Oh Baby!

Pleszko announcement -10

First blog post of 2020 and it’s an exciting one! If some of you follow me on Instagram you will know we have just recently announced that we are (finally) expecting baby number 2! We almost didn’t put it on social media this time as it’s not been an easy first trimester as I’ve had lots of bleeding and sickness again so it hasn’t been easy but feel we are coming out the other side now. Sickness has eased off and bump is definetly showing now. In comparison to my pregnancy with Polly I’m as big now as I was with her at 20 weeks and I’m only 15 weeks, but I’m loving my growing bump popping day by day.

13 weeks…

After we had our first dating scan at 7 weeks we then booked a photo shoot with Gina Manning, who was our wedding photographer and I just love her style etc so knew it would be a lovely way to announce our pregnancy and I love that Polly was there to help us do that.

Pleszko Family-109.jpg
We like even numbers 2016 & 2020 🙂

We decided to go to a beach as I wanted nice natural pictures and Polly is in her element when she is out and about exploring, plus I knew she would have miles to run around and be free. We were really lucky with the weather and the sun shone for us and it actually turned out quite warm.

Pleszko Family-43.jpg
We have a very similar picture to this from our wedding day so its a lovely comparison as that was almost 2 years ago.

Polly is super excited to be getting a baby Brother or Sister. She just loves children and I’m so happy that she will have a little bestie for life. We never officially told her there was a baby inside my tummy until we had our 12 week scan, but she had seen me be sick some mornings and would keep saying there’s a baby in there and pointing to my tummy etc. I’m happy for her to shout it to the world now we have made it to the second trimester etc and I cant wait for when bump is bigger and she can feel kicking etc.

Pleszko Family-69.jpg
Proud Big Sister to be…

Anyway I didn’t set up this blog until after Polly’s first Christmas (she was almost 6 months old) so I plan to document this pregnancy as much as I can because I love looking back on when Polly was little and how she is growing up and changing etc. And to think we’ve been given another chance to experience this again is just amazing. I was pregnant with Polly this time 4 years ago so I feel alot has changed since then and I can’t wait to experience it with Polly too as I feel her being that bit older she understands more and can help more once baby is here. Also with her pregnancy I was alot more drained being sick most days so again I’m grateful that its not as bad this time and hope to update this blog with how bump is growing and what we’ve been up to.

Pleszko Family-32.jpg
My little Family

Anyway Thank you all for your kind messages and congratulations over on my Instagram page, were feeling truly lucky and blessed that were able to grow our family and share our journey along the way.

Much Love

Sophie & Bump