Autumn & Halloween fun 2021

As I sit here starting to type this its Monday the 4th of October and we’re in a social media black out (What’s App, Facebook and Instagram have all crashed). It’s actually crazy how often I click on the Instagram app to see what’s happening in the world and thought it odd when it wasn’t refreshing. Then when What’s App wasn’t working too I thought its obviously our Internet signal living out in the countryside etc. It’s only when we saw it on the news it made sense making me realise that technology and social media play such big parts in each of our lives these days. I What’s App all my close family and friends now, that I can’t remember the last time I sent a good old fashioned text message. I set up this blog as an online diary almost to try take note of fun times with my girls in the hope that one day they will have this to look back on and show their children etc also in the hope that the internet isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

So let’s jump straight into some Autumnal pictures that I actually took one very warm weekend at the end of September at our local forest. I dressed the girls all autumnal but it actually got to about 22’C even late afternoon so hense why they don’t have blue lips or goose bumps.

My camera broke over the summer, right on Lola’s birthday party of all days so I really missed taking it on days out so when I finally got it back after it got fixed it was lovely to take it for a spin to the forest. The girls loved exploring and I love when the leaves are beginning to change colour and fall to the ground, it makes for the most gorgeous backdrops and I’m really happy with how these images turned out. I let them wander wild and free and just snapped away as the most natural shots always make the best, just need to print some off for around the house.

October is looking to be a rather busy month for us which is nice. On Sunday 10th we headed to Rougham Pumpkin patch in Suffolk. It’s not the usual one we go to but I had seen and heard good things about this one and I had taken the girls there over the summer to see the sunflowers, which you can just about spot in the background of some of these pictures. So we thought we would head there and give it a try. The best thing was that you didn’t need to prebook which was amazing as since the Covid19 pandemic most things need to be pre booked. So it was nice to just check the weather that morning and head there for the day.

The girl’s had a blast and especially Lola as last year she slept the whole time in her baby carrier on me so this year she really got to enjoy wandering around and exploring and of course following Polly’s lead. Although that morning started off quite foggy it wasn’t too cold at least like you would expect an October day to be. So if your local to Suffolk it’s worth knowing it is there for future as it wasn’t busy at all when we went.

Then on Saturday 16th, Polly had her friend from schools 6th birthday party to attend. It was a soft play party local to us and as it was her friend I didn’t take Lola so it meant I actually got to sit with some of the other Mum’s and have a cuppa and chat. I’ve said it before but they really are a lovely group of Mum’s and Polly’s class is also a lovely little group of children. Some of their sibling’s infact will even be in Lola’s year, not that I even want to think that far ahead but how nice.

I dressed her in this lovely little dungarees from Rosebuds and Ribbons which is online and I bloody love it. I feel she was like a little 70s chick with her little polo neck on too but she loved it and it was perfect for messing around at soft play in. We did however loose the bow in the ballpit so that’s gone forever but never mind I managed to get some pictures before hand.

The week of the 18th is set to be another fairly busy week for us with various playdates then the following week (start of the 25th) Polly will be off for half term and again we have lots of fun things planned, playdates and her very own little daytime Halloween party with her 3 best friends so that will be fun.

I have also made the girl’s Halloween “Boo Boxes”, something I don’t think I did as such last year. I might have got Polly a few things but Lola would have only been 3 months old. But this year I started getting bits early when I saw them in the shops. Mainly Polly’s items are things to keep her entertained over the half term so I will give them to the girl’s at the start of the holiday. Polly has sticker books, activity books, cookie making set, hot chocolate surprise, a bath bomb, cookie and some sweets. Lola has some books, a little pumpkin vest, a cookie, flashing toy and a soft cuddly toy. I know it seems like Polly has wayyyy more but she is older and I’m sure Lola wont remember bless her. You may even recognise these wooden crates because they are actually their Christmas Eve boxes. The lovely Michelle from Mojo Invites made me these super cool stickers for the back of these boxes so they are perfect and the best thing is I can reuse them every year.

As the month went on we soon got into the Halloween spirit. I took this picture of Polly one foggy evening in the field right near our house and which a quick edit made it even more misty and spooky and she loved dressing up and getting into character bless her such a little actress.

