Bedtime Routine of a 2 year old…

Well our bedtime routine has changed slightly as Polly has kept growing. As of July we changed her cot into a bed after her climbing out twice in one morning! I’m so pleased we invested in a cot bed as I love the set in her bedroom an it is really growing with her nicely. Since we redecorated our en-suite back in December she is very much a shower girl rather than a bath girl (takes after Daddy there). So after dinner and a little chilled playtime I take her up for a shower…


As I turn the shower on to warm up I then grab her clean pjs, vest (depending on weather) and a nappy and wipes from her room and pull her blind down so that when we return back in there it’s darker than everywhere else. Usually whilst I’m doing this she is sat on her Potty. Although she is not potty trained yet she always sits on there before and after the shower. I think the sound of the water helps her go he he.

She then has a shower which she adores. Anything water related she adores really! I wash her with Tropic body wash and her hair too then rinse off an leave her to play with her toys for a little bit. She usually likes lining all the product bottles up or making a tower etc.

While she is playing about this gives me two minutes to fill in her “One line a day” diary sat on our bedroom floor watching her wash her toys. If I don’t write it out that day it’s so easy to forget what we did an when. Also because I started when she turned 1, we can now look back and see what she was doing a whole year ago so I do think something like this is a nice keepsake. My Grandad was someone who always wrote in a diary and I have gone through fazes in my life of keeping one too, especially a pregnancy journey I had with Polly etc. It like just carrying it on etc.

Once shes all washed and then dried, pjs on hair dried etc we then go brush her teeth. She climbs onto the toilet seat and says “Teeth Teeth” and as she has a little child’s electric toothbrush it stays on for 2 minutes so its good for her to learn when she has brushed them for long enough.

We then go in her bedroom, where her night lights are on so its nice and calming and she picks her story and we usually sit in her chair and read it. Or if shes really tired she lays in her bed and I sit down on the floor next to her. I think story time is lovely and a good way for her to unwind. She is getting to such a good age and her understanding has come such a long way. She points to the animals in the books and if I ask her what noises they make she makes it. She might not talk lots of sentences yet but I know she understands so much and as humans we are all bad for comparing our child to so and so’s child down the road but the do develop all differently and I know she will get there.

There is no magic answer for us having a child who sleeps through the night we are just very blessed that she does, but a calm night time routine always helps and we have always followed that rule since she was little.


And its Goodnight from us…

Much Love


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