Pumpkin Picking 2019

2019-10-22 011756336034525045750..jpg

During this half term we went to our local Pumpkin Patch which was actually our 4th year of visiting here. Each year it slightly changes as in which field has been cropped or harvested etc but its always the same location. This year compared to last was very wet and muddy so we dressed prepared. Coats, wellie boots and Polly’s new all in one rain where as she loves getting wet. Bit of a difference in last years pumpkin picking outfit.

Pumpkin Picking October 2019 

We grabbed a wheelbarrow and soon headed off to explore and find a couple nice pumpkins but of course Polly loved picking lots so we came home with more than we needed but I just think its a fun thing for us to do and a cheap day out.

2019-10-22 015322933983183317575..jpg

We almost went in the maize maze but I was alittle worried on the cloudy sky and whether Polly would suddenly want to get out as it was surprising massive but again makes for a good day out if your into abit more of adventure.

2019-10-22 013114970544599331574..jpg

There was a huge hay-bale pile which Polly loved climbing on and then jumping off much to my poor Mum’s fright. So back to the field. There were pumpkins for miles so here are just a few snaps of us collecting some.

2019-10-22 014925141479185869807..jpg2019-10-22 018599109229178004860..jpg2019-10-22 01301271476397987449..jpg2019-10-22 015737855060589192927..jpg2019-10-22 015522112824953852895..jpg2019-10-22 014364222948580591475..jpg2019-10-22 015949291209416103236..jpg

As you can see Polly had mud all over her but its all part of the fun and you can also see the wheelbarrow became rather full but all in the name of fun. I just like documenting things like this especially that we do yearly as I think its so lovely for us to look back on. For now I think I’m going to attempt some Pumpkin soup and maybe a cake? But if all else fails they have brightened up the front door.

Were off to a Halloween event next with our friends and then Polly’s Preschool are doing a Halloween disco so I know she will love dressing up for that and having a boogie. Happy Halloween…..

Much Love



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