October Fun & Half Term

Well we’ve made it to our first half term. I feel like Polly’s been only just started school then bang… 5 weeks later and she has just over a week off. Part of me feels like every half term should be 2 weeks long rather than a big 6 week holiday over the summer. Anyway, it’s been a good one even with the pandemic still rife. Several weeks ago we went to our local pumpkin patch that we go to every year. It’s literally a field in the middle of no where full of pumpkins, food and drink stalls, donkey rides a huge maze etc. This year was no different from last and we needed our wellies and our rainwear! I took Lola in her carrier so she stayed snug and asleep the whole time. I then took Polly our mission was to pick the smallest ones we could find as she always tends to go for the huge ones.

We then did some arts and crafts as Polly got right into it this year with our Lockdown and not going to Preschool she she loves to be creative and busy so she enjoyed doing cotton bud skeletons and apple painted pumpkins.

Andrew then booked a day off and we took the girls to Pettitts Animal Adventure Park. My Mum and I took Polly just before she started school when most children had gone back and she absolutely loved it, such the perfect age for her so we knew we would have a good day. Lola slept most of the time in her pram bless ya but it’s so easy to get a pram around there at least while she is so young. They also had their very own pumpkin patch in which the little ones could pick their own and even carve them too! We thought that might be a bit messy out but Polly still enjoyed picking one with Daddy.

We then enjoyed some chilled days at home, days out, catch up with friends sticking to the rule of 6 of course and in general just enjoying a slower pace of life again without having to rush out of the door for school.

As I finish off this blog post it’s been confirmed we will be going into yet another Lockdown on the 5th of November for a month. At least Polly will still be at school as they wont be closing this time so she wont be off with me like the last 12 week lockdown which I am quite pleased about as she loves school and at least will be able to see her friends in their classroom bubble but then its hard as I can’t control what happens at school and how clean she stays etc so we just have to hope for the best, I know the school are doing all they can to keep everyone safe and luckily there hasn’t been a case of it there which I’m thankful for. So here’s to another unusual month ahead of us. I’m just very fortunate that my Mum can be in our bubble as she is a single household so that’s something and were very lucky with that and we will just continue to skype my Dad.

So sending you all lots of love and safe wishes from me and my girls.

Much Love


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