Polly’s First Easter

It always puzzles me why Easter changes every year but this year its fallen in my favourite month of April. Its been so lovely having Andrew off for a long weekend I thought Id write a little post of what we’ve been up to so far.

So Good Friday we went to our local Zoo, Banham Zoo. It was Polly’s first trip to a zoo an I know she’s too young to remember it, but it was just nice to have a family day out and make some memories. As we got there rather early it actually wasn’t too busy considering it was bank holiday weekend.

I remember going there as a child alot and seeing all the animals. I even went with some friends last year whilst pregnant so felt like I knew where most things were without looking like a tourist and needing the map =)

Polly definitely loved it when we turned her pram around so she could see more.

They also had some gorgeous Blossom Trees out in bloom and I’m a bit of a sucker for a photograph under one. We was also so lucky with the weather.

Until next time Kangaroos.

Cant wait to go back in the summer when Polly is older and take a picnic next time too.

The rest of the weekend has been a very chilled peaceful one, even Polly has managed to nap for 2 hours today rather than her normal 30 minute cat naps. We also managed a bit of Easter baking (well rice crispy cakes with mini eggs). Definitely reminds me of being a child. Cant wait until Polly is old enough to get messy in the kitchen baking with me. We also enjoyed a yummy dinner out Friday night and Polly was so well behaved I was a proud Mumma as it was the first time we had planned to take her out for an evening meal but bless her she was good as gold.

Although her growing up so fast frightens me where the time is going, part of me cant wait for next Easter when she will be walking and finding eggs on Easter egg hunts etc. She has been so spoilt this weekend its unreal. I only got her some bibs and a little  white milky bar chick which she rather enjoyed trying to have a little munch on. She only managed half so some left for tomorrow.

So many lovely gifts from lovely friends and family, looks like Mummy & Daddy will have to help her eat some of that =)

Here she is enjoying her Peppa Pig book from her little cousins Alfie and Jack, in her new leggings from Auntie B and Auntie Rosie. And here she is in her pretty floral dress for Easter Sunday. Its super hard to get a picture of her keeping still these days.

And finally here is a few little bits as to what I got my Great Nephews. My youngest nephew Barnaby is only 3 weeks old so you cant go wrong with a little sailor outfit. My other two are 2 and 4 this summer so tried to not go too mad on the naughty chocolatey eggs and get them some bubbles and light up spinning wands.

Time definitely flies, hard to image when we was having Polly’s newborn photo shoot done what her first Easter 8 months on would be like and here we are, embracing all these first milestones.

Anyway hope your all having a fantastic Easter weekend with your loved ones. I for one know I’ve eaten far too much chocolate! Now to enjoy the last day off altogether tomorrow and hopefully begin decorating our bedroom, a proper bank holiday activity.

Much Love


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