Baby Shower for Baby no2

So yesterday I had such a wonderful surprise. My lovely Mumma and Hubby had organised a mini lock down Baby Shower for me and Bump. Funnily enough my Mum had asked me in the week to make her a cake for the weekend. I didn’t think much of it as she has made us cakes before for no reason so I thought actually it would be something nice for me and Polly to do. So Friday we made a lemon cake together which was really fun as Polly adores baking.

20200605_120436.jpg20200605_120951.jpg20200605_121307.jpgWhat you wouldn’t know from these pictures is I asked her to try some lemon 🙂 I filmed her reaction as you can imagine she didn’t like it and pulled a funny face but then enjoyed watching the video back several times and laughing at herself so I think I was forgiven. Anyway the cake turned out well and I just butter iced it.

Then Saturday morning my Mum had text to say she would be over to collect the cake and for me to get glammed up and put my feet up for the day. I’d had a bit of a pants week anyway which started with a trip to a&e (all well now though) then just alot of heartburn and chronic leg aches every night resulting in lots of bad nights sleep so I kind of thought oh well I’ll have a bit of a slow morning and make an effort and put some makeup on and do my hair etc.

20200605_163539 (1).jpg

I thought I’d wear a maternity dress I got in the sale ages ago as it was something other than my go to leggings and maternity tops etc.

When my Mum arrived it was clear something was happening and I was told not to go into our kitchen, which is actually kind of hard as it hasn’t got a door on it. After the radio got put on to try and drown out the sound of balloons being blown up I was then taken in ready to see my surprise…

And what a lovely surprise it was, to think they had gone to the trouble for me and Bump. I’d literally started planning a baby shower just as pregnant women got told to self isolate so it was very clear about 3 months ago that I wasn’t going to have the shower I’d originally planned but never the less yesterday was so so lovely.

Pretty table display

And this was what I saw… It was all so lovely and very me. My Mum really knows me very well. She had brought some yellow flowers to go with the theme and even dotted them on the cake with a cute sign.

Made by Polly and Me and decorated by my Mum

She had even made my favourite… sausage rolls which are a craving of mine for sure. And she even made some scones which she never had before and I have to say they were delish 🙂


I just adored all the little details and the effort that went into it especially after thinking I wouldn’t be able to celebrate bump we certainly had lots of fun.


I still can’t quite believe there is a baby wriggling around and growing away inside of me. Some days pregnancy is hard and I just want little bubs here and other days I stop and think how grateful I am to be pregnant again and to just enjoy these last weeks of being pregnant and just me and Polly. I know my heart will just grow and love them both but its been just her for almost 4 years so will be a big change but for the better and I know she will be the best big sister because she is just so excited for this next chapter in all our lives.

Much Love

Sophie & Bump









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