My First Mother’s Day

Well today has been such a truly lovely day spent with my Mumma and Polly. What feels like ages ago Id booked up Afternoon Tea in a cute little tearoom for Mothers day treat for Mum and myself. She had never been before and because I had I thought it would be the perfect place to go for somewhere different. I was also thinking like a Mum and that I knew I could get the pushchair in there and they would have a highchair. They had a Mother’s Day Afternoon Tea special on which was a bit of a surprise until it came out but you could choose what scones you liked. The rest was all very scrummy and the service was fab.

Polly certainly enjoyed trying some of it too.

I love dressing Polly in cute little outfits, especially floral ones. I’ve found so many beautiful little Instagram shops that makes such adorable one of a kind style outfits, so today I dressed her in this lush little one. I love the print and the bow at the front just sets it off. I wish I was as creative on a sewing machine to make something as pretty as this.

Because after all it was the first time she was out for Afternoon Tea so she had to look her best 🙂

After feeling extremely full up on yummy tea and cakes we then headed home, but called into a local farm shop which is on route home. As you can see by the last picture, Polly was happy the sun was shining, bless her. I think its safe to say Mum and myself had a lovely day. I wouldn’t be half the woman I am today without her love and guidance. She has done so much for us and apart from Andrew she is the first person I turn to. I love the bond that her and Polly already have as I was extremely close to my lovely Nan whom I miss all the time. We used to take her out for days and call ourselves the 3 Generations and now we follow that on.

I also wanted something special to look back on from my first Mother’s day and Mums first Nanny’s day. So for Mums gift I had booked a surprise photo shoot with a fabulous photographer who had photographed Polly as a newborn. Mum had no idea until the day and didn’t get to see the pictures until today.

Polly was rather serious in them but then she was far too interested in the big light shade and the camera. To me photos are memories that you can go back too and remember that moment in time forever.

I also got something sweet to remember today…

First Mothers day card (which will have to go in the memory box, just love little things like that they mean the most.) And a gorgeous Mummy’s First Mothers Day photo frame with Polly’s hand print already in it. No wonder her nails are black!

Anyway hope all you lovely Mummy’s, Nanny’s and Mummy to be’s had an amazing Mother’s Day with your loved ones, I know I certainly did.

Much love



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