Just like that Polly finished for half term. She adores school but was definitely due the break for sure although it didn’t quite start off how I’d planned! Hands between my face as I begin typing this. The first Saturday off I gave the girls their boo boxes and they loved them and that kept Polly busy all day. That night however we went for dinner with friends and my Mum came to ours and looked after the girls. Now usually it’s just a case of her getting them to bed and sometimes she lets Polly stay up abit later to watch a little movie etc so I knew as soon as my Mum rang me whilst we were out something was wrong. Poor little Lola had been sick, not once, not twice but three times and was so unsettled after. Of course we dashed home. By this point poor Polly had fallen asleep on the sofa whilst waiting for her 1-2-1 Nanny time and Lola had finally crashed just as we walked in the door. The next day Lola still wasn’t right but abit brighter, by that evening Polly had started being sick and so had I. It was so horrible for Polly because this was the first time she had been poorly and could remember it (luckily she isn’t a sicky child) but she just couldn’t get to the bathroom quick enough. She had an earlier night with a sick bowl by her side and so did I. The next day it then started effecting Andrew and although Polly and me weren’t sick too much that Sunday nobody in the household had the energy! Sorry for all the details but touch wood we haven’t all been poorly in such a long time that when we were it hit us all like a tone of bricks. Also by Monday my Mum was still fine but then came Tuesday and she got it and we obviously hadn’t seen her since Saturday night. So knowing this we cancelled alot of our plans as just didn’t wanted to pass it on and we wouldn’t of had the energy.

The Wednesday was our best day and as I needed to go food shopping we ventured out the house and I took Polly to her swimming lesson that evening. By this point it was the most fun she had had all week bless her and I was feeling sad that half her half term had been wasted, but luckily on the Thursday we had rebooked Pettitts Animal Adventure Park which we were due to go to on Monday and they were super accommodating of our situation. So I knew this would be a fun day out and it didn’t disappoint.

We have been here many a times. This was Lola’s third time in fact as it the perfect place for little ones. After going on most rides with Daddy Polly soon went on again on her own. As it’s their final week of the year open too they do a mini pumpkin patch and Polly got to pick her very own pumpkin all included in the price. Lola enjoyed most rides that she went on and she did lots of walking around too as the beauty of this place is that it isn’t massive. It also got out rather warm too, the weather couldn’t have been kinder to us infact.

Then on the Friday of half term (29th) Polly had a Greatest Showman dance workshop booked for the morning at her Dance class she goes to with Ashley Dance Company. It’s one of her favourite films so getting to learn a routine to one of the songs was a dream for her and she had an absolute blast!

The next day we headed off to support Daddy at Santapod with his Jet powered Mini. He had several performances to do but in-between shows we got to watch some shows, explore and go on rides etc. Lola is abit too young really to appreciate it all yet Polly is her Daddy’s biggest fan and she was so proud of him each time he run. Lola did go on the merry go round though and was quite happy dancing away at the fairground music. Polly had her first go in the dodgems and thought they were amazing, especially when we got crashed into. It was a long cold day fuelled by yummy warm hot chocolates and we stayed to see Hubby’s final show and the fireworks before leaving so the girls did so well and as we dressed them in their pjs before coming home they fell asleep on route home and could both be transferred to their beds without a fuss.

And just like that it’s Halloween and the last day of October, where does these month’s keep going! After a hectic day yesterday we had a very chilled day at home. The girls dressed up at points throughout the day and we had some yummy spooky treats and watched a movie before thinking about getting back into routine for school again in the morning.

So although Polly’s Halloween party after school was two days into November, (damn you sickness bug) I think it’s safe to say all the little ones had a blast. I did lots of yummy scary treats, they did some painting their own Halloween decorations and pumpkin faces, musical statues and we even had a piñata full of sweets for them all so they all went home buzzing hehe.

I do love throwing a little party and hosting an event etc. Must have been a party planner in a previous life hehe.

It now seems like we are aloud to talk all things Christmas now we’re in November and we have some lovely things planned for next month (provided we’re all fit and well of course). So yes I can’t wait as I know Lola will be so much more interested in Christmas this year. Last year it was all abit overwhelming for her, infact she opened her presents on boxing day as I remember her reflux was so terrible and she was badly sick whilst we were on a zoom call to my Dad (due to the Lockdown we couldn’t go in his care home etc,) so she wasn’t her usual happy self but this year will be fun especially telling her not to touch the tree!

Anyway I’ll leave it here with a few snaps from the last couple weekends. Bonfire weekend with some sparkler fun in the garden and a scrummy treat board with smores and our last little Sunday stroll with the girl’s on their bikes.

Much Love


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