My Birth with Lola Rose

I can’t believe I have a 5 week old baby. (Actually now 8 weeks, taken me a while to finish this) They say that the newborn phase only lasts 4 weeks and I already feel she is past that now and is an actual baby who is growing before my eyes! I wanted to write this down before I forgot and it becomes a distant memory….I arrived at hospital on Wednesday the 8th July about 12pm. My Mum had Polly and this time Andrew was aloud in with me because I was being induced. We found the labour ward and were directed into our very own room in which we could take our face masks off. The midwife said they were rather busy with alot of women in labour so they weren’t going to remove my rods and break my waters until abit later on. So we got comfy and had some snacks and cuppa teas to see us through for a while.

Feeling absolutely huge. Still can’t believe there was a 6lb 1oz bubs in there.

Andrew set up his phone and took this image to send to my Mum. Polly said to her oh wheres the baby…. guess 3 year olds think it’s just like going to a shop and buying a toy hehe. The midwife’s were really good and kept checking in on us and topping us up with cups of tea and then put me onto the monitor to keep and eye on how bubs was doing. I think they removed my rods about 2.30pm which was amazing to get them out and go to the toilet normally and wipe without worrying about them falling out etc, just felt so much better with them removed. They then broke my waters after they removed them. Now I have to say that hurt! With Polly my waters went naturally so I never experienced that before and oh my that was rather painful, the first attempt hurt so much as they were still far back, so the second attempt I had some good old gas and air to help through the pain. I was only 1cm at this point.I then got changed into my nighty and they then wanted to see if I would go into labour naturally. I was told if nothing had happened after 2-4hours I’d then go onto the hormone drip to kick things into gear. I was happy to have that because I’d experienced it during Polly’s labour. They got me a birthing ball to bounce on and my waters kept leaking too so I clearly had alot of water like I did with Polly. I was also aloud some early dinner as I was told I couldn’t eat once on the hormone drip. Whilst on the ball and eating I kept feeling little niggles or period type pains which would come and go so thought that was a good sign. I also started feeling sick which I knew was a good sign for me as I was sick in labour with Polly. At about 6pm I was then monitored again before going on the drip. I just made sure I drunk plenty to keep hydrated and chilled on the bed while I was monitored. They were really busy so by the time they finally went to put me on the hormone drip, neither midwives could get a good vein so I then had to wait for an anaesthetist to come and hook me up. This finally happened about 8pm. At this point the midwife who had been looking after us was then coming off her shift so by 8.30pm I had a new midwife.She was really nice and chatted lots to us and would then leave us for a little bit but from what I remember was in and out quite alot. Now at this point I just want to add that I know every birth is different but going back to Polly’s birth and how quick it was I was convinced we would have a baby that night. With Polly my waters had gone naturally and by the time I was induced on the drip at 11pm I was 4cm and she was born at 2.38am so less than 4 hours!But because I was only 1cm I knew it could take a while. There is something about that hormone drip though once it’s on and working away inside your body it seems all systems go. Again I’d heard 2nd babies can come quicker and the labour be more intense, well the second part of that was very true. I went from no contractions to 4 every 10mins. I started off standing then after a while lent over the bed then awhile later had gas and air. Again in my head I didn’t want any but when your body is in so much pain you just need something to take the edge off as I felt it was worse than with Polly.I then made sure when I was on the bed I stayed on my knees and if needed to lean over anything I lent of the headboard area etc. This is how I thought I’d give birth.  The pain just go more and more intense and at one point the midwife in charge came in and I heard her say to our midwife to turn the drip because we don’t want to make mum tired and I remember thinking thank God because I was literally having about a minutes break between contractions which lasted only about a minute but oh my the pain was horrific. I remember Andrew asking me what I thought the time was. I said about 11.45pm to which he replied 1.15am, I then thought argh well were be having a 9th baby not an 8th. I asked to be examined hoping I was 10cm. I wasnt aloud to be examined as it was too soon apparently but I remember getting that pushing feeling thinking the head must be there because baby felt so so low at this point and just how intense the pain was etc. I then said I need an epidural because I just felt to tired and worn out. I wasn’t aloud one because I was too close to giving birth but I still didn’t know at the time I was almost 10cm. Which each contraction and everytime I tried pushing her heart rate dropped. I remember the senior midwife then said to me come on Mum we need to get this baby out because their getting a little bit tired, I know she meant distressed. So with that my legs were put in stirrups which again was something I didn’t want but by this point you just want baby out. I still had the belts over my tummy to monitor baby and then got told to start pushing. It honestly felt an age to push her head out. Once it finally came out the midwife put a little clip on her head to monitor her and took the belts off me at least. Once her head was out I remember thinking not to push until that next contraction (because I didn’t do this with Polly who flew out and I tore badly). Waiting for that next contraction was like waiting for a bus, it felt an age and I remember the midwife having to rub my tummy to get it going. Once it finally came I pushed and out she came. She felt so wet and warm on me and they then said well what have we got and in my notes I’d asked for Andrew to tell me and when he said it’s a girl my heart just burst. I did it, she was here safe and well our 2nd beautiful baby girl.IMG-20200709-WA0044.jpgIMG-20200710-WA0054.jpgThat feeling of having your newborn baby placed on your chest is just amazing. Knowing you made that little person, carried them for 9 months and then brought them safely into the world is just the best feeling.I didn’t get to have skin to skin for very long because I suddenly didn’t feel great. As the midwife was gently helping my placenta out my whole stomach contracted and my placenta literally flew out and covered the poor midwife! We literally had a laugh about it for a few moments because it was so embarrassing that I’d covered her in all my blood etc. But then just after that I suddenly felt sick, as the younger midwife said about getting me an anti sickness injection I told her I needed a sick bowl and need it now. Andrew quickly took Lola from me I sat upright on the bed and then was horrendously sick and whilst being sick I bled lots and lots from down below. Clots were just coming away and they couldn’t mop up the floor quick enough. Look away now if you squeamish….

