I have always been rather photo mad, I always think in that split second when you capture that image you have it to treasure forever and to look back on and remember that memory. So I was very keen to find a good new born photographer to capture those early days of Polly.

After lots of googling as to who I could find who’s pictures I liked and wasn’t thousands of miles away I found Shellie Wall. When you book a new born shoot with Shellie, you put in your due date and then once baby is here you contact her to get booked in. Ideally within those first two weeks as baby is still used to being all snug and can be positioned perfectly for pictures etc. In the mean time one of my now very good Mummy friends, had her little girl almost six weeks before Polly was born and she had some stunning pictures done with Shellie so we knew we made the right choice. We ended up taking Polly at 11 days old and I remember the memo before was to keep her awake for a good few hours before the shoot, give her a bath to wake her up, let her cry if she cries etc so the idea is she would sleep there etc. Luckily this worked and apart from her having a fed there she slept the whole time so that was just fab to get the pictures we was after.

One of my all time favourites…

Of course your always love your own children’s pictures, but for me she captured us all amazingly!! The one of the three of us above has got to be my all time favourite picture! Just looking at our new born baby girl with such love and proudness that she was all ours and although we were super tired in this picture, bags under my eyes, still learning what tops were ideal for breastfeeding and hiding the mum tum… you wouldn’t even have known! Because in that moment time stood still!

Polly was the perfect baby model and had several outfit changes and was moved into different positions to create that perfect shot. The picture below actually is two different pictures edited together. On one of them I’m supporting her head and the other I’m supporting her hands and arms, because like Shellie had said its all about baby safety first! She would never have been able to hold her own weight at only 11 days old.

Because who doesn’t love a little bunny

I have picked a few more of my favourites to show you from this shoot but from that day I knew this wouldn’t be the last of seeing Shellie, because her work is so stunning and flawless I knew we would be back again. I just get all the feels when I see these from the Newborn shoot thinking how was she ever that tiny!

I then ended up having a mini Christmas shoot done for Andrew’s Christmas present. From what I remember this was November/ December 2016 so Polly was only about 4 months old. He loved opening up his photo frame on Christmas morning and it still hangs proudly in his office.

Where had that little 6lb 10.5oz baby gone? We now had a chubby cheeked, light haired bubs who was holding her head up so well and wriggling as if she wanted to be on the move. In a way they don’t look like Polly. It’s shocking how much little ones actually change. The following image below made it to be 2016’s Christmas card.

2016’s Christmas Card image.

Then next milestone was Polly turning 6 months old, which happen to fall just before Mother’s day so I had these next lot of images done for my lovely Mum. I had told her to dress up and come along with me for Polly’s 6 month shoot. She was obviously alittle shocked she was getting infront of the camera too but loved it.


Again Shellie couldn’t believe how much Polly had grown! I think most babies really chub out around that age just before they start crawling and getting more mobile etc. I love this picture of us three. Three Generations. I was super close to my Nan and we did alot as a three and I know Polly and Mum are close already so it’s so lovely to see. Here are a few more from that shoot too.

I just adore the image on the left of Polly, sitting so well with the big gorgeous gummy grin! Just melts my heart.

The next shoot was of course for Polly’s 1st birthday. It was a cake smash and milk bath after. Like mother like daughter, my girl just lovessss cake and think it shows in these next lot of pictures. Again these are only a few of my favourites…

I took my bunting to this shoot, Polly’s outfit was handmade from and a little shop from Instagram and apart from the cake itself thats all we took. But Shellie has so many props and outfits for little ones to wear I was just super organised for this shoot!


I think it shows from one image Polly loved playing in the tub with the rubber ducks! She now had little teethy pegs coming through so of course everything was going in her mouth. We also managed to have a Mummy and Daughter picture too (before it got messy with cake)

In pictures of us together, I can definitely see her changing and growing.

So that was her first birthday images ready to treasure forever and me thinking well we probably wont have anymore pictures done now that shes one etc.

Two of my good friends said about going to a local a parent and baby show that November (2017) mainly because we all had little ones now and there was a good choking course that was free so we thought it was worth going just to know what to do in that horrendous situation. Shellie Wall was also there offering mini shoots so of course we booked one. I thought I would dress Polly all festive and that if we got one good image it could be that years Christmas card. Of course bare in mind getting a 15 month old to stay still and smile in a studio is one thing but at an event with lots of people walking past and lots going on it was rather tricky but we got there!

Christmas card 2017

I only do Christmas cards for close family and a few friends now as think they are slowing becoming a thing of the past but those who received this loved it and couldn’t believe the difference a year makes from her first Christmas etc. The thing with Shellie is that however big your little one gets, the images all match as her style of work follows through, even when new props come in etc when their all up in our home you can just tell it’s all the same photographer etc.

And lastly, the other week we had a Mummy and Daughter shoot. I mean who doesn’t love getting dressed up in a big princess dress and having your picture taken? Well Polly loved it.

June 2018 (22 months old)

Anyone who knows me knows I love me some twinning so this is one of my favourites from our most recent shoot! It might not be everyone’s cuppa tea but for me I just love it. And the only full length picture I got of Polly and myself in our dresses from our wedding, is minutes before walking down the aisle and her pulling my arm out of the socket. Its surprising how quick your wedding day goes and I wasn’t going to force her to have one so this made up for it. I think its clear she loves posing for a picture.

Mummy’s little poser.

So there you have them, all of Polly’s photo shoots so far… hehe.

I think if your pregnant and want some lovely newborn pictures you can treasure forever then make sure you do your research on Google and see who is local to you, do you like their style of work and their images and most importantly do they know what their doing as little ones are so delicate to handle. You can find Shellie by searching Google “Shellie Wall Photography” as you can see were a big fan.


Much Love


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