Polly’s Autumn/Winter Wardrobe (2019)

I think once you become a mum, you have your own little person to love and spoil it will never change whatever their age. When Polly was first born it was all the newborn essentials, then 1st birthday her favourite toys etc and now she’s older I can share my common love of clothes with her. Although I’m sure I’m not the only mum who buys for their little ones from all the best places but for herself shops at Primark hehe.

Anyway although I love the heat of the summer I very much love Autumn for layering up and getting all my big jumpers out and I’ve already enjoyed getting Pollys wardrobe Autumn/Winter ready.

Jumper is F&F so are tights, Boots Next and Skirt Pretty One Offs on Instagram

Chunky jumpers or knits, tights, boots and floralness are my go to for colder days where the sun is still sunny. This picture was taken last week just for some more practise with my camera but Polly loved collecting leaves etc and this picture just sums up autumn to me. I do find supermarkets like Tescos and Sainsburys do good childrens ranges depending on what you like/need. I can always pick up plain basic tops and tights etc for Polly from there, but just recently I’ve been loving Zara for Polly’s wardrobe.

2019-09-20 03.35.26 1.jpg
Mustard dress from Zara (which was in the sale but may still be in store) and perfect with tights and a cardy.

Here are a few of my favourite pieces from Zara at the moment…

Blush corduroy shirt £12.99, Brown trousers £14.99, Marl dress £22.99. Bottom row – Needle cord floral shirt £12.99, Gingham shirt £14.99 and lastly Loose Jean’s with belt which Polly has and their super comfy at £14.99. They also have a good little Halloween range if you’re not into super bright shiny Halloween costumes.


I think another favourite shop of mine for Polly is Mark’s and Spencer’s. It used to be my Nans favourite shop but since having Polly I’ve even brought a few pieces from there from their Limited range myself which I always found a little bit more trendy.

Coat M&S

I’ve had so many messages lately over on my Instagram everytime Polly wears this coat and again it was also in the sale so cant find it online but it’s super snug and furry inside too so when she’s wearing it I know she will be snuggley and warm.

Here are some of my favourite pieces from M&S childrens range at the moment.

Pack of 5 Leggins £15, Floral Blouse £12, Two piece Pinny set £18, Embellished floral jumper £18, Velvet Embellished dress £24 and floral embroidered knitted jumper £16.

Another shop I find good little outfits in reasonably priced is H&M. This little outfit I saw in there a few weeks back but I didn’t get it as they didn’t have her size but I have just ordered it because it was super snuggly and cute and I thought perfect for a chilled weekend at home having a movie afternoon. Anyone else change into their comfy when they get in?

Ok so maybe this post has turned into a bit more of a wish list rather than all the items she’s got. But I think these days high streets shops have come along way and you can get some really lovely pieces of clothing from them. Even the supermarkets while your doing the weekly food shop, I’m sure there is something that might accidentally slip into the trolley every now and then like these little beauties from Tu Clothing range….

I love these colours for Autumn. This first woven smock dress with tights is from £12 and this corduroy pinafore dress set is from £14. Both something I personally love.


Anyway I will continue to dress Polly all Autumnal as that weather keeps getting colder. I love wrapping her up in hats and gloves and big fluffy coats. Luckily I think she has got my love for fashion as she can sometimes be quite fussy on what she wears and would much prefer a dress over leggings or trousers anyday.

2019-10-08 035746859283152035844..jpg
Coat Joules, Dress Lottie and Lola (on Instagram) Wellies F&F

Anyway I hope you enjoyed this post and some of my finds. One of my favourite accounts on Instagram is “MamaLovesHighstreet” which post so many good finds from high streets so that’s definitely worth a follow to see the latest of what’s about.

Much Love


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