Center Parcs for Andrew’s Birthday (2018 & 2019)

So beings as I wrote this post last year but never finished it I’ve added it to this years trip to Center Parcs. Note to self to get better at blogging at the time of the event oops.

2018 – Woburn Center Parcs

What a lovely weekend we had away at Center Parcs for Andrews Birthday. This time we went to Woburn Center Parcs with our friends and some more friends joined us on the Saturday. It only took us about 1 hour 40 mins to get to and Polly napped in the car which was good as I knew she would be all refreshed for when we got there. We couldn’t check into our villa until 3pm so we had yummy brunch, let the little ones play in soft play before us ladies headed to Pottery painting, while the Daddy’s kept the little ones busy. Adults love pottery painting too you know hehe. We then headed swimming which Polly just loved, she would happily stay in the pool all day long if she could. Andrew brought his GoPro so we managed to capture some fab videos of Polly in the pool swimming which she just loves. It was probably the first time we’ve come home from a trip away where we took more videos than pictures but I love the idea of a homemade movie that we can look back on in years to come. (So much so I managed to do a little Instagram TV Movie of it so its under there if you want to go check it out.)

We then got the cars and found the villa and unloaded. We had a 3 bed villa all with ensuites, which with two little ones was perfect! We stayed in for dinner the first night and The Colling’s took charge of dinner which were pizzas, wedges and sticky ribs (their fab cooks :). We then all freshened up and went out for drinks and some bowling as the little ones were asleep by time we got there. I’m guessing as it was the first weekend the children went back to school that’s why it was fairly quiet because at one point we had the bowling alley to ourselves which was lush and helped keep the little ones asleep.

The Saturday was Andrews actual birthday and that day our other friends arrived for a day mainly spent in the pool again because its fab for the little ones and there was more adults to look after the little ones while some of us adult went down the slides and the boys the rapids.

We the headed to bowling where there was soft play for the little ones and then that evening we headed out for dinner, where I had some how managed to sneak a birthday cake in another car for Andrew’s birthday. Was such a lovely day with out little “Gang” altogether.

That night we waved our friends off after our meal as they had to travel back home and we went to the evening disco and had a boogie and some drinks before heading back to the villa to toast some marshmallows.

Polly was shattered as fell asleep on Andrew which the music playing. She is so good at sleeping and if shes tired she will fall asleep anywhere! The next morning was our last full day there so we all headed to the pancake house for breakfast which was delish then left the boys while us ladies went off for some chill time at the spa.

Once we were all relaxed we headed for some fun at adventure golf. I remember we were so lucky with the weather but last summer was super hot I remember it lasting into autumn.

I’m pretty sure I lost at adventure golf but all part of the fun isn’t. We then headed off onto two boats, not sure how us girls got the pedal one and the boys electric but was good fun until towards the end when Polly decided she wanted to get off!

Least she enjoyed it to start with hehe. From what I then remember we headed back to the villa for a chilled afternoon there hoping the little ones would nap before heading out that night for our last evening meal. One of the good things with Woburn was that everything was so close so we didn’t need to hire bikes etc and long as we had the prams it was fine for the little ones.

After a lovely last meal out we came back to the villa played some games and had a little pamper session. (I’m sure these guys will love me putting this picture online hehe.)

The next morning we all ate breakfast together, packed up the cars and just us three headed to Woburn Safari Park as that was Polly’s present to her Daddy. She loved seeing all the animals and sitting on Andrew’s lamp whilst I drove round. And because it was on our route home it broke the journey up. We may have also stopped at the Cath Kidston outlet store on route home too, well because we were passing hehe.

All in all it was a lovely little weekend away together. And although this has been a busier year and we haven’t managed to get round to a friends trip away, I hope we can plan one for 2020.

Fabulous memories made with out lovely family and friends. Until the next time.

2019 – Elveden Center Parcs

So although we have been to Center parcs already this year. We had a little new year break back in January after moving etc but we really do love it here and we don’t go abroad every year etc so it was nice to plan to go here again for Andrew’s Birthday. It’s also lucky his birthday falls just as the children have gone back to school, which also means this is our last year of going away for his birthday as in a years time Polly will be at school!!! Ekes hold back the tears Soph!


