Little Explorers Baby Sensory

So although we missed our weekly Baby Sensory Class this week (due to it falling on a different day because of the Easter Bank holiday and it happened to fall straight after Polly’s Water Babies class on Wednesday) I thought Id write a little blog about it instead as it’s something we both really enjoy going to each week.

We have been going since end of October last year when Polly was only 12 weeks old. I had found out about it from a mummy friend who had taken her little girl there. Its based at Culford Village Hall, just out of Bury st Edmunds so not too far from us at all. You can also find them on Facebook and Instagram under Little Explorers Sensory. Kimberely the leader of the group is so welcoming and very knowledgeable about your Babies development and how key skills help them to learn. It is aimed for babies 8 weeks to walking. Its also a lovely little group where you can meet new mums and their babies who are roughly the same age as yours so its nice socializing them too.

Each week there is a different theme and the first one we attended was Halloween. Its always set up so well with plenty of objects relating to the theme. There is always a Dark Den with different lights etc which Polly really loved when she was younger and happy to just lay there taking it all in. She’s much more off these days.

There has been so many different themes I have lost count to be honest, but they became quite autumnal heading towards winter and the a Winter wonderland where you can see from the above picture tired Polly right out.

There was a New Years Eve party theme and then an Baby Da Vinci theme which by this point after Christmas, Polly had really got into sitting on her own and found it all much more enjoyable as she knew she could do more and reach for things more easy and basically explore more on her own.

We’ve had a Circus theme which Polly really enjoyed (see bottom to pictures above) and down in the bottom of the Garden. Another one she really loved was the Valentines theme. As you can see below she got rather messy with it.

She did start off clean, but jelly and flour kind of got in the way. Oops. Well you have to let them get messy and live a little. Kimberely also does sensory tubs in every class which sometimes are just touchy feely and others are edible. Below is one from under the sea session.


Polly really loved the Zoo theme session and always enjoys the musical zone too.

We then had a Farm theme. As you can see its always set up so well with different areas that fit the theme. We sing songs relating to the theme, have some sensory tub fun and always end with bubbles and that is almost Polly’s favourite part.

So there you have it. A little insight into our Baby Sensory group we go to every week. Its not on for couple weeks now so we will definitely miss it tomorrow not going. It will probably be our forth term there and Polly just seems the perfect age for it. I hope to keep taking her until her first birthday or until shes walking as then I think it might be a bit too hard to keep her focused on that one area at the time to play etc.

Much love


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