Summer Loving

Well where has this summer gone? Its literally flown by. As if its September already?! I think because our good old British weather is so hit an miss, we’ve had hot days in May and rainy wet days in July. And now summer holidays are starting to come to an end, back to school uniforms are in all the shops and the seasons are slowly starting to change. Although I absolutely love the heat and a good hot sunny day, I’m also a sucker for the Autumnal months ahead. Its Andrew and my Mums birthday in September, Halloween fun in October, My Dads birthday in November then dare I say Christmas!! Ekes. Which I know Polly will really love this year.

Enough about that for now, here is a bit of a re cap on all the lovely things we’ve done over these past summery months.

Wells Next To The Sea


At the beginning of June we went to Wells Next to the Sea with my lovely friend Kelly. I hadn’t been in a good 4 or 5 years, as I always tend to stick to going to Southwold beach but I knew Wells had a lovely beach and town area and thought it would make a lovely day out. Luckily Kelly goes more regular than myself so she knew the way there. We was blessed with a fantastically hot day which I did not plan for, wearing jeans and putting Polly in leggings and a long sleeve top! Luckily I was prepared with her sunhat.

We started in the town and had some yummy lunch before heading to the main beach area which I remember how long that huge stretch of straight seemed. They actually do a little train to an from the beach to town which is definitely worth remembering for next time, but least we walked our lunch off.

Polly just adored the sand, it was only her second time experiencing it and first time on a beach.

Was such a lovely day.

 The Hirst Wedding


On Saturday 24th of June, two of our old school friends got married at such a beautiful Venue called Southwood Hall near Norwich. It was Polly’s first wedding reception but she was an absolute dream.


As the weather was nice she was able to wear a little dress I had gotten her a while back from Sainsburys thinking it would be perfect for their wedding. Her shoes didn’t last too long however, but she was good and kept her headband in most the evening.

The Bride and Groom really did look lovely. Abbie’s dress was very pretty and elegant. Of course Polly was too busy being nosey at the other guests arriving to pose but I do love the photo of her and Andrew. She had recently learnt how to wave in June so it was her new thing she kept doing. We sat outside most of the evening as the weather was so nice and the grounds were just lovely.

Then it was time for the disco. Polly adores dancing she has always loves a boogie when she hears music so she was quite happy dancing away and having cuddles until she fell asleep at 9pm!

Finally here are a few professional pictures from the day. The swing ones are my favourites.

Peter Beales Garden Centre

The first weekend of July we started turning our unused dining room into Polly’s Playroom for all her toys and her to play and have fun, all in one room just to get the best use out of it really as was a room we never used. I will do a separate post on that soon and how it looks finished. But yes back to the topic at hand. After a morning of painting and rather than watching it dry I left Andrew to do some sanding and man jobs in the room and popped to Peter Beales Garden Centre just 20 minutes up the road from us, near Attleborough with Mum.

And oh my it did not disappoint! It was like floral heaven. Anyone who knows me well, knows I love flowers and wouldn’t miss out on taking some pictures of Polly with a pretty background. Again I didn’t plan for the afternoon getting out so hot, so I was baking in my painting gear but Polly was nice an cool in her shorts outfit. Mum was in flower heaven too as she knows her types of flowers etc much more than me.

These pictures don’t do it justice as they were stunning and displayed oh so wonderfully.

Such a wonderful place to go for plants and a wander round their grounds. They also have a café and a children’s play area. All in all it was a lush afternoon to pop out and enjoy some fresh air, blue skies and sunshine.

Polly loves her Nanny


I have a lot of childhood memories from playing on the sandy beach at Southwold. Its over a good hour away from us but so worth the trip. Their town is so nice and oldie worldie too its just a lovely and peaceful beach town.

I had taken Polly there once before but not on the beach as was too windy and she was too young at the time. But this time she got to wander on the beach and dip her toes in the waves. She found it hilarious when I made a game of the waves coming to get us.

The weather did not disappoint it was windy but very warm so out came the sun cream. Polly had a blast and I can see her enjoying making memories here just as much as I did growing up. We then headed to the pier and had a bite of lunch, fish finger sandwich of course.

We then went for a walk up into the town and of course had to have an ice cream. Polly stayed awake the whole time and only slept in the car coming home. Another lovely beach day with lovely memories made.


 Daddy’s Day

So few weeks ago, one sunny Saturday morning we woke up and headed back to Peter Beale’s Garden Centre for breakfast and a little look around the gardens which was Andrews idea. Before Polly came along we used to go out couple times a month at weekends for breakfast and just lately started taking her out for breakfast and she has always been good as gold. Its amazing how different the gardens looked in just over a month with the change of seasons happening. We still got some cute pics though.



We then headed to Swallow Aquatics which was on the way home from the Garden Centre. Again Polly is at such a fabulous age where she is beginning to understand more and more and loves animals so really enjoyed looking at the fish and the bunnies. She wasn’t quite walking on her own here but again another time if we go back she will enjoy it all even more and will want to explore more now she has got the hang of walking now.


I’m sure we will end up getting a pet again when Polly is old enough to understand about them etc as she points at the animals when they move and babbles away chatting to them bless her. But it was definitely a nice family day out.

 Wells Again, Bank Holiday weekend

As we had heard that August bank holiday weekend was supposed to be super hot myself and Mum took Polly back to Wells Next to the Sea. It was truly a glorious day and we all enjoyed the sunny weather. I parked in the town and got the train to the beach this time and Polly absolutely enjoyed messing about on the beach. Only difference is she wouldn’t keep her hat on like last time. Hope you enjoy the pictures…

As you can imagine, Polly being a year now didn’t sleep the whole time while we was there as she was clearly having to much fun getting messy and wanting to eat the sand (covers hands over face) but again it was a lovely day.

I think its safe to say we’ve had a lovely summer and I’ve enjoyed making memories with Polly and watching her grown. I look forward to all our Autumnal fun together.

Much love


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