Bank Holiday weekends in May…

Church Farm

Well what a lovely start to the first Bank Holiday we had. On Friday 4th May we ventured off for a farm day with my niece in law Gemma and great nephew Jack. We was super lucky with the weather as it was the start of the lovely hot spell we had, hottest in years infact! We headed to Church Farm near Downham Market. The weather started of bright but not extremely hot, so I dressed Polly in tights. But by half way through the day the tights we’re off and her toes were happy playing in the sand.

There is so much to do there, lots of animals to see and feed especially the little lambs which they both loved feeding. A tractor ride you can go on around the farm and it stops off so you can feed some pigs. Jack especially loved the tractor ride sitting right at the front of the trailer seeing the big wheels go round. They then had some more fun bouncing around on the trampolines and then moving into the sand pit before having lunch then playing for ages on the indoor play area. It’s such a lovely place you can spend all day there and with some much to do its covered for all weathers really too with such a huge indoor play area too.

They then finally crashed on the way home and we managed to get the to the school to pick up Alfie with them still both asleep. All that fun really knackered them out.

Bressingham Steam Museum & Gardens

Myself and Mum loveeeee Bressingham!! I remember going as a child with my grandparents, riding the steam trains around the grounds, having picnics in the grounds which seemed so so huge when your only little and just always making some fabulous memories there. We have infact taken Polly before to their gardens, about this time last year as I remember we had a hot May and she was teething bad but loved it. Well of course now being almost two she loved it and was able to do so much more, than her at 9 months old.

Of course all the flowers around the gardens were out in full bloom which as you can imagine looked stunning. Polly loved walking up to them sniffing them all bless her and as it turned out really hot she was good and kept her hat on alot of the time. She enjoyed playing on the play area, shes so brave at climbing steps and going down a slide. She rode a steam train for the first time and loved pointing at all the animals she could see and finally she went on the biggest carousel shes seen with Mum and loved it so much she went on twice. It was such a lovely day spent enjoying something so local and enjoying the weather. We came home and she finally napped on the route home where we then went out for dinner with Daddy. Her new favourite thing is to sit on a big girl chair usually next to Daddy out and eat her dinner. The only place she will get in a high chair is at home.

I guess food always tastes best of someones else plate. Was a lovely way to end a fab day.

Jimmy’s Farm

So by knowing that Monday was supposed to be the hottest day of this bank holiday weekend we set of to Jimmy’s Farm which is a good hour and half way from us so we left rather early, thinking Polly might nap in the car but of course didn’t.

Again we have been before although this was Daddy’s first time there. I knew there was plenty to do and very reasonably priced too! Polly enjoyed wandering round feeding and petting alot of the animals. It got so so hot there it was unbelievable! So we went for a walk in their Bluebell wood to cool off and try get some shade. It was so nice Polly was older to spot all the hidden animals that would have been in those woods thousands of years ago, she insisted on saying hello to them all even Bigfoot!

Such a lovely way to end the first bank holiday of May, especially having Daddy off an extra day, we well and truly made the most of a glorious weekend.

High Lodge

So our final bank holiday of May has just pasted and again we were really blessed with glorious weather. We had a yummy breakfast out with Daddy and then decided to go High Lodge with Nanny. Again the weather this past weekend got really hot, so sun cream was in full use!


There was soooo many beautiful Rhododendron bushes dotted around the place it would have been rude to not stop for a few pictures infront of them, again Polly loves the sniffing of flowers she loved them. She also enjoyed the park areas, some she is still alittle small for but much bigger than she was this time last year when she went with her big cousins. For some reason she hates swings now. Loved them when she was smaller now fears them?! But she is all about the slides and exploring what she can.

She then spotted as we were wandering around a Pony so of course she had to have a ride. She has a rocking horse in her bedroom which she adores but lets face its, its abit different from the real thing so I was alittle worried how she would be on a Pony but of course she bloody loved it! I filmed her going round and that little video clip is just priceless, shes so happy and laughing away and waving about to people. Soooo worth £4!! Also being Andrew daughter having no fear she barely held on tight either!!

Before, being told how to hold on and back after the ride, clapping away loving life! Such an amazing day right on own doorstep. We wandered round some more before having a cheeky ice cream before heading back to the car before she finally gave in and crashed.

All in all we had two very busy bank holiday weekends with amazing weather so we managed to make lots of memories and catch some Vitamin D. I always think the best memories are made in the great outdoors.

Much Love until next time…



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