Where has the time gone?

So I’ve been super busy lately so much so that I haven’t even had time to blog. I feel like I’ve blinked and Polly has turned 7 months old already. 7 wonderful months have flown by just like that, how is it even possible? For anyone who knows me, knows I’m snap happy and yes I probably do take far too many pictures of my daughter but I feel like I want to remember and document every little thing she does as before you know it that moment is over and shes onto the next one.

At least these pretty monthly milestone cards help as a little prop although Polly would rather eat them now.


She has changed so much over those last 6 months and now shes already 7 months.


So this weekend just gone was my lovely Niece Rosie’s Baby shower. Of course it included lots of scrummy cakes and plenty of tea, not so great for the diet but hey ho never mind. Shes going to be a fabulous Mummy and I think she is carrying similar to how I carried Polly so I’m thinking team pink. Only a few more weeks until we know what Baby Cope will be. Whether I get another Great Nephew or Great Niece. I do always love the surprise of the whole thing, makes it that bit more exciting.

Its crazy to think exactly last weekend a year ago we was away celebrating her hen weekend then a few weeks later her gorgeous wedding. Going back to the time topic, its seems a lifetime ago to me as that’s before we became a family. I was 21 weeks pregnant as Rosie’s maid of honor and I think the floral dress hid my bump rather well but never really popped until the end. Little did we know bump was a little girlie.

So going back to the main topic, a lot has happened in Polly’s little life in the last month. One of the main things is she is now in her own room. The night before she turned 6 months we moved her camera into her nursery, attached her star musical nightlight to her cot, lowered the cot and finally added her Sleepyhead Grand in there. We never had the smaller one before as she was snug enough by our bed in her wooden swinging crib. But I was paranoid that she would roll over in her cot in the night and get stuck. Luckily she cant in this an sleeps soundly as shes so snug in it. The first night she went to sleep fine and I only had to go in a few times to place the dummy back in when she stirred and now a month on she sleeps through the whole night. I still check the monitor constantly and probably sleep less now shes in another room, but I knew she would be fine its just almost hard letting go thinking she doesn’t need me so much and how quickly she is growing. We still keep her bedtime routine the same. Bath, massage, story time in her comfy chair in her nursery with her little fairly lights on and then bottle. Shes normally asleep on me after shes winded but if not I place her down and she soon settles right away. My baby is growing up so much.


In her 6th month she has also just about managed to learn to sit on her own unaided with a few cushions around her just in case her balance goes with mummy close by. She loves tummy time so whenever shes on her back she quickly rolls over, gets them knees up and has started crawling backwards. And probably the most proud one is she can now say “Dadda”. I have obviously spoken about Andrew way too much to her but that really made his day. Shes done a lot of firsts for Andrew, smiled, rolled over for first time and now says his name. Hopefully she will say “Mamma” soon.

I definitely am loving her at this age as she just interacts with you so much, she really is getting her own little person now. For anyone expecting the only advise I will offer you is what I was told by so many… To enjoy every second as time goes way too fast.

Much love


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