The Second Trimester

How are we already in the second trimester, I mean over a third of the way through already is crazy. It’s true what they say it goes alot quicker 2nd time round. I guess because I’m already busy with Polly etc and what with either midwife appointments or hospital visits another week soon passes by.

Our 14th week of pregnancy started with a play date with friends, a little photoshoot for my Godsons 1st birthday ( I really need to dust my camera off more often and use it more) then that weekend we went to Panto to see Cinderella which we had booked for our little ones instead of exchanging presents which actually I think a day out for them was really lovely. The next day I caught up with some of my girlie friends for a nice evening meal. Was so nice to go out and not have to breathe in as they all knew by then that bump was growing.


Week 15 I took bump off for an evening Spa night for one of my friends 30th birthday surprises. There were four of us who went and it was a really lovely relaxing evening at our local Center Parcs spa but unfortunately there wasn’t many rooms I could go in due to the steam and heat but never the less one of my friends got me a mag to read and was lovely to chill and relax there. We ate some delish food too. Later that week me and Mum went and caught up with a family friend and had lunch with her whilst Polly was at preschool so that was nice. Polly only goes to Preschool two days a week and although I miss her when shes there I also try and make to most of me time.


Carrying a little Orange about at 16 weeks pregnant. By now I have been feeling movement, well those first little flutters etc. They say you tend to feel everything a bit sooner 2nd time as you know what to look out for etc. I felt Polly at 19 weeks but think this was due to my placenta being at the front so I’m hoping the placenta is at the back this time where I believe they usually are. I have still been having good days and bad days with sickness. Mainly just first thing I’m sick but the odd day it continues and I know I’m in for a rough day. Later that week I caught up with my niece and her little boys. We took the children to a little gymnastic style play area which was cute then they came back to ours for snacks and a cuppa for us. That weekend we also saw my friend from Essex which was lovely to catch up with her and of cause that involved and nice yummy lunch out too.

After January feeling like it was never going to end I was definitely happy to welcome February and with it the 17th week of pregnancy. On that exact day infact we had a consultant appointment at hospital and as it was a day Polly wasn’t at preschool we took her. She was very good and luckily didn’t have to wait too long to be seen etc. The consultant just went over our 12 week scan and asked how the bleeding had been etc and we then got to listen to little bubs heartbeat which was lovely and even Polly was saying “Argh its the Baby” which just melted both our hearts. Although she is young still she defo has a good understanding that a baby is in there growing away. I can’t remember what else we did that week to be honest (as I’m actually 21 weeks while I sit here and write all the above!) But some days we do have nice slow days at home just playing together or baking. Polly is a child that likes to be kept busy bless her.


18 weeks pregnant feels like its flying by. Bump has defo popped out now and I feel pregnant now not just like I’ve put on weight. I am also feeling alot better in general, feeling alot of movement now, almost could tell you when baby is due to move as it seems to move about alot and regularly, mainly when I sit and relax for a bit I notice it too.


And just as Polly gets into routine of Preschool its then half term. Were almost half way now at 19 weeks and had a very busy week ahead planned. We ended up going to the Zoo one day with friends, another day was a play date at High Lodge with other friends and we also had a day out to support Daddy with his jet powered vehicle which Polly loved shouting “Go Daddy Go”. They also had a fun fair there which Polly loved too so was a good family day out.


20 weeks – Half way!!

Well I can’t believe were half way, I guess I just feel a bit less worried as each week goes by (knowing baby keeps growing and is starting to reach the viable for life stage etc,) or so I thought…

The day of our 20 week scan come by and I was just excited to see baby again. Originally Andrew wanted to find out what we was having, I then reluctantly agreed as I wanted a surprise with Polly and he let me keep it that way, I guessed this was his turn now. But then he didn’t want to so going to the scan we had decided to keep it another surprise again and that should have been our main worry making sure we both didn’t cave or change our minds last minute etc. But unfortunately this wasn’t the case.

