Little trip to Melsop Farm

Today we had plans with Family. My niece in law Gemma and my two little Great Nephews Alfie and Jack (although I see them as actual Nephews.) As the sun was shining we decided to travel to a little place called Melsop Farm in Scoulton near Norwich which is actually only about 30 minutes from both our houses.

They had lots of animals including Reindeer, Lamas, Cute Bunnies and Goats you could feed with the little ones absolutely loved.

The ducks and wild birds were also a big hit. We also see some little Pony’s and Sheep.


We fed the goats and then grabbed a spot of lunch in the little cafe and played in the indoor play area.

Then we got to have some cuddles with the sweetest 5 and 7 weeks old Bunnies. I think its safe to say we all wanted to take one home.

Then it was time to bounce about on the trampoline and pretend I was a child again. I love these little boys so much but I think its fair to say they defiantly wore me out. I’m sure Polly and myself will sleep well tonight.

So yes all in all a good day was had by everyone and I think were all sleep very well tonight. Looking forward to our next little outing all together as its lovely how close these little cousins are in ages so their going to grow up very close to each other and make memories that will last a lifetime. Its been lovely watching Alfie and Jack grow over these last (almost) 4 years and as they all grow up so quickly we treasure these moments.

Much Love


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