The Bedtime Routine


So I’ve had a few Mums ask me what is Pollys bedtime routine… let’s face it we all want our babies to sleep at night, so what’s the magic answer?…

Being a huge fan of Instagram and following other new Mums who’s babies slept through the the night from day one, I was very keen to get our own little routine going. Polly started sleeping rather well at night from about 3 months old. She would wake only once for a bottle normally around 3/4am. As the weeks went on I found myself waking looking at the alarm clock thinking wow it’s 5am and she hasn’t woken for a bottle… is she still breathing?! The following nights that she would stir I would gently put her dummy in an that would be enough to settle her. She then went through the “4 month sleep regression” an started waking again. After getting my sleep back I was keen to stop this and by 4 months I had started her on baby porridge to help satisfy her in the day. So after alittle bit of research I switched to Johnsons Bedtime Baby Bath for bedtime. I would make sure we were upstairs by 7pm with the bath running. I no some parents prefer bathing their babies in the morning as it wakes them too much of an evening, but I was told early on babies then learn it’s night time at bath time.

img_20170116_192326Of course Polly kicks about an splashes no end in a bath but I think it tires her out actually. I then started using Johnsons Bedtime Baby Oil as again had read that the two together work well an help babies sleep better at night. Since introducing this little massage into our routine after I’ve dried her she has slept through every night! I forgot to use it one night an she woke in the night an needed a bottle. So now I’m a strong believer in the Bedtime bath range. Insert thumbs up emoji.

I then always always always cream her bum, whether it be Burts Bees Diaper cream, Sudocream or Bepathen I always use something as I no she could go all night in that one nappy. As she is still in our room we then have cuddles on our bed and I read her a story. The story’s vary but she is a big fan of the “that’s not my” books as they are brightly coloured an feel nice. She then has her bottle in my arms and once she is finished in lay her in her sleeping bag in her little swinging crib. Sometimes she is zonked other times I do put her down and let her self sooth/settle an she always does.

OK so the above pictures are from a couple different evenings, but you get the idea of the routine =)

So there you have it there is your little insight into Pollys bedtime routine. I have learnt there is no magic answer and every baby is different and most importantly you know your own baby and what works for them. This just happens to work for us an helps her to sleep through. Although don’t get me wrong she was very unsettled Wednesday night an we all got about 4 hours sleep and I didn’t change a thing. I just put it down to now I’m weaning her more as she’s 5 months now she didn’t like broccoli which she had eaten earlier that evening so who knows it might of been that. Anyway hope you enjoyed the read any questions feel free to leave a comment.

Much love


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