I remember the young female sono grammer called us in and seemed very nice, we said early on we didn’t want to find out and she said that was fine. As she went through all the organs of our little bubs calling out the heart, kidneys etc she then moved on to ask if myself or Andrew were born with small heads?! To which we both replied No, random?! She said it’s because she has measured babies head circumference a few times and it was reading a bit smaller than it should be for the 20 week scan. In normal terms I was 20 weeks and a couple days but I remember seeing the screen reading something like 18 weeks and 6 days? She checked everything else which seemed fine but just wanted to check just go ask someone and then come back into the room. As we sat their we just thought someone else would come in and double check her measurements which she must have got wrong because baby was wriggling about so much etc?! Nope! She returned to say she had referred me to Fetal Medicine at the Rosie at Cambridge hospital, which then made my heart kind of drop because this was not normal! She said they would call with an appointment and they would just double check all was o.k because they do it all the time etc.

20 week scan picture – end of Feb 2020

So I guess I left feeling alittle on edge. Baby was technically o.k but technically not?! By the time the evening came I had started googling which I know now is not the best thing to do because I was now worried sick that the little fetus we almost lost at the beginning due to all the bleeding was now going to have a small head which would then result in learning disabilities etc 😦

The next day I rung the hospital back and spoke to a lovely midwife who reassured me that its better to be safe than sorry and rather me have to wait 2 weeks at our hospital to come back for a scan, the Rosie endeavour to see you within 5 working days. Our scan was done on a Thursday but by Friday afternoon I had a phone call from them to come in Monday afternoon which was really good and although I had the dreaded weekend in between I thought it wasn’t too long to wait really. That Sunday I was sick pretty much all day, not sure if was a quick bug or just literally sick with worry it was horrendous.

By the time Monday came I was o.k, well not sick at least. I’d taken Polly to preschool etc and then headed to Cambridge with Andrew. We ended up seeing a professor of Fetal Medicine, and older chap who looked like he knew his stuff! He was very through and even checked the oxygen and blood flow to babies brain. It was the most intense scan I’d ever had! His screen said 19 weeks and 4 days for babies head measurements so least better than the other day but basically also noticed babies tummy was reading alittle smaller but in proportion with the head so not to worry. Baby doesn’t have the worse case which I’d goggled all weekend! And that basically It’s going to be another smaller baby. I said originally they were concerned Polly would only be 5 lb but actually was born at 6 lb 10.5 oz. So he said if this baby stays on the same centile its going to be similar weight than Polly was, just over 6 lbs, but honestly it wasn’t the worst case. He wanted us to come back to them in 4 weeks time to be able to compare his measurements and check baby is growing o.k. I also had a quick blood test to check my placenta was o.k. It’s safe to say I left there with happy tears of relief!

20 Weeks – Half Way

21 weeks pregnant and the start of March already…

After the all the worry we’d had its was nice to get back to a normal week. Back to Polly’s swimming lesson, then it was world book day at Preschool so of course she dressed up as her favourite ice princess Elsa from Frozen. We already had the book and outfit anyway so that was handy. We then had a soft play date with my two eldest great nephew’s Friday after they finished school. We even ate their too so was really nice for Polly to catch up with them.


We then finished off the week by attending Polly’s little friend Lucy’s 3rd birthday party which was nice. Apart from my appointments for baby, Polly has a busier social life than me hehe.

Hitting 22 weeks pregnant made me realise I’m actually 5 months pregnant. I guess after 3 months I went back to counting weeks instead of months and then we you hit 20 weeks you almost countdown what is left etc.

Trying to capture bump pictures with Polly is easier said than done, but thank goodness for timers on cameras.

Its hard not to mention what’s been happening in the outside world at this point. I’m a few weeks behind at keeping up with this post so at this point Coronavirus is here in the UK and getting closer to us by the day. I think about now it was in London. A baby show I was supposed to attend with Mum had already been postponed to September as alot of big events were being cancelled to stop big crowds gathering etc. Each day the news was telling us of more and more people dying from this horrible virus which I believe effects your lungs and airways with the main symptoms being high temperature and new or continuous dry cough. So pretty scary stuff. People with underlying health conditions were suffering the most from it and unfortunately passing away but as the weeks go on we begin to learn its hitting effecting people who are generally fit and well. Although some people can have it and not known they have had it and other people are recovering from it, the main headlines daily were saying the death doll was going up etc. Right now it seems rather doom and gloom but I can’t not mention it as I feel it’s something that Polly will learn about later in life at School etc. For now Polly was still at preschool and we were living life rather normally.

