Easter 2021

It honestly doesn’t feel like a year ago that I was last hiding Easter eggs around the garden for just Polly with my big 25 week bump and now a year later Lola gets to enjoy the fun although she will never remember it Polly loved that she joined in. So before we get into what we got upto over Easter weekend I’ll start at the beginning of Easter half term. Polly has only been back to school for three weeks then had two weeks off for Easter.

I’d just been getting into routine of days with just me and Lola and meeting our friends for walks around the school run and then half term quickly came around. A few days before half term whilst it was fairly quiet we ventured off to a gorgeous park in Suffolk in search of the most gorgeous daffodils.

It’s clear to see Lola loved it! She hasn’t really gone that many places at all to be honest so sitting on a blanket surrounded by daffodils was quite an experience in itself. Me and my Mum got a bite to eat and a hot chocolate and sat on a bench and enjoyed them whilst Lola napped.

Then it was the last day of term and Polly was off for two whole weeks. We were actually able to plan a few nice things because as of Monday 29th March restrictions began to ease meaning you could now meet upto 6 people outside or in their garden or upto two different households meet for a gathering. Apparently children now count towards this figure whereas they didn’t before. I know so confusing right?!

We also knew we would be in for one of the hottest days in March for many years, decades infact so we took a picnic and went back to Nowton park in Suffolk this time with Polly as I knew she would love exploring the grounds and the park too. We got there rather early as I knew what with it being a lush day, restrictions eased and half term it would be busy and I wasn’t wrong! Luckily we got a parking space fine and found a nice little area for a picnic.

Then on Wednesday whilst Polly had a day with Nanny me and Lola ventured off to see one of our besties Sarah and her little bubs Rosie who is only 3 weeks younger than Lola. It was so nice to share our pregnancies together although Covid did get in the way of things it’s nice now that our babies have each other and this was actually Lola’s first proper playdate with a baby her own age (que the heart melting!)

It was actually the hottest day of the year so far (March 31st 2021) So it was so nice to dress Lola for summer so sun was out and so was her legs bless them. I also loveeeee babies in summer hats and the white one she is wearing was actually Polly’s and she kept it on rather well infact. She had fallen asleep on route there so I woke her up when getting her out so initially she had a few tears but soon was happy next to Rosie and playing with her toys and she loved to keep touching her although she is used to Polly she hasn’t had this kind of playdate until now. We do alot of video calls with Sarah but obviously not the same for little ones. The girls had a fab time and it was so lovely to catch up, have a scrummy lunch Sarah made us in the garden and go for a walk with the girls in their prams for nap time. I already can’t wait for our next playdate.

That evening when I picked Polly up and we came home and had tea she was very keen to try riding her bike without her stabilisers so Daddy took them off and after going up and down in a straight row on the lawn she got the hang of it and she has literally taken to it like a duck to water! Daddy took her up our road as concreate is easier than grass and she did so well and had soooo much confidence. So much infact that Daddy had to run along side her as she was going rather quick! I haven’t actually got any pictures as I was too busy taking videos feeling like the proudest Mummy in the world. Polly might not be able to write the neatest, spell or even pronounce things the best but my god this girl has no fear and is very much like her Daddy where she can turn her hand to anything! Very proud of her!!

Then on Thursday we got to go around our friend’s in their garden and Polly got the chance to have fun in their garden which has a swing a slide, a trampoline, a sand kitchen… you name it they have it so Polly had an absolute blast and all the little ones played very well together. My friend Lou had done a lovely little lunch for us all too aswell as an Easter egg hunt for the children which they loved. I didn’t hardy take any pictures as I ended up taking lots of little videos to make a “Reel” (the latest Instagram craze) which actually I love doing as in my eyes you can never take enough pictures or videos of good times! Below is when the little ones snuck inside for toilets and to not peep where the eggs were being hidden! As you can see they were all excited about finding chocolate eggs, although Lola was wondering what was going on bless her but it truly was a lovely day and so nice to all be together again.

On Good Friday we dropped off some Easter paintings the girls had done to some family and friends one of which had just had some little lambs born only the day before! Polly was so excited to see them and be up close to animals again. They had lots of lambs last year but due to being pregnant we couldn’t visit as you can catch infections which you can pass on to your unborn baby etc.

Saturday was a chilled day where Polly and Me did some baking. We baked some mini egg cookies which I have to say were delish. She enjoyed breaking the eggs up using a rolling pin to hit them in their bag as I am funny about her having them as their such a chocking hazard for little ones its the only way I’ll let her have them broken up, I mean I even cut grapes in half for her now and she is 4.5 years old but always better to be safe than sorry I say.

I mean to be honest it was a rather sweet lunch but the cucumber and carrot sticks made it feel not quite as bad hehe. We then watched a movie which she picked and then went out on her bike again now that we have brought her a new helmet which doesn’t keep falling off like her old one did she is much safer now. Then before you knew it Easter Sunday was here. I couldn’t sleep too well the Saturday night thinking silly things like I hope it doesn’t rain tomorrow or we can’t do the egg hunt, what if the roast Lamb doesn’t cook in time?! I mean honestly silly stuff but I guess my brain was just overthinking things because luckily it didn’t rain and the egg hunt went ahead. My Mum came over and the girls had the best day. It almost felt abit like Christmas Day as so much was happening and Polly either wanted to eat some chocolate or play with some of her fun activities she had been given so all go. We then ended the day with a lovely family walk in the sunshine and Polly and Daddy riding their bikes.

The girls loved their Easter baskets which I got the idea off Instagram and will do again next year too. I’d just brought little bucket type baskets from Sainsburys and filled Lola’s with mainly books, bubble wand, wooden toy, bunny ears and a My first Easter Vest and Polly’s was mainly activity/colouring books, sticker mosaics, an egg bath bomb, bunny ears, a kinder egg, a chocolate Bunny and a few mini chocolate eggs and a bunny bracelet. Another tip I learnt is that alot of people were using their little ones Christmas Eve boxes for Easter goodies but just turning them around so if these don’t last until next year that’s something I will do as they have wooden crates which store away lovely. Polly also loved their Easter themed book shelf I did in their bedroom, safe to say that’s still up and were still reading Were going on an Egg Hunt hehe.

Anyway I hope you all had a lovely Easter and half term whatever you got upto and for now I’ll leave you with our very own little Bunny.

Much Love


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