New Year, New Blog

So I have finally taken the plunge and decided to start a blog. I thought it would be a nice way to document being a new Mummy and many of my Daughters firsts. And as this blog will mainly be about our little adventures together it would seem a good place to start by introducing her and myself.

Hi I’m Sophie and I’m 27. I live with my partner Andrew of almost 10 years and we have recently welcomed our daughter Polly into the world as of August last year. I cant believe she is almost 5 months old. It only seems like yesterday that my waters broke on my due date and 24 hrs later I was getting prepared to be induced. Little did we realize after being induced at 11pm on the 3rd of August we would be cuddling our beautiful baby Girl at 2.38am on the 4th. I thought it could take hours upon hours to be induced but to our surprise she came rather quickly in the end.

Polly Anne born on 4th August 2016 weighing 6lb 10.5oz

I’m hoping to be able to blog several times a months if little Polly allows me. Oh how I miss those newborn days where she would sleep and sleep. Now were lucky if she has 2 power naps a day. But the bonus is she is becoming her own little character and personality, I just wish time would slow down a little for me to take it all in.

Anyway hope you enjoyed reading this little insight into us, any questions and comments please feel free to leave.

Much love for now



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