23 weeks pregnant brought a big change that week…

23 weeks…

Basically with this virus getting worse by the day, the government were now saying pregnant woman need to self isolate for the next 12 weeks. I think I’d taken Polly to preschool that Monday not knowing that would be her last time for a long while if not forever because these were the new guidelines that came out the Tuesday. That Tuesday I had my whooping cough vaccination and going into our local doctors for it made me realise how serious this all had gotten and quickly too. I had been asked was I feeling fit and well, no tempt or new cough etc, I couldn’t get closer than 2 meters to reception desk and I was the only one in there. Safe to say I sanitised my hands on arrival and leaving and then gave them a good scrub soon as I got home etc.  That week I was supposed to have a catch up with family, which didn’t happen. I was supposed to have dinner with two of my friends at the end of the week, another of which is pregnant so we were both in the same isolation boat and to top it off it was also Mother’s Day that Sunday so the thought of not seeing my own Mum on Mothers day was heartbreaking!

It was hitting everyone though because the over 70’s were also in the vulnerable group which alot of parents are so I wasn’t the only one who couldn’t see her Mum on mothers day. But the government were warning us it was best to stay in, avoid contact with people if you don’t need to see them. Pregnant mum’s not to send your little ones to school or preschool so Polly’s last day was that Monday. Crazy to think how much changed in a week.

Still felt very loved on Mother’s Day 2020

At 24 weeks it was another quiet week for us getting used to the new normal. By now the schools had closed the previous Friday. Companies were letting people work from home where possible and “Furloughing” their employees meaning they weren’t making them redundant but were paying them at 80% of they pay. This happened to Andrew’s company so his last day was the Monday 23rd March and was then off with us for the foreseeable. It was all getting very real and happening very quick! I had placed a huge hobby craft order the week before so was excited when that turned up to keep Polly busy. We also did lots of baking, painting, playdoh, went for walks and rides on Polly’s bike. Towards the end of the 24th week I was back at the Rosie for another scan to check how bubs had grown.

This time was a very different experience than 4 weeks ago. I’d been told not to take hospital notes, Not partners or children to come in, to wait to be call in 5 mins before hand, to wash my hands soon as I entered the ward etc. I wore throw away gloves myself and wrapped my face up alittle bit in my floral scarf. The professor and his assistant this time were all suited and booted in aprons, gloves face masks etc. They were the real deal and they even said what a huge difference a month has made etc! Basically it was another through scan but all was well with baby and it has continued to grow nicely on the same centile line which is good. They said they would be worried if it hadn’t grown or had dipped on the line etc. I didn’t get new pictures this time so the picture below is from the first time at the Rosie. A close up of little bubs face. Were now discharged from here and will stick with our local hospital for the rest of duration for our extra scans and consultation appointments etc.

Our Little Pea

25 weeks Pregnant on the last day of March. I think this month has felt like a long January due to so much happening with the virus and now being in lock down etc, so I’m glad it’s now another new month. Knowing that Polly would have been finishing Preschool on the Thursday of this week for her Easter holidays felt good as well to think I didn’t need to stick to a strict schedule with her and me trying to teach her and do different activities with her etc. I forget she is only still 3 and that at that age they can only concentrate on certain things for so long etc.

That week I had a midwife appointment which was literally my first time out in ages! And of course with Andrew now off Polly stayed at home with her. I took my notes and went along as normal. She is really a lovely lady so was nice catching up with her, My last one with Polly was always so miserable! Got on fine and all checks were fine. I then popped to our local Sainsbury’s for a click and collect order I’d placed as my newest little great Niece arrived at the start of this week =) and also to grab a few bits of food. (My lovely Mum and Andrew have been doing to big food shops for me most weeks now). It was odd queuing up outside to go in 2 metres apart etc but then luckily it wasn’t too busy so kind of flew in and flew out doing self check out etc too and wore disposable gloves also. But driving home I heard an advert on the radio about Covid19, felt myself cough and kind of felt myself have a bit of a panic attack which I don’t think I’ve ever had in my life?! I think because I was on my own, first time out in public for ages and all the extra hormones I felt like my chest was getting a bit tighter etc it was horrible! Heartburn has been getting horrendous hitting me all times of the day, not just after I’ve eaten etc so I did have this whilst out which I don’t think helped. It’s just a rather scary world were living in right now I’m literally not going out unless I have to. We don’t go for a walk everyday like were aloud to for exercise but luckily living where we live were almost at the end of our road which then goes on for a while until a dead end basically so least after passing a few more houses were just surrounded by fields. It makes me realise how much I love my home and where we live, it makes me feel safe like it’s our own little bubble etc.

