Polly’s Playhouse

So for Polly’s third birthday we wanted to get her a playhouse for her main present. I would have happily got a cheap little shed like one but Andrew is very particular when it comes to structural things (especially for his little girl) and wants things to last etc so after a long debate we finally picked one but as they are made to order we knew it was going to be here after her birthday but at least we’ve had some heatwaves that we have still been able to get out into the garden etc.

I had alot of interest on the over on my Instagram account about this so I thought I’d blog about it too, so hopefully answers all the questions. Its from a company called Shires and once it arrived it needs assembling which obviously Andrew got straight to work in doing. I should add at this point that Andrew had already done a concrete base ready for it to sit on which we all did our hand prints into as well.


Polly adored doing this and we all did our own too down the side and although they will never be seen I love that were there in years to come.





Of course the Great British weather is so unpredictable so it did stop us a few times and with Andrew only being able to work on it evenings etc, but he cracked on with it and of course Polly helped. Once the roof was on I started painting the inside. We used a paint we already had left over from our garden fence… A garden and exterior paint which we had mixed to match our windows in “Vert De Terre” by Farrow & Ball. Of course indoor or outdoor paint isn’t cheap these days hense why we used what we had. its a lovely pastel green colour and made it look so much brighter than the natural wood.


Once everywhere was painted inside (minus the floor) I knew I could slowly start to decorate the inside while Andrew finished off the finishing touches to the roof and outside etc.


I started to put bunting up and cushions that we used to have on our old green sofa and I brought a pink rug for the top area from B&M which fits in there a treat. As you could see from her face already at this point she loved it. She kept saying “My house, My house”


By this point Andrew had almost finished the outside. He did use the roofing felt that came with it but felt it wasn’t great and a tight fit so he you can see where he had ripped it off and needed to get more etc. By now it still had no flooring in but Polly was already taking her toys in there to play and pretending to cook us food in her kitchen in there.


Our lovely next door neighbours kindly gave us their old floral rug which is massive and Andrew didn’t need to cut much off for it to fit in there. So it fits in lovely with the floral theme.


I remember my Nan and Grandad always having these in there house. Fashions really do come around again. Unfortunately I’ve gone fairly modern in the barn if not this would have been in my lounge 🙂








Most of these things we already had, The cushions, bunting. The pictures she used to have in her old playroom, the bunting with her name on it was in her nursery at the old house. All that’s new is the rug, unit and draws which are both B&M, the pom pom fairly lights are the Range aswell as the fake flowers, the solar light bulbs and topiary trees are Home Bargains and the outdoor kitchen which I had already painted was Aldi last summer. So all in all I’ve tried not to spend a fortune on it. The main pink I used was a Valspar mix for garden and exteriors at that was £46 for 5 Litres colour is called “Ps &Qs”

And here it is…..




I’m super happy with how its turned out. Andrews already planted new grass seed around the base and now wants extra wood to cover the concrete (insert monkey face covering eyes) but love how he likes to finish a job properly as he calls it. Anyway we have one happy girlie and two proud parents of their little build. I added the little number 3 as a sign that was the age she was but I’m sure she will get many more years of fun and happy memories playing in there.

Until the next project…

Much Love


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