Lola’s 1st Birthday

And just like that we have a 1 year old! That tiny 6lb 1oz bubba has turned into a loving, happy little baby who walks everywhere, chats away and has become the sweetest loving little soul. Because she was born during the pandemic I knew I wanted to give her a little party to celebrate her special day. Originally we had booked a little room at a local village hall but due to restrictions not lifting until the 19th July it wasn’t to be. I had also booked SoftPlay2U a local soft play company from Norfolk so we decided to have a garden party instead and have them come here as you are currently aloud upto 30 people in your garden at least. Aswell as the soft play, as it was now going to be at home we hired a bouncy castle from them too for the older ones which went down a treat. So here are some pictures and details of her party the day after her birthday on the 10th July 2021.

They all managed to sit still long enough for a quick picture but I barely managed to take many. I know right, not like me but I have a terrible habit of flapping when it comes to hosting a party. I say every year I won’t but then I do, which is silly as children don’t remember all this silly little decorations you faff about with, the little signs about their first milestones etc, they remember having fun with their friends, everyone singing happy birthday and eating cake! But I can’t help myself, the inner party planner inside of me has to try her best and get things just so! Here are some of the little details.

I couldn’t resist a little milestone board as I did one for Polly’s first birthday and it’s lovely to look back on when their older. Of course the theme was pink and girlie and I had to have a balloon arch. My dear friend Lou basically is the balloon arch queen so she took charge of that and as I sit here typing this (2 weeks later) it’s still up and will be until it pops or we use it for Polly’s hehe. Food wise I just went for party food. I knew there would be alot of little ones eating and they just want to be able to pick and play, pick and play etc.

I also did a time capsule, something I did for Polly’s first birthday so I got people to write messages for her and I will give it to her on her 18th birthday. Might sound silly to some but even with the girls only having an almost 4 year age gap, Polly will have a message in there from my Dad but Lola won’t so I know how precise these little messages can and will be. I kept with the same theme, floral of course which a lady made them for me online. She also did me a big sign which Andrew laminated for us to hang on the door, originally for the door at the hall so people knew they were at the right place etc.

For the cake this year I knew I wanted something cute and girlie. Polly is now at the age she will tell me what she wants where as I can get away with my own theme for Lola. I made a 6oz Victoria sponge cake with jam and buttercream for the top then a 16oz vanilla sponge with salted caramel buttercream which was rather scrummy.

Weather wise it was such a warm muggy day. One of my friends even got burnt but as it was cloudy it didn’t feel stupidly hot which was good as the kids still managed to get all hot and bothered having fun. The soft play and bouncy castle was perfect.

Lola was so good the day of her party, she had a good nap and woke just as people starting arriving. I thought some were early but turns out I had the time wrong! Luckily my friend Lou came early to help and my friend Devon arrived early too so she was a great help. I quickly got changed and once everyone had arrived we let everyone eat as Lola was upset wanting her lunch after such a long nap then I could relax alittle and enjoy the party and try and get round to speak to everyone. That’s always the downside to hosting a party getting round to speaking to everyone etc, but I know everyone had a good time.

She was super spoilt by our wonderful friends and family and almost had a 3 day birthday because she didn’t open any presents from the party until the next day as it gets abit overwhelming for them at that age and of course Polly helped her too.

On the Friday her actual birthday Polly helped her open some presents when she got back in from school. Her favourite thing was the ball pit which was actually Polly’s and the trike as she loved to get out and about and see what’s going on and as it’s a 3 in 1 trike it will grow with her as she grow’s.

Her little outfit was made by Julie of Rosebud’s and Ribbons and as it was such a nice hot day it was perfect. Well that’s it until the next celebration which will be Polly’s 5th Birthday! Where does time go hey?!

Much Love


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