25 weeks and getting bigger and bigger…

26 Weeks Pregnant and into the full week of Easter half term. We’d had a lovely hot weekend and made the most of being out in the garden. Cut the lawns, washed down the patio furniture and just had fun letting Polly play with her outside toys it was a glorious weekend.

First weekend of Easter Holiday fun in the garden – April 2020

My little helper also helped me sort a few things that had recently arrived for Baby including this lovely little changing basket I wanted for the top of the changing unit. I’ll do a separate post on baby items we’ve brought this time round which actually aren’t too many due to the bigger age gap etc. But crazy to think this little outfit Polly wore and I used this big muslin for out and about breast feeding her.

Hello 26 week bump, goodbye feet

We had a very sunny week so enjoyed alot of time in the garden and had the pool out for Polly too and made the most of the sun. I think this week heartburn stepped up a gear and is really hitting me anytime during the day but I’d rather that than keep being sick at least. I also think from this week or maybe the week before I have stopped being sick in the morning when I get up so that’s also good too. The only other new symptom that has been getting worse last few weeks is achy legs at night. Some nights I feel I don’t barely sleep as I’m tossing and turning to try get comfy. I remember this with Polly but alot more towards the end. This time seems alot sooner and can only describe it as growing pains I guess on my hips. I guess its my bodies way of preparing me for sleepless nights again hehe. I have just stayed busy in the crazy time. Nesting has kicked in big time and because we haven’t had a nursery to decorate I guess I have just been getting the house all prepared, washed all the downstairs windows too, the car and Polly’s car seat. I’m glad I took her to get measured for a new seat before all this happened so at least once she is ready for one I can order it online etc which won’t be too much longer I imagine.

My mini me, enjoying the sunshine

27 weeks Pregnant on our 2 year anniversary (14th April 2020) also marked being 6 months pregnant which is crazy because counting weeks seems longer… 13 weeks left but saying only 3 months wow not long at all! Me and Andrew both had some kind of sickness bug the day before so safe to say we had a very chilled day. No fancy night away with spa like last year, instead we chilled at home with our little lady an bump and of course watched our wedding video which always brings back the best memories. Here’s one of my favourites just because Polly looks so cute and little.

Sophie & Andrew-791
14th April 2018

This week we also found out that Polly had gotten into our local village school. This was such a huge deal for us as we planned our move around her going to a village school etc and were technically the next area out of the main village but I’m so happy she got in as baby will only be 2 months old by the time the school run begins. I’m sure I will feel super emotional about that next major milestone in her little life. I hope she goes back to preschool before going to school but with this virus still about it’s really hard to say.

OI000092 (1).jpg
Our blue eyed girl

For now I’m just enjoying this time just me and her and making the most of this lock down/isolation helping her grow as much as she possibly can and also making the most of this last trimester. It’s honestly now really flying by. Bump seems to be getting bigger day by day, kicking, punching and wriggling around inside of me so often during the day it really is a nice comfort that wonderful feeling knowing another little one is wriggling around inside of me. I’m so glad I have written all this down as it was four years ago I carried Polly and you do almost forget the sickness and feelings and movement and tiredness etc but it is all 100% worth it. Although I wish it wasn’t under these circumstances of whats happening in the world right now but it is what it is and hopefully by the time baby is here it will have calmed down and I will feel comfortable taking baby places etc, but for now were all healthy and happy and so lucky to have a lovely home and garden so lets hope this sunshine continues.

Much Love

Sophie & Bump


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