Our little Water Baby 

So considering I am a terrible swimmer and Andrew is like a fish in water it seemed only right that we started taking Polly swimming from a very young age, 10 weeks old to be in fact. We waited until she had, had her early vaccinations and I bought her the cutest little swimsuit I could find. Being end of summer this was actually quite hard.


We took her to our local swimming pool an went to a little group called Baby Splash. The pool was a bit cool so she was a little unsure to begin with but then didn’t mind it too much.

I soon learnt from meeting other Mums to invest in a body warmer to help keep Polly warmer.

We then had a lovely day at Centre Parcs with our best friends. We bought an inflatable ring to save keep passing her around and getting arm ache but also so she would float round nicely.

She even feel asleep in her ring. All that swimming is tiring.


Obviously the adults had fun too…

Two weeks later we then joined our local Waters Babies group after hearing fabulous things from other Mummy friends. Our local pool for it is just 20 minutes up the road so was perfect.

In all our Water Babies gear ready for our first lesson at 15 weeks old.

Andrew was the first to take her in as we decided we would take it in turns each week to go in with her. It was so much fun and I felt like such a proud Mummy watching my baby girl learn such an amazing life skill.

You learn different songs, different routines each week and it’s all about making the Babies confident with water and under water.

As I’ve mentioned before Andrew is such a good swimmer that he goes under water all the time to watch Polly learn to swim back up to the surface. I have only braved that once.

We have now completed Chapter One of Water Babies which consisted of 10 lessons. Polly definitely likes the water an by the end she has started learning to kick her legs.

At the end of the first chapter we were able to attend an under water photo shoot at an hydrotherapy pool. Again Andrew went in with Polly as it’s really their favorite little thing to do together an they both love the water loads.

We should get the pictures back in about 4 weeks so I’ll be able to share with you all then. As for now we start out new Chapter 2 tomorrow so rather excited to see what it brings.

Much Love


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