Enjoying the Great Outdoors

I really do love this time of year, where the leaves start changing from their bright greens to burnt oranges and browns and when it’s time to dig out all the autumnal jumpers, coats and fuller shoes etc. I also love how we as a country are usually blessed with good weather in September. Yes it might be getting a bit cooler but the sun usually does shine bright.

We had a rather busy September which just flew by, so I thought Id do a quick update on the blog. We’ve had lots of play dates with Polly’s little friends and of course my lovely mummy friends. Days out and about. The first one was a Day out at Petititis Adventure Park with Andrew, being that we went on a week day it was lovely and quiet. We also had a day at the Sea life centre with my Niece in-law Gemma and Great Nephew Jack. With only a year between them they were super cute wandering around together looking at all the fish. So sweet. September also marked the start of my closest families birthday Celebrations. Andrews at the beginning of the month then my Mums at the end of September with my Dad’s then being beginning of November. Dare I also say now its October I’ve made a tiny start on Christmas shopping ekes.

 Petititis Animal Adventure Park…

 Playdate Fun with Some of Polly’s lovely friends and cousins…

 Sea Life Centre with cousin Jack…

 Mum’s Birthday and first trip to the Disney store…

So September has been a wonderful month and we have truly enjoyed ourselves keeping busy. I cant believe we now in October. I think these months between summer and winter do tend to whizz past in the build up to Christmas itself.

Our local Garden centre opened its Christmas department last weekend so we had a wander round to show Polly what its all about. She loved the pretty twinkly lights and the dancing or singing Santa’s and Snowmen. I’m sure she will love Christmas this year and I’m already worried that my tree wont be safe!


I wont bombard you with too many Christmassy pictures as its still only October.

We then for a nice long walk around out local Park and Hill. Back in the Summer it had steps added to it to make it more accessible for people to climb so we decided to get some fresh air and climb all 100+ steps of it.

Time together as a family is the best and its the little things we do together that mean the most. Polly really loves weekends with Daddy. She really is Daddy’s little Girl. I’ll leave you with a few pictures of Polly’s sensory play outdoors oh and a little slide fun too.

Much love


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