Polly’s Nursery 

After a poll over on my Instagram last week it seemed you guys wanted a post on Polly’s Nursery. I wanted to do this sooner rather than later as I feel I suddenly have a toddler, who before I know it will be picking out her own bedding and I’ll blink and it will become a little girls room not so much a nursery. So here we go…

Firstly it was our spare room that we never used, painted in magnolia with a cream carpet. It was one of the first rooms in the house we thought we really need a new carpet in here. It sparked the change of cream carpet to grey throughout the house infact. So after going for a grey carpet we decided to paint the walls a very pale grey as we didn’t want to find out the sex of the baby (which I personally think makes the whole pregnancy that bit more special being a surprise). We then decided on furniture. We looked online at various places but eneded up going to Mothercare where we ended up getting the whole set from. Andrew inparticular wanted white furniture, although we have big rooms in our house the windows are small and don’t let loads of light in. So dark wood was never really an option. I was happy we agreed on that straight away. We ended up going for the Lulworth set which we fell in love with. The wardrobe is such a sensible size compared to most nursery wardrobes and will last Polly for many years to come. The changing unit came with 3 draws and a removable top, perfect to hold in place a changing mat an a selection for nappy’s which then the top also comes off as the baby no longer needs to be changed on it or starts rolling over etc.

Here are some pictures once the room was finished and just waiting for Polly to arrive.

The stars I picked up from our local garden centre and if we baby was a boy I planned to paint the pink star a shade of blue but never needed to.


The ladder I picked up off eBay and just love it to display things on.


The chair we already had an just had recovered and I guess by the ladder shelf you can tell the theme I had in mind was pastel colours.

Something most people know about me is I’m very much want things yesterday kind of gal, so I personally had to have a finished or almost finished nursery just in case baby came early etc. And although we didn’t make a start on it until we knew baby was healthy after the 20 weeks scan, I remember in the lead up to my maternity leave walking into this room every morning before work thinking Wow! Were going to be having a little baby in here soon enough and I wondered what colours I would accessorise it with it.


We all know that most people don’t put their babies in their own room until 6 months if they cant help it so the nursery doesn’t technically need to be finished, but from the first full day of being at home as a family we used her nursery to change her bum and dress her in etc as everything was in its places so neatly and I knew if I was having a bath or shower and Polly needed changing I knew Andrew would know exactly where things were. I also loved the fact I was able to accessorize with pink and floral girlie bits.

When she used to stay still long enough for me to change her…


Here is what it looks like now…
I love the angles of the wall where the window is, just adds a bit more character.
My favourite Shelves in the house. Especially love the print we all did of our hands when Polly was only 8 weeks old.
Love this print from Sweet Pea Paperie.


I love all the floralness. My sister kindly made Polly blind for me and then a matching cushion for her chair last Christmas. The toy bag is from My 1st Years, which store all her snuggly toys mainly what she plays with at bedtime. One of my best friends brought her on of those “That’s Not My” books which started the collection as she just adores them and we always read before bed. The Plate is from Ollie and Moo, a lovely little company I found via Instagram. And finally we did invest in a Sleepy Head the Grande (bigger size). As her cot is a cot bed she looked so tiny when she first started going in there for naps in the day to get her used to her room etc. So I invested in this the help her transition well into it and feel safe and snuggly. It was fab she used it loads until lately really as she is such a wriggle bum and ends up moving all over the cot in the night.

I also made her a floral mobile with false flowers which hangs above her cot. I had so many comments on how to make this, their really easy. Just a foam circle I covered in ribbon and then used a hot glue gun to pop the flowers in securely. I had enough left over to fill a P for her door. Love all the colours.

So there you have it Polly’s Nursery I hope you like it. Polly sure does.


Much Love



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