We have definitely picked the right time of year to come away as Elveden is super quiet! We booked a Monday to Friday this time so it was lovely to have an extra day. We arrived Monday afternoon and after finding the villa and unloading the car etc we headed to the village square for some dinner before heading swimming. This was the first time I didn’t book a fancy villa as Andrew calls it, I didn’t pay extra for early arrival and I didn’t pay extra for a villa close to the center etc. I didn’t do this because I knew we would spend that money on more activities instead. Polly was super good at going to sleep the first night considering it was somewhere new etc.

The next day we woke up early and headed to the sports cafe for breakfast. All the restaurants here have play areas which are perfect for Polly to play in while we wait for our food to arrive etc. We then went bowling after breakfast and we were literally the only ones there. Polly did do bowling last year but wasn’t too fussed but this year she loved it. Daddy helped her lift the bowling balls etc but the loved hitting the skittles bless her. It probably helped we were the only 3 in the lanes to help her concentrate and enjoy it and no sure if it was the bumpers that helped her out but she even beat us! I had then booked Off Road Explorers which is off road driving for 3+ year olds. Polly is quite good at driving things and has good direction so she loved this and because I knew who was running it we got to go round alot more than normal. We then had an early dinner at Hucks and the went swimming. Again even in the day the pool isn’t super busy but evening is very quiet because everyone is out having dinner so we tend to eat a little earlier than normal then go for a swim.

Wednesday was another early morning because I’d booked Fun pots for tots so basically Pottery painting for little ones. After a quick breakfast we headed there and Polly loved it. She painted a pink dog which then ended up a black dog hehe, the eyes started black but then so did everywhere else but oh well all part of the fun and another one for her shelf. Andrew also wanted us to do another hand print plate as we did one last April for our honeymoon and her little hands went be that small forever. After this we then headed to Mini Trek which is kind of like Go Ape for little ones. Again she soon cracked it and I’m pleased she still has alot of no fear for new things. When you complete the course you go down the zip wire which she adored so naturally she soon found the quickest way round to get to the zip wire. We then went to collect our complimentary bikes (not what you know but who you know ;)) and headed back to off road explorers where Nanny joined us to watch Polly go round. Again after going yesterday this session was free thanks to a special someone. We then headed back to the village square had a drink with Mum and then Polly got free Teddy bear making thanks to another lovely person we know who works there. Polly picked herself a unicorn and alittle outfit for it too. She loved making it. We then took Nanny back to our villa and got freshen up and ready for dinner at Foresters which is quite far near the entrance almost so all biked there. It took about 15mins to get too and because Polly hadn’t napped all day she fell asleep in the trailer bless her, so least we had dinner in peace and she had hers abit later when she woke. I wasn’t fussed on the late nap to be honest as I knew she would then have plenty of energy for the kids disco later. I was right she loved the disco especially dancing with her Nanny before she had to head home. By the time we waved Mum off and headed back to our villa Polly still managed to go to bed well that night. Were super lucky she has always liked her sleep and been so good at going to bed etc.

Thursday was our last full day and was also the only day with one activity booked… Pony riding, which was where we ate dinner last night so after a slower start to the morning we headed there on our bikes for breakfast. Polly loved all the play areas within the restaurants and liked this one because it also had an outdoor one and the weather seemed rather warm as the week went on. She had fun playing after breakfast and wasting abit of time before it was time for Pony riding which was literally just as you come out of the restaurant. She has rode a pony before at high lodge last summer infact and loved it then so I knew she would love it now being a year older etc. Her horse was called Bean and she kept saying “clip clop Bean”. Was the sweetest thing. We then headed swimming and after swimming grabbed a light lunch and headed back to the villa where Polly napped. We headed out for out for our last evening  meal here at Cafe Rouge then went bowling after whilst waiting for the kids disco which Polly adored.

And just like that it was Friday, the week was lovely but went by so quickly. We packed the car up, returned the bikes and headed for our last breakfast before then having one more session in the pool. We typically didn’t take the GoPro this time and the Rapids were back open as they had been having maintenance all week and Andrew took Polly on the Rapids and well she bloody loved them. So much so I had to be brave and go on them to be able to see her little face. Well x6 later she still loved them. I’m so pleased she hasn’t got my fear of water but least Andrew’s such a strong swimmer I trust him so much with her.

Well until the next time Center Parcs….

Another little keepsake from a lovely week away

Much love


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