A Year Ago Today… My Baby Shower

Its absolutely mega crazy for me to think that on this day last year I was getting ready for my Baby Shower. I remember waking up thinking yay the sun is shining I’m feeling good and glowing… oh no wait here comes some pregnancy sickness (which I suffered with the wholeeeeee way through) so up to Mcdonald’s for a horribly greasy Sausage and Egg Mcmuffin which luckily did the trick. I tried to eat so healthy during pregnancy but there was definitely some tough sicky days where nothing but greasey food and a naughty sugary drink was needed. After all it would most likely be brought up again soon.

Here are the nappy style invites myself and Mum made, she has much neater writing than me.

I gave the grand job of organising it to my lovely Niece Rosie, after Id organised her hen do but my Mum, Sister Belinda, her friend Fenella and my Nephews Wife Gemma all helped out a lot too. The theme was Afternoon Tea because who doesn’t love a good cuppa and a slice of cake. My Sister and Fenella provided all the lovely china and my Mum brought the party games to play. Mum also had the cutest thank tags made in which my Niece did popcorn bags for. The décor was right up my street.

There was lots of yummy sandwiches and cakes made by Mum, myself and others. I have always liked baking so made myself a baby shower cake.

I loved making this cake. Never did I think Id be lucky enough to make my own Baby Shower Cake and spent a few days previous to the shower making the pram which I’ve still got in a glass dome.

Was just so lovely to see everyone and all be in the same room together although its always hard to get round everyone. I loved hearing what people thought bump was and how I looked etc. I do generally think a surprise is the best, although I’m an organised person, carrying Polly in the heat of the summer does take its toll and the not knowing really kept me going.

We played some classic Baby Shower games like, guess the weight and sex, baby abc and finally guess how big the bump is. My Mum and Sister were literally bang on funnily enough but my friend Sue was a lot out and thought I was having twins.

This photo stills cracks me up to this day.

We also had plenty of prop pictures because well why not, I love photos and I think they are always amazing memories.

I then had the lovely task of opening all the beautiful cards and gifts that we kindly received. Looking back I probably should have opened them at home with Andrew as we got some many gorgeous things its was hard to take it all in. Plus my Mum kept telling me to stop saying “Argh” every time I opened something but every single thing was gorgeous and what else do you say when you have a small crowd of people watching you.

That evening I enjoyed eating a slice of my cake and chilling on the sofa reading my new book. It wasn’t until the next day that I went through all the lush gifts again and wrote down who got what and thought just how lucky me and Polly bump were to have such lovely friends and family in our lives.


So all in all we was very spoilt and I knew Bump would have a lot of lovely Auntie’s around them to look out for them. I hope you enjoyed reading this.

Much love


All of our beautiful gifts.




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