Farm and Zoo Adventures

Jimmy’s Farm

I have been meaning to post about this for almost two weeks now, but a couple weeks ago Miss Polly had a rather busy week. On Thursday 11th May the sun was shining first thing and the weather looked like it was set to be a warm day. So Mum and Myself decided to take Polly to Jimmy’s Farm near Ipswich. Was just over an hour away an didn’t seem too long to get to. Although the carpark was rather busy, there didn’t seem too many people about as in its a big enough place to mingle about etc.

Of course we started with a little cake hehe. I try to take Polly out to eat quite a bit so she develops good table manners and so far so good she is normally a dream. We then headed off to see some of the animals.

Polly loved being up close to the animals and they were all so friendly, especially the donkeys and horses as you could feed them. She found it hilarious when they fed from my hand. They also had rabbits, merkats, chickens and goats too. We then headed into the forest for a stroll. It is definitely a place I will take Polly back to when she is older and understands more.

There was a lovely little forestry trail to wander through with different animals you can spot and read about and how many years ago they wandered through these woods too. Anyone who knows me well, knows I love a good Bigfoot program and was thrilled to prove they did exist because I found one yay.

Haha I such a weirdo!

There was also so many pretty clusters of bluebells about too and it would be rude not to get a few snaps with them as a lovely background.

We then headed back out and towards the play area which had the biggest sandpit I have ever seen in my life. Polly has never experienced sand before but quite liked it although would look at her hand after she tried to pick it up as if to say where has it gone. Suppose its a funny texture for babies etc.

After lots of playtime we then explored even more and went into the butterfly house which was absolutely baking hot inside. Polly liked following the butterflies around and one almost landed on her, again she found this funny too.

Look at her little face! God I love her.


All in all I think she really had a lovely day.

Colchester Zoo

On the Sunday of that week we then travelled to Colchester zoo with my lovely friend Devon. She lives about 20mins away from there and for us it was just over an hour away. She always makes the effort and travels to see us so was nice we came to her. Polly pretty much slept the whole car journey so when we got there she was all awake and alert and ready to go find some animals.

Obviously dressed her in Animal print

I had never been to this Zoo before but its absolutely massive and has a lot more wild animals than my more local zoo. Again we was so lucky with the weather, the day just got warmer and warmer!

I still feel there was parts of the zoo we didn’t see as its so big but we see the main animal’s we wanted to and Polly loved looking at them. She really takes it all in now. We got to see the Giraffes being fed and we just missed the Elephants being fed but its so lovely to be up close with the wonderful animals.

Polly also loved the Penguins, they too are such beautiful creatures and very graceful in the water. We didn’t watch any shows or anything because we was too busy exploring but they had lots on. We did catch a glimpse of the bird of prey show actually and that seemed good of what we saw.

We did also get Polly out a lot so she could get up close for a better view. She wasn’t a huge fan of the orang-utan though and to be far he was pretty huge, and the closest Id ever seen one in the flesh. We had a bite to eat there and then looked at more and more animals. Was such a lovely day but it did tire little Polly out.

We never got Polly christened but if we had of my friend Devon would have definitely been one of her God Mothers. She is just soooo good with her, treats her like family and Polly just adores her.


So there you have two of our little adventures we’ve been on lately over past couple week. We also had a lovely day with Polly’s big cousins yesterday which we try to always have a day out somewhere once a month with the babes as its lovely for them to bond and learn to grow up with each other. On that note I will leave you with a picture of Polly enjoying herself and you can just about see those two little teethy pegs.


Much love




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