Pumpkin Picking 

It would seem that since my eldest Great Nephew Alfie, has been able to walk we have always gone Pumpkin Picking. The first time I went with him, his Mummy Gemma and my niece in-law Kelly he loved. What more does a little one want than to wonder a huge field full of brightly coloured pumpkins of all different shapes and sizes. The following year we went back with my newest Great Nephew Jack. Only to realise we went on the day it was shut! Luckily Alfie was happy with a yummy lunch out and Jack was too little to know what he had missed. Skip forward yet another year and I had my own little pumpkin to take, an 11 week old Polly.

One little Polly in a field of Pumpkins

How cute are these two brothers
Crazy to look back at how tiny she was!

This year when we went back to the Pumpkin Patch and Maize, all 3 little ones were all a year older and we was joined by my Niece Rosie and my Great Nephew Barnaby who is 6 months old and my Niece In-law Kelly with 7 week old Teddy.

The difference a year makes.

We literally had so much fun. Polly loves being wild and free so was in her element, wandering around a huge field full of lots of different shaped and sized pumpkins. I think every year we’ve gone back its actually got bigger and bigger. They had couple of different bouncy castles, food stalls, face painting and pumpkin carving etc. As well as the maize itself which apparently is a witch on a broom if you could see it from the sky.

Of course I wanted to dress Polly all autumnal and cute for some nice pictures, but typically she had only managed to have 30mins of sleep that day so she did get rather tired and managed to trip up several times and get bit muddy but least she started the afternoon clean and its all part of the fun. I think next year she will be big enough for some wellies.

I was worried she wouldn’t like having the cape on but she pretty much strutted her stuff wearing it.

Such a lovely day with our family and the little ones with lovely memories made, its safe to safe its a tradition we will always do. And I love how close Polly is too all her little cousins. Days out like this are always the best.


Well we hope you have all had a lovely October with your little ones, who doesn’t love Halloween and all the Pumpkin fun that goes along with it.

Much love



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