2019 New Year, New Things

Well what a lovely start we had to the year by spending a few days away at our local Center Parcs. We arrived early on the 2nd of Jan and came home Friday 4th. We had such a lush break away and although Christmas was over the park was all decorated still with all the pretty lights which Polly loved.

We didn’t book much to do as we knew we would spend most of our time in the swimming pool which is Polly’s favourite thing to do there. But we did book pottery painting and this time she really got into it. Being almost 2.5 years old I thought she would get board quickly but she was quite happy sat there painting away and of course as she is so into cars at the moment a car is what she picked.

We then had lots of fun exploring and then of course Polly found the park so we had to explore that before heading for some more swimming.

We then came home to our new bedroom furniture delivery and Andrew and our friend Neil ripped up our bedroom floor because it squeaked terribly. I know what your thinking, crazy right but at least we had no carpet laid yet so best time to do it. They managed to get it all up and new floor laid again in a day. I then knew I had several days to get our bedroom and Polly’s bedroom painted before the new carpet came. For our bedroom I stuck with Dulux (Polished Pebble) and for Polly’s bedroom went for Farrow & Ball (Calamine) as had found the perfect pink which isn’t too barbie pink etc. For our bedroom I went for grey because both rooms are vaulted ceilings so their not this easiest areas to paint and I don’t want to get board of the colour too quickly etc.

The top two pics are during and the bottom on is a sneak peak of now. As I ordered a new bed, we were sleeping on our old mattress on just the floor for well over a week so when the bed arrived it really finished the room off. Again I’ve gone for grey plannish bedding with blush accessories as feeling a bit bored of floral at the moment and wanted something that isn’t going to date too quickly and most colours go with grey.

As for Polly’s room once her carpet was laid and room painted her room was almost complete as she had all her furniture from our old house and I even managed to grab her another matching wardrobe second hand so that was perfect.

Of course she has fairy lights around the beam in her bedroom as makes her feel all cosy when she goes to bed what with it being a new room etc she has adapted to our new home so well. Even the kitchen is slowly becoming finished with most of the unpacking done in there now too, its really starting to feel like home.

lrm_export_32638850941877_20190114_0922285636371460485356304018.jpegWe just had Polly’s Playroom carpeted the other week and I brought another IKEA storage unit as I just don’t think you can beat them for toy storage. Its nearly finished in there apart from a little TV on the wall and a sofa just because the room is huge and can take it. I guess all these things take time and we have done a lot in the 7 weeks we have been here now. I’ll probably do another post on just the barn etc as I get a lot of questions on it via my Instagram and nice to talk about it in more detail another time.

One other major thing that happened this month was Polly started Playgroup! I know my baby is getting all grown up! Time flies but its something I wanted to do for awhile now and ultimately the move was for her to be able to get into the village school etc so although it was more scary for me than her she absolutely loved it. And those few hours on a Monday afternoon gives her some good social time with other children and me some time to catch up with the housework.

I can’t believe that’s another milestone for her. She is becoming quite the little lady now and I know its good for both of us. I know I will blink and she will be at school so I’m just going to enjoy every moment with her.


Until next time…

Much Love


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