We now have a 3 year old!?!

How is it possible that we now have a 3 year old?! Although everybody warns you how fast time goes by and hold on to those precious years… their right! Time most definitely flies. I remember so well that amazing feeling of being pregnant (minus all the sickness) and carrying my own baby and delivering her safely to this world although I have forgotten the pain at least. And here we are 3 years later. I now have a toddler that I can have conversations with, play games with and most of all get to spend every day with watching her little mind take in this big wide world.

It only seemed yesterday that we were throwing her 1st birthday party and now here we are at her 3rd birthday.

2017 – 1st Birthday

We hired a little hall, put on a big spread and hired soft play too which all the little ones loved. We also had a DIY photo booth style area.

Because last year we had such a wonderful heatwave through the summer and we hoped to move we went big and through a huge garden party, thinking it would possibly be the last party we had at our old house and it was.

2018 – 2nd Birthday

We hired soft play again from the same company infact. A flower wall from a lovely lady on Instagram who did our wedding and a fabulous teepee which all the Daddy’s loved.

This year I decided to throw her a soft play party at a location not too far from us at a place called Curve Motion. This meant that all the hassle and stress of throwing a party, decorating the venue or house and food/drink were all taken care of (and the aftermath of the mess too hehe)

So anyway back to the party. The soft play party was 10.45-1.15pm which was more than enough time to let Polly and 11 of her friends run around having fun and burn off their energy. I say 11 but only 3 are older than her and the rest younger including 3 under a year, so a nice little group. We’re so lucky to have a lovely group of family and friends.

Having a party here meant we had the upstairs balcony area to sit and watch the children but most of us Mum’s did go exploring with our little ones as its such a huge play area for them. They have several different sections in age groups depending on your child’s age so here are some pics from the day.

They also had a hot and cold buffet and unlimited squash too while they had a little break from all that fun playing.

This years party wasn’t majorly themed because I didn’t decorate the venue as you weren’t aloud balloons etc. But because we went to Disneyland this year and Polly’s love of Disney etc I made her a Minnie Mouse cake which she loved. I knew I wouldn’t have many years of myself being able to decide on what cake she would have so I guess I started early =) Polly infact helped me bake her cake this year as she enjoys helping me in the kitchen.

I think you can tell from her little face she loved her cake! Then her actual birthday was Sunday so we had a very chilled morning at home and after opening her presents we had a cheeky brunch out.

I then did the tiniest spread and decorated our dining room area and finished off her second cake. She very much loves the attention and people singing to her so that fact she got another cake just for us she absolutely loved.

Again the Minnie Mouse theme continued in an more adult way I guess you could say but she absolutley loved it and at least being at home my Mum and one of my closest friends were able to come over for the afternoon and see her. She also got to face-time my Dad too which they both loved seeing each other. It also meant she could just play with all her new toys too.


We then finished the day by going our for a bike ride which she just adores her bike and being outside and exploring.  This weeks jobs for me is to sort out all her toys, find new homes for them and rearrange her playroom with more organisation because she now has enough toys and books to keep er going until shes 4 so definitely clothes for Christmas instead of toys hehe.

Much Love


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