9 Months of Polly

Time really does fly when your having fun and that surely is true.

Looking back on my Pregnancy, it didn’t go super quick for me and although I was thrilled to be having our little miracle growing inside of me, knowing we had made our very own little person, I guess I didn’t enjoy being pregnant due to horrendous sickness that lasted the whole three trimesters, during labour and even after! I definitely miss my bump as to me it was perfect when it finally popped. And I miss that amazing feeling of your baby moving and kicking away inside of you, it really is a miracle.

I’m so pleased we captured these bump pictures as its so lovely to look back on.

Skip forward 9 months of pregnancy to get given the most beautiful little girl. I wouldn’t have changed a thing about my pregnancy as she was truly worth all of it. And I guess another bonus of being sick almost every other day was that it kept my pregnancy weight down a bit.

The only photo of the 3 of us in hospital as Polly’s birth happened so quickly, this was just as we was getting wheeled off to the ward.

Maybe one day I will actually blog my birthing story as I think its nice to have written down somewhere as it already seems a lifetime ago.

So especially in this last month or so Polly has come on leaps and bounds. She has been crawling backwards for such a long time I cant actually remember when that first began. But just before she turned 9 months she cracked going forwards yay! Since then she has been off! So we have slowly been baby proofing the house as she loves plug sockets and wires, especially the hoover lead as I’m trying to hoover, so yep all things she shouldn’t have. We’ve added a baby gate to the top of the stairs as its just outside our bathroom and she likes to crawl out of the bathroom while I run her a bath.

She has always been a wriggle bum, but even more so now she can crawl away as I’m trying to dress her. Also in this last month she has had her first trip to the Zoo. First sleepover at Nanny and Grandads when we went away a few weeks ago for one night for our anniversary. Helped me celebrate my birthday, she’s getting so good at eating out. She enjoyed her first proper ride in a swing. The first time I put her in one there was far too many kids about playing that she would have rather been looking at and lastly she had her first experience in a sandpit Thursday at Jimmy’s farm. (I’m sure Ill blog about it over the weekend.) As well as seeing her cousins for playdates and her usual Baby Sensory class and Water Babies class which she has now completed Chapter Two. And finally after months of teething, has that first tooth finally making an appearance. So all in all she’s had a busy 8th Month, lets she what this month holds.

Much Love


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