D.I.S.C.O The Girl’s joint Party

Wow what a day yesterday was! So originally I had planned to throw Polly a disco party for her 6th birthday at our local village hall where she could invite her whole class. She attended her friends back in May and the DJ was fab and literally entertained the children for two whole hours and all the children including Polly (who always loves a boogie) loved it! This was my intention but when I went to book it for her birthday weekend in August it was already fully booked and I’m usually an organised person but someone had already beat me to it so this then left July, as better early than late and she already has alot of party’s and we have a wedding in July aswell as Lola’s birthday so I thought lets do a joint one for the girls. I let Polly invite her whole class and then for Lola aswell as inviting friends and family I invited some siblings in Polly’s class who will be in Lola’s class. Always cute to look back on over the years a they grow.

So that’s what we did and boy did we have a blast. I am usually a super stressy person when it comes to parties, my closest friends whom I usually rope in to help me will tell you this but yesterday seemed a rather smooth day with hardly any stress. I guess because it wasn’t at my house, I had most the food catered for, I had collected the most gorgeous cake the day before etc there wasn’t too much to do. It was a 3pm party aswell so literally I ended up cleaning my house whilst waiting for things to do. I had packed bags the night before of all the party plates, cups, crisps etc. The main thing to do with blow balloons and make a garland/arch for the backdrop on the food table because I can’t help it I like things to look pretty. Not that children under the age of probably 10 will appreciate but I do hehe.

One of my best friends managed to take these pictures at the end of the party as we were tiding away as we didn’t have chance before because Hubby stayed out of the way with the girl’s while another two of my best friends helped me set up and tidy away. We could get in the hall an hour before at least but those 60mins soon whizz by. By the time you’ve put out tables and chairs, put up streamers, the balloons were done at home at least but then I chopped up all the fruit and veg there as easier to take there etc. The DJ arrived there aswell as the main party food being delivered because let’s face it who really wants to be making lots of sandwiches!

It just all come together really well and by the time I’d put the toppers on the cake its was almost 3pm and people had started to arrive. Polly had invited her whole class and actually most of them came which was lucky because it was a risky weekend to book being the first weekend of the summer holidays and everyone heading away etc but it was a lovely amount to have and some of their siblings will be in Lola’s year so even cuter! They are all honestly such a great bunch of children. The DJ did fab and literally kept them entertained for the whole two hours with the music, dance competitions, a huge rainbow sheet came out which they loved dancing under. Even Dave the Minion turned up and so did a Frog who did the “Hockey Cokey” with the children I mean what more can you want it was just lovely. The foam machine even came out at the end and each child went home with a sword balloon.

As for the cake I’d collected that on the Friday and my Mum had the job of holding it all the way home safely before it went in the fridge overnight. It was from “Sophie’s Cakes and Bakes” who I found via Instagram and she did a fab job on my Mum’s 70th birthday cake last year. I just thought save me the hassle I’d treat the girls and have one made and I’m so glad I did as literally so blown away with how it turned out. I’d done a terrible rough drawing for her and said the theme was “Frozen” and “Bluey” and she pulled it off Amazing! As for the cake toppers they came from Yorkshire by the very talented Hannah of “HD Cake Toppers”, again who I’d found via Instagram and she did Polly a troll last year and Lola some woodland animals. I mean Polly ate her troll but I kept Lola’s as just too good to eat.

Just amazing honestly so so thrilled with it! Worth every penny!

And just like that it was all over. All the planning for it, making sure I had everything done was done and all over. It was then the job over tiding up and loading the cars back up because the girls were super lucky and spoilt by all their lovely friends, the evening consisted of opening all their lovely presents. What a perfect first day to the summer holiday’s.

We don’t have an loads planned at the moment which is so nice as I’m usually a busy person so it’s nice to know there it’s lots of chilled days ahead with my girls making the best memories with some adventures thrown in of course. Plus it’s Polly’s official birthday in just under two weeks so for that reason the balloons game home with me 😉

Summer holiday’s here we come….

Much Love


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