year, to 2017 and we have just been again this weekend. This time Ben and Kelly had their own little baby to take. A 10 week old little Teddy which is also Polly’s youngest cousin. Because Polly was older this year (15 months) we booked her to see Santa which was truly magical!

Andrew isn’t a fan of Christmas but I bloody love it and I remember my parent’s making it so magical. So I’m hoping the older Polly gets and begins to understand it even more he will grow to love it as much as me.


Santa’s grotto was so sweet. Lots of wooden elves making all the gifts, twinkly lights, Christmas music! You name it they had it. And I think how wonderful it must be for young children in the big build up to seeing Santa.

Santa was a fab although Polly did cry when she first see him!

She was happy with her chocolate coin from the Elves though.  She got a lovely fluffy Reindeer too which she loves! We then came out, see some real Reindeer and had a venture around the lights etc before a quick lunch stop before swimming.

Swimming was amazing! Polly loved it. She especially loved the baby pool where she could mess about an play with the water fountains etc. Was just fab! Little Teddy was also happy floating about in his ring too. So crazy to think last year that was Polly as there is literally only a year and a month between them.

We then had a yummy dinner and see the fireworks before seeing all the pretty Christmas lights on the way back to the car. By this point the little ones were knackered and asleep all snug in their prams. Polly is a little monkey for keeping hats on but luckily as she was going to sleep I managed to sneak it on so she was very snug as it turned very chilly that night. So cold in fact that I donated my hat to Andrew bless him. He was frozen.

So there we have it. One Fabulous day at Center Parcs which we are so lucky to be so close to and its a huge thank you to our lovely friends Kelly and Ben for getting us our passes etc. I think it is going to become a yearly event.

Thank you for helping us make some amazing memories.

Much Love








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