The Confetti Flower Fields

A few weeks ago we ventured off to The Real Confetti Flower fields in Warwickshire which for us was a good 3.5 hours away but totally worth it as the views were absolutely stunning! Until last summer (when I see so many Instagrammers travel there for the most beautiful photos) I had never heard of it!

Incase you aren’t aware of what it’s all about, the fields grow flowers and then make them into confetti. So for one week only out of the year they open them up to the public for you to put on your best outfits and go take some memorable pictures.

We packed a picnic in a cooler, plenty or water and snacks for the journey and thank goodness for aircon! We finally made it and as I pulled up to the fields they were stunning! We had arranged a mini photo shoot with the lovely Chloe Ely who is local to the fields as I had found her on Instagram and loved her photo style from the off.

We ventured around the fields and had these gorgeous photos taken.



img-646602796753475892925.jpgOf course these are just a few of my favourites but I adore them! It took Polly a little while to warm up so to speak as she was so busy collecting stones, smelling the flowers and playing “peakaboo” but Chloe managed to capture some gorgeous images of her especially her running back and forth to us.




I just adore these natural pictures and all the pretty pastel colours in the background and most of all that gorgeous smile on Polly’s face. I’m a strong believer in that a photo takes you back to that memory and by looking at them I remember feeling so hot, covered in sun cream having a blast in a massive flower field with my little babe and although Polly will no doubt never remember we will have these beautiful pictures to treasure forever.






It’s definitely something I can tick of the bucket list to say we’ve been etc, although I’m not sure I would travel all that way again on my own with Polly. I always worry what if I get lost or break down etc so I might have to drag Andrew with me next time. But for now I am so happy with how our pictures turned out and because we were too busy having our pictures taken I only took a few snaps myself. I am very excited to get these printed and framed around the house.

So until our next adventure…


Much Love


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