Andrew had filmed the birth so quickly took this picture while my legs were in stirrups so I could see how horrific it was.

Thank goodness the midwife was wearing a mask as it was literally in her hair and everywhere! They managed to move me onto a wheelchair and moved me into another room to concentrate on me as there was literally blood even up the walls.It got abit scary at the point and abit of a blur. I was moved onto a bed, and an anaesthetist quickly connected me to fluids, a gyne Dr checked my tummy and helped remove more clots and any remaining after birth. They had originally thought my placenta burst so needed to check nothing was left behind. I then had a catheter placed in me and as all these people were rushing around me jabing me from every angle I remember looking over at Andrew cuddling our brand new baby welling up because for men to watch their partner in pain of labour and after births I guess just feel so helpless and after when everythings settled down he said he thought the worst was happening to me.

Once things calmed down and I started to perk up abit I could see Andrew help the young midwife get Lola cleaned and dressed. We all know that first poop is horrible. They dressed her in the smallest vest and babygrow I had packed and I was finally able to have a proper cuddle with my baby. Due to everything that had gone on with me I hadn’t had chance to feed her and they had tried her on a bottle with no joy, then like mother nature intended she started to search for me and had her first feed. In that moment I felt complete. It had sunk in what I’d just gone through and there was this tiny precious little thing in my arms. I was finally a mother of two.

I already look back and can see how much she has changed in just two short months. She was still unnamed whilst in hospital as alot else went on and I think because I had my boys names in my head we had to be sure she looked and felt like a Lola.

I’m gutted there aren’t any pictures of the three of us but we didn’t think this time and once things calmed down and settled we actually all slept. Andrew then left and I was kept on labour ward until about 4.30pm/5pm. I could not fault the level of care I received here. All the midwifes were amazing especially the two who delivered Lola. I even got to see the midwife who delivered Polly. She infact was in charge of me post delivery so that was nice to have a familiar face etc. As Lola was born early and weighed less than they expected she had to have a couple of blood sugar tests which were heel prick blood tests which wasn’t nice for her but had to be done. She was doing well. I then had my catheter removed and had to do some samples etc. It felt good to slowly walk around brush my teeth and change etc, especially having an ensuite etc.

The care on the other ward was not so good. I had one final blood pressure check etc and then was told I could go home after Lola’s hearing test and physical checks were done. I got told this every hour…. Eventually after turning down dinner at 6pm, not having a shower and getting into pjs and sleeping whilst Lola slept because I thought I was going I discharged myself about midnight. I wouldn’t recommend this, especially if your a first time mum but there was barely any care on the ward at this point that I just wanted to get myself and my newborn home to my husband and daughter who as you can imagine was so excited to meet her little sister.

It still took them an hour to discharge me paperwork wise etc. I’m not sure if they were short staffed or if it was due to Covid19 etc. Because with Polly, Andrew was aloud to stay on this ward with me unlike Lola. he had already come back to the hospital once to pick me up but paperwork hadn’t been done etc. Anyway I’m not going to let that effect my birth which still was a shocker and one to remember but I got the best gift of all… Another beautiful daughter.

Lola Rose born 9th July 2020 weighing 6lb 1oz

Anyway I hope to share what life is like with a new baby and what we get up to. I know I didn’t start this blog until Polly’s first Christmas so she was already about 4/5 months old but hopefully I can jot down some adventures on here etc although having two children does take up alot more of my time, it’s still the best job ever and I feel truly blessed.

Much Love


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