My 2 week wait symptoms

I think when your trying for a baby naturally or via fertility treatment the 2 week wait can be absolute hell, the longest couple weeks of your life and like waiting for Christmas but in January. We fell pregnant on our 3rd and final round of Ovulation Induction and after the first 2 rounds unsuccessful I had really thought, well this just isn’t going to work and started thinking about planning our very last IVF for afterwards.

I guess because I was much more relaxed this time thinking “what will be will be kinda thing” and that it’s not the end of trying obviously helped. Ever since trying I’ve always googled “possible” symptoms on most of our rounds and always found it helped me through thinking well that person had that and it’s worked for them etc. And although I was only pregnant with Polly 4 years ago I can barely remember the symptoms as it was all new to me at the time, I knew in my head it would work because it had to and the fact that pregnancy sickness soon took over all I really remember is 9 months of sickness. So here I am, almost 6 weeks in waiting for the start of I’m a celebrity to begin (which strangely enough always makes me get excited for Christmas) and I wanted to jot down a list of symptoms I had in our wait because I think if it just helps one person stay positive in that time then it’s worth sharing.


I felt quite “blurgh” quite early on. I triggered on the Monday night, we made every day count that week so to speak πŸ˜‰ then after the weekend I didn’t feel myself but also I might add I’m on hormone medication and on the 1st round of this I felt sick straight away and it hadn’t worked then so I put it down to those hormones and kind of tried to not read too much into it.

Sensitive boobs

No description needed for this one but they were more sensitive than normal.


This was something that happened in the first week. I know they say we all dream and regular too but don’t often remember them, but wow these were strong dreams and happening every night. They were about the most random things like our old house and our estate agents telling us what our buyers have done to the place etc. Very random indeed!

Dry skin

My hands became super dry and especially my lips, again might not be an important symptom but was new to me.

Greasy hair

Literally I would wash my hair of an evening, leave it to dry naturally and wake up and it would feel not that clean the next day. By the following day it was in need of a wash again. I’m putting this down to hormones again and the extra ones I’m taking up until 12 weeks too but usually I could go longer than a day or two before needing to wash my hair. Even now I’m into the 2nd trimester and still not using conditioner on my hair!


And finally Spots! Gosh I have been super spotty its unreal. Even my Mum noticed this straight away and I said gosh it must be the extra hormones although it never affected me like this on the last two cycles so again was something new, another sign for me.

I think that’s it on the symptoms. Right now I’m currently almost 6 weeks pregnant and only been sick today for the first time so I think I’ve done well. I hope you’ve enjoyed this little read and if your trying or in your two week wait right now I wish you all the luck in the world. I’ve been both sides of the coin now and know how heartbreaking it is to get a negative pregnancy test but hang on in there because 2 IVF cycles and 3 Ovulation Induction cycles over the space of 2 years got us that positive test so never give up hope.

Update… almost 7 weeks now and the waves of sickness have kicked in slightly more. I’ve definitely not been as bad as I was with Polly though. With her I had to sit down to put socks on every morning but I’ve only felt rough this last weekend that’s gone and today I was passenger in my Mum’s car and she had to pull over but it was the roads and not her driving πŸ™‚

Final update… now 14 weeks and sickness is definitely there! It slowly got worse and worse and even the day we went to get our Christmas tree we had to keep pulling over for me to be sick! Touch wood the last week has been quite good with me only being sick first thing daily and then the odd day several times.

Much love

Sophie